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  1. Wgy take in qutas from africa, Europe only 3 wretlers one Eu, exept Grece and Italy were the wrestling was born and 1 ex Sovjet And 3 qutas from Africa 2 arabafrica and one from black Africa.
  2. I have cried a lot because i knew the professional sport will never comeback, because if you cansel thing mounths a hed, when the virus could be gone in mid may, i most learn to earn money on other things, and forget all trawl plans, i knew that the globalist killed international sports, because one ogresons it excist is get a national fealing.
  3. I think ot is okej, with some matchfixing, if it helps the weaker ream, Jordan had only 1 qualifiued before, now they are 6.
  4. If we sould kick out sports from the olympic program, it is greco roman vrestling, and canoe no african countries has taken any medal, except Egypt in this sport.
  5. I have sean the president ofamerican on television, he ralks niece aboiut black people, so he is better than nation, you must understand whatr i mean, and when a bigg newspaper makes fun, of a nation hatred fore a sertain animal, is stupidity. There are resons arabs fere dogs, or more symbolic reson. Two thing europeans dont knrw about ouer phrophets is, that he realy lovedCats, and had always a cat whit him, so that is one of the resons they dont like dogs in arab countries, but i can tell i dont like cats, because i love birds, we are not thesame everybody, but the doig thing is a
  6. another thing Ager, racism in a educated society are wears than in a non educated society, becaude you can wait that an american likes an arab, but in a well educated society as denmark you wait people are not rasistic.
  7. U.S.A. AND Canada dont ned free qutas, us Virginisland and Bermuda does.
  8. has this peop0le met me or any other educated arabs, i am sorry for the stupid ones, they bring shame on uss all, but an educated european, coulds se a stupid person from what ever countri, or that is a stupid person. Even if u were a hijab when i go out for the the respect of my GOD, i will never kill any one, i am educated nurse, so i dont do it. All arabs not killing machines, but i understand the algerians who whant frebch people, because what France done, but i hope they dont do it. And hope they stay iut of my country, because the hate maroccans to.
  9. Witch is the nation in this federation, U.S.A. , Kanada, Bermuda and.
  10. Ager go that you se my point, i dint say things for just saing it, scandinavians hide thing under polite outer thing, sory to say, but i am and arabic lady, and whant have same respect as white european allways, if you understand what i mean.
  11. I, am not afraid to visit tokyo, but i think the olympic games will be delayed to october.
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