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Men's Handball AHF Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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42 minutes ago, MHSN said:

big big surprise. Bahrain beat Qatar in the semifinal :yikes: and they did it without two of their best players (one got injured early and the other one received a direct yellow card in the 1st half)



history repeated once again, 4 years ago Bahrain also defeated Qatar in the SF. if I'm not wrong that was the only defeat of this Qatar team (World selection team) under Valero Rivera in an Asian competition.

And that means the UN team can't compete at the Olympics at all, since Asia only has one spot in the OQT and Qatar finished too low at worlds to qualify from that route.

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Japan easily manhandled Korea to join Bahrain in the final


I think it's fair to say that QAT-BRN and JPN are in tier 1 in this continent. with IRN, KOR, KSA and KUW in tier 2 and while surprises happen sometimes but there is a big gap between tier 1 and 2.


Qatar is still the better team but their top guys are aging. today Frankis Marzo singlehandedly gifted the win to Bahrain by his two dumb attempts in last 2 minutes . he used to be their top scorer. both of their Cuban guys had a terrible day, Capote also missed lost of shots.


Cubans don't work anymore. maybe it's time to naturalize some Danish players :p

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Based on recent results, it's no surprise that Japan and Bahrain made the final and that Japan won. Congrats to them. They're the best team in Asia now, so their qualification is completely deserved.


Qatar's team barely won against Iraq twice last July (24-23 and 24-21) and lost to Argentina (22-26) at the World Championships in January, which is a team they would've beaten easily during their peak years. They're not as good anymore as they used to be a couple years ago.

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On 10/19/2023 at 4:01 PM, MHSN said:

because they are morons ? :d


most continents use their continental Champs for the Olympic Qualifier (except Pan-Am for obvious reason of having 2 confederations) but in Asia we always had a separate qualification tournament which is totally unnecessary . but this all started with that West vs East war in Asian Handball. things look cool now but at some point 20-25 years ago every match including a west Asian team vs an East Asian team was a war with biased officiating, fights etc. 


people probably still remember what happened in 2008 Olympic qualifiers. where IHF finally stepped in and ordered a re-match.


so I guess nobody ever realized "we don't need this separate qualifier anymore" yet Asian Championship at the start of 2024 could be the Olympic qualifier too. Asian Games was in a bad time, some teams didn't have their full squads. (we still don't have ours, some of our Euro-based players didn't show up again)

Actually, Pan American Games were the qualifier for Americas!!!

I guess USA keeps trying to have its own confederation so they could go as well, as they don't stand a chance with Argentina, Brazil and Chile...

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