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  1. lol, yeah, brazilian fencing rulzzzzzz and nathalie is a legend
  2. They are all clean as a virgin's honeypot, ofc. Especially N.Korea, I'd bet on them with my eyes closed
  3. you wouldn't by any chance mean ass-spanking, would you?
  4. Home team is always good at everything
  5. What a surprise, as this is an European Championship also
  6. Guys, have you seen Romania vs England game? I'm looking for a non-biased opinion
  7. What a magical night, what a game to remember for ages!!! Romanian football is reborn
  8. I know who my broadcaster is, but they're showing some basketball atm..
  9. Any live stream for boxing tournament, please?
  10. Group C: Romania, Hungary, Montenegro, Spain, Senegal and Kazakhstan Good draw for us
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