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  1. Hope it's right... After the situation with our swimmers I am not sure about anything anymore.
  2. Hey guys, is this list final? Iga Świątek was to play mixed doubles and talked about it even today, but neither she nor Kubot are on the list and I am worried. The document with qualifying Rules I found says two things at the same time: that entries should be made by 20 july and that the exact date is tbd. I thought it's open until tomorrow but now I'm puzzled.
  3. so there's Japan vs USA final for sure and Canada will play for bronze with either Australia or Mexico, right?
  4. Official entries will be on 27th iirc. But definitely ?? Sakkari/Tsitsipas and ?? Świątek/Kubot are going to play.
  5. Feels like every Olympic open swimming venue ever a few days before competition lmao
  6. Lmao, but the fight for Gold medal may still be tight, especially in women's tournament. And I'd rate Osaka's and Świątek's chances higher than Barty's here. Mainly due to their attitude towards Olympics.
  7. Broady took another spot, that was blank earlier
  8. Looks like a friendly bunch. That would make a nice party if there wasn't covid.
  9. There's one place left in the men's tournament and I believe it will be reallocation of european quota (as Machač would be last in the ranking now). So the highest ranked eligible players are ?? Marc-Andrea Huesler and ?? Illya Marchenko.
  10. What's wrong about that? I'm more surprised about Stefani/Pigossi as their rankings are looow
  11. ??Mauritania is in with men's quota in 5000 m, and Women's in 100 m.
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