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  1. Have you seen the semifinals? it's incredible how sun, a robot with zero talent or finesse managed to come back from 8-11 vs Ana Would've loved to see a final match Ana vs Navarria.
  2. Look at the post above yours; the main competitions which will count for the Olympic ranking have just begun, so any ranking would be irrelevant now
  3. I sat near 2 Italian girls who were screaming like they had just seen heywood naked On-topic: congratulations for the final!
  4. Congratulations! I cheered for every one of your girls except nikolova
  5. Unfortunately, Astana is the last place on Earth where an honest draw would take place. Regarding the European Champs, how would you rate the technical level of competition?
  6. This is good news, as they will face Romanian girls tomorrow
  7. Phelps, are you familiar with women wrestling? if yes, how good are Arianna Carieri and Carola Rainero?
  8. True; it was a strange crowd yesterday, made up of some kids and a lot of old guys who behaved like they were attending an opera performance. Maybe they were shy However, today the spectators were more lively, and even cheered for the Romanian competitors
  9. hey_wood, I've got a great offer for you: wanna be the official mascot for the European Wrestling Ch'ships? This job's got your name written all over it
  10. Team Romania Freestyle: 57 kg - Andrei Dukov 61 kg - Nikolai Okhlopkov 65 kg - George Bucur 70 kg - Evgeni Volcov 74 kg - Maxim Vasilioglo 79 kg - Omaraskhab Nazhmudinov 86 kg - Mihai Palaghia 92 kg - Adrian Recorean 97 kg - Michael Manea 125 kg - Rares Chintoan Women: 50 kg - Ştefania Priceputu 53 kg - Suzanna Şeicariu 55 kg - Andreea Ana 57 kg - Denisa Fodor 59 kg - Katerina Zydachevska 62 kg - Georgiana Filip 65 kg - Kriszta Incze 68 kg - Adina Popescu 72 kg - Alexandra Anghel 76 kg - Diana Vlăsceanu GR: 55 kg - Florin Tiţa 60 kg - Virgil Munteanu 63 kg - Mihai Mihuţ 67 kg - Alexandru Solomon 73 kg - Ilie Cojocari 77 kg - Vlad Mariea 82 kg - Adrian Agache 87 kg - Ionuţ Caraş 97 kg - Dorin Pirvan 130 kg - Alin Alexuc
  11. What happened to Elitsa Yankova? she was top class at some point, even won the bronze in Rio...
  12. It's a mistake in this thread; the competition starts on Monday 8th
  13. It will be published on UWW page in the next days
  14. Gonna watch all the action live! :
  15. A fkin disgrace. Real Olympic sports are harassed and got their places diminished constantly, while all kind of corner-street bullshit gets to become Olympic
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