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  1. yea but then you need to not find out the winner to come in fresh
  2. i do like it, i'll check it out, hopefully they will have a lot of test events coming up that i will go to I am worried because usually in olympics i spend 16 hours in front of the tv watching whatever i can, usually on 3 different screens, it will be a problem being in one event, i wont sleep for weeks trying to catch up!!
  3. I live in the valley, i dont think i can take the yacht down l.a river, i need a fast way just to get from here to downtown or santa monica (i dont think i'll spend too much time in the local events iin van nuys shooting, equestrian, canoe slalom)
  4. i was gonna buy my helicopter by then... though with kobe's accident i'll probably stay on the ground
  5. It's not really far from each other, Rugby in carson, climbing by lax, table tennis in santa monica, it's same area, better then me figuring out how to get to anaheim for volleyball in la2028 and being able to see 3 more events downtown
  6. The convention is on my birthday, it will be a fun present
  7. If Astros trophy won't be vacated (not given to Dodgers) then it's a real shame
  8. Maybe his son will run in 2024 wont that be awesome? haha But yes he just wanted to get an update
  9. @Olympian1010 so from all the talk about trump and elections you missed the one that actually should be on this forum, he is in L.A today discussing the 2028 olympics, or is there a LA2028 board where it will go?
  10. Doesnt matter. Plenty of electorates in those states. Especially in Florida
  11. He was cheered like crazy at multiple college football games this year.
  12. I am going alone. But a buddy might come on day 2. I do have 2 flags. One is hanging on the wall. But the one I can bring is torn a bit that's why I retired it. Not very respectable to bring.
  13. Well just want to represent team usa. Nothing too crazy
  14. Not wearing a trump hat if that was your suggestion
  15. I'm looking for suggestions about what kind of team USA merch to wear when I go in 2 weeks to rugby 7s world series in l.a
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