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  1. Is it possible they had an overnight gangbang?
  2. 12 stitches....unable to work for 4 must've been an expert bite
  3. At some point there were some waterpolo teams, but african rivers are infested with crocodiles, my friend...
  4. Ben, here you have the calendar. 3 events left for both of men's and women's epee.
  5. RIP Kobe...such a drama
  6. What happened to Mara? she seems to have a huge ass now, bigger than her head you happen to know why did she burst into tears at the award ceremony?
  7. volunteer for which competition?
  8. They also fenced in last year's final, didn't they?
  9. Popescu - Navarria would be an exciting final to watch
  10. Congratulations! I'm so's like a modern fairy tale, when the hero kills the three-headed dragon
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