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  1. Let me know if you need a side kick I live on Marvel, Star Wars and Disney
  2. I don't remember what happened then.... refresh my memory? ( I just remember being hurt bad the year before because i was a big AC Milan fan back then)
  3. Wasn't it when Juventus won in penalties?
  4. It's in a year they beat the dodgers in game 7. There's a reason I was feeling cheated! I want the trophy we deserved!!
  5. Why do israel go to Path A playoffs? we were in League 3? how are they determining which team goes to which Path?
  6. Eugene is rebuilding the historic Heyward Field and will have 30,000 for this event (https://hayward.uoregon.edu/) The area is gorgeous, the weather is very nice, and the fans always fill it (i went to 2 prefontaine classic's and it was a pure joy) the one problem that i have is lack of hotel rooms, it was always very hard for me to find a room for the classic, this will be much different. Plus parking didn't exist in the old Heyward Field, so car had to be left at the football stadium and everyone was shuttled. Definitely interesting to see how this very small college town will host the big event, but i'm optimistic.
  7. Woo. What an amazing. Championships!! 11 golds and still we are not done. Awesome awesome stuff. Hopefully great things in tokyo as well
  8. Well let's think about it. Mike norman at 400. Muhammad/McLoughlin at 400 hurdles. Probably 3 out of the 4 relays. There is a chance in both shot puts. Maybe 200 women. Maybe 400 women but probably not. 110 hurdles no. 100 hurdles maybe but harrison lose in the big finals.
  9. I dont think we will break our records for the worlds (14 golds) but we are at 7 already, so will get to at least 10
  10. Damn it Kara Winger! couldn't you do better to sweep the golds today? Anyway awesome day for Team USA!!
  11. Yes! Awesome day Team USA!! 2 Golds. 4 medals. Awesome!!
  12. Probably more like 600, with the softball and baseball (if they qualify) teams at 25 each, no reason to think that there will be less
  13. Israel is projected to have 80 athletes with the baseball qualification. USA gonna have probably around the same number as last time. Around 550
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