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Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018


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21 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Is there a day-by-day schedule for Ashgabat anywhere? The official website is full with nicknames of Ashgabat (Pearl of this, City of that etc), but I can't find a simple schedule :p 

 You can find the preliminary schedule at page 8 and 9.


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3 minutes ago, wumo26 said:

 You can find the preliminary schedule at page 8 and 9.


Interesting, so this is how it goes :p



10. Anthem

Each Member Federation should bring two (2) national flags sized 100x150cm and the national anthem on CD/USB drive. This must be submitted upon arrival/accreditation to Organizing Committee (OC).


CD or USB drive :lol: They can't email an MP3 or something? Anyway, in my opinion GAISC should have a database with national anthems of every nation which the individual sports federations can use :p 

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1 hour ago, Dragon said:

How dare you insult the greatest sportsman in the world? 


Well he is better than all the Turkmenistan teams in those sports to be honest

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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the final start list


Ilya Ilyin is still there but apparently he is not going to actually lift anything here. and only 8 Iranians here. instead of 10 and those 3 weightlifters who were supposedly wasn't included in the original entry list are still absent. we will know the truth about it soon. but I believe our federation probably made a big big administrative mistake in registering them. :facepalm:


interesting that Martirosyan put 440kg as entry ! which means he has to start at least with 420. he is either very dumb or in a very great shape. big challenge for Nurudinov. and guess who is back !!! Andrei Aramnau after 4 years ! :yikes:


out of our 8 weightlifters, one of them is in Group B. and from the rest I believe Moradi has a very good chance for the gold (unless he bombs out) Hashemi also will have a good chance for gold (or at least a medal) if Ilyin really doesn't show up.. in this weight Beiralvand has the 3rd entry behind Ilyin and Hashemi. still hard to believe he is a medal chance ! also a very slim chance for Barari. the rest are just here to make the numbers . one of the worst teams we sent in past few years. :( but at least most of them are young. and suppose to be talented. and this is one of the rare years in which we are not a medal chance in super heavyweight. last year we had 2 on the podium ... :cry: Salimi is retired now and Alihosseini is a bit injured and took a break.


this is the list of weightlifters with the highest entry in each weight


55kg: :PRK OM Yun Chol, 285kg

61kg: :CHN QIN Fulin & :COL MOSQUERA Francisco & :VIE THACH Kim Tuan, 310kg

67kg: :CHN CHEN Lijun, 330kg

73kg: :CHN SHI Zhiyong, 348kg

81kg: :CHN LYU Xiaojun & LI Dayin & :BLR ASAYONAK Petr & :EGY MAHMOUD Mohamed & :ARM KARAPETYAN Andranik, 370kg

89kg: :BLR KHADASEVICH Pavel, 373kg

96kg: :IRI MORADI Sohrab, 410kg

102kg: :IRI HASHEMI Ali & :KAZ ILYIN Ilya, 400kg

109kg: :ARM MARTIROSYAN Simon, 440kg

+109kg: :GEO TALAKHADZE Lasha, 460kg

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