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  1. I think so but shes probably pretty pissed for falling off the beam in Rio. Why would it be bad for gymnastics? Shes not Phelps. No way she will come back for Paris
  2. She's going for 6 golds in Tokyo, it's hard to root for USA Gymnastics due to the Nassar scandal, but i sure hope she (and Mikulak who so deserves it) have huge games in tokyo
  3. Now that Brazil and Argentina qualified who is going to qualify out of South America?
  4. Why is it impossible to find any information for Continental Cups? FIVB part is still showing 2012, cev does have some info, but everyone else, no idea, it's ridiculous!
  5. Like i said, not next year , but MAYBE in 2028
  6. But by rule they are allowed in the olympics? (i know they wont be in tokyo, but i'm hoping for LA2028 there will be a break and MLB will play)
  7. The question is, can we expect any prominent MLB names since it will be after the playoffs (mike trout comes to mind since the angels are god awful but he's amazing)
  8. I cheer against china because they are always our biggest competitor on top of the medal standings, but i wont apologize for cheering for USA, i'm an american(and israeli) and want the most success from my home countries
  9. He will be under immense pressure from NBC to show up, after all they can get huge rating for it
  10. Tiger is 2nd , 2 from the lead in the Masters!
  11. Looks like a mayoral candidate in Paris is pushing for a referendum and cancelling of the 2024 olympics, there was a survey done that showed 62% of the surveyed people are in favor of cancelling the 2024 olympics. Obviously it happened before, and obviously it's still a longshot, however it's still a pretty scary outcome if now cities will start reconsidering after they are awarded
  12. Hopefully Tiger will show up at Masters/US Open like he did at PGA Championships and we will see him in Tokyo!
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