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    szy123 reacted to dcro in Summer Olympic Games 2020 News   
    I wouldn't agree. Athletes can still choose to compete if they have diarrhea. They are forbidden to compete if they have COVID.
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    szy123 reacted to Vic Liu in Summer Olympic Games 2020 News   
    It’s not that fair as it looks. it’s humanitarian but not fairness. For example, I lost in semi final but my opponent found COVID positive after that so I advance in final. And then I cherish this opportunity a lot, I defeated my opponent in final so I am the champion. To conclude I lost semifinal but I am the champion just because my opponent got a specific virus called COVID. But if he withdrew due to diarrhea then it’s a another story.
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    szy123 reacted to JoshMartini007 in Men's Baseball Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games   
    Okay, I know a lot of people here don't like Agenda-2020, but it didn't cause COVID
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    szy123 reacted to NearPup in Karate WKF Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    The round robin is the final. Basically the top 4 meet in a round robin, and the top 3 from the round robin qualify to the Olympics.
    I do not endorse this format.
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    szy123 reacted to Dragon in Summer Olympic Games 2020 News   
    Check the entry for Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic on Wikipedia
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    szy123 reacted to rybak in Swimming Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games   
    It's unbeliveable that  qualified 6 relays to Olympics and yet, even at European Championships we rarely have anyone in finals of individual races  
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    szy123 reacted to Oldira in Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be cancelled?   
    The Chef de Mission of Team Ireland was on radio this morning pointing out that the case levels in Japan are half what we have currently in Ireland yet we are opening up. She said the feedback they are getting from places where the Irish Team will have training camps in Japan is that there in are no issues with them hosting athletes etc.
    Its election year in Japan so people need to bear that in mind. That said the IOC need to be doing more to reassure the Japanese people that every precaution is being taken. A good start is that the IOC themselves need to ensure that there are no junckets etc and that the bare minimum of officials attend.  
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    szy123 reacted to Dunadan in Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be cancelled?   
    Stop with this super-spreader fear mongering, they are acting as if the Olympics would happen normally without limitations and safety protocols. If the Japanese government wants to pull out, stop building up excuses through the media, do it now and pay the consequences.
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    szy123 reacted to Fly_like_a_don in Rowing Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games   
    No they are getting women's tripartite quota. The quota goes to Thailand in M1X
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    szy123 reacted to rybak in Poll 39|100 | Controversial Topic | If you had the power to remove one of the Olympic Sports/Discipline at Tokyo what would it be?   
    It wouldn't be better just to remove such dirty and not fair sport like weightlifting (it would save 196 quotas) instead and didn't "touch" any other sport? 
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    szy123 reacted to phelps in Poll 39|100 | Controversial Topic | If you had the power to remove one of the Olympic Sports/Discipline at Tokyo what would it be?   
    the problem with football is that it would draw all the attention from other sports, if they participate with the overall bests...
    it would be all day Messi and Ronaldo and Neymar, with no place on the stage for the Bolts, Karelins, Phelps of this world...
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    szy123 reacted to NearPup in Poll 39|100 | Controversial Topic | If you had the power to remove one of the Olympic Sports/Discipline at Tokyo what would it be?   
    I think surfing and skateboarding deserve a little more respect around these parts tbh. I get that they aren't everybody's cup of tea, but those are sports that managed to build long lasting and consistently high quality International competition circuits with no real support from NOCs or the IOC. Those are sports that are doing fine without the Olympics. I'm sure the Olympics will help them grow, but I think the IOC would be crazy to not include them.
    That's also how I feel about tennis and golf in the Olympics. Are the Olympics the apex of those sports? No. Is it better for the Olympics to have the PGA and the ATP/WTA as partners rather than as competitors? Absolutely.
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    szy123 reacted to Olympian1010 in Poll 39|100 | Controversial Topic | If you had the power to remove one of the Olympic Sports/Discipline at Tokyo what would it be?   
    Users are given the opportunity to throw a sport off the Olympic program, and y’all aren’t choosing Boxing or Weightlifting 
    This was the easiest poll yet. I went straight to weightlifting and pressed submit vote 
    I love weightlifting, but there’s just too many problems at the moment. 
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    szy123 reacted to Laraja in Skateboarding WS Dew Tour 2021   
    So if  my counts are correct, we have the qualified skateboarders for Women's Park
    1-Misugu Okamoto 
    2-Sakura Yosozumi 
    3-Sky Brown 
    4-Poppy Starr Olsen 
    5-Lizzie Armanto 
    6-Dora Varella 
    7-Isadora Rodrigues 
    8-Bryce Wettstein 
    9-Brighton Zeuner 
    10- Yndiara Asp 
    11- Julia Benedetti 
    12-Jordyn Barratt  (She will compete on the final and even if she gets the last position, she will overtake Mina Stess who is qualifying right now)
    13- Lilly Stoeephasius 
    14- Xin Zhang 
    15- Madeleine Larcheron 
    16- Amelia Brodka 
    17- Josefina Tapia Varas 
    18- Bombette Martin 
    19- Melissa Williams 
    There's still one quota to be defined at final, among Mami Tezuka, Kokona Hiraki and Kisa Nakamura from 
    It's important bear in mind that this ranking will close only on June 31st. So, all NOCs may still organize national events and add points to the ranking (If they haven't added two national championships yet). So, in this case.... Bombette and Josefina still can lose this spot till there, maybe Amelia has a little bit of chance, but I dont believe on that.
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    szy123 reacted to Olympian1010 in Skateboarding WS Dew Tour 2021   
    If it’s the same terminology the X Games use, it’s a para-sport category.
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    szy123 reacted to Adriano in Skateboarding WS Dew Tour 2021   
    @Benolympique your athlete has for sure olympics spot. Quota for 3xJPN, BRA, USA, GBR, FRA, FIN, GER, ESP sure.    15 place China Xin (semfinal here, I think she is sure also), next Poland, Chile (semfinal), AUS, ITA x2, RUS, must wait for results of Trew (Australia), Martin from UK,  Ebert from Canada, from ranking 19 places and one place for Africa.  Top 8 gives them many points.  For 1st place - 40000 2nd - 2400, 3- 21600, 4- 17280, 5- 9200, 6-7300, 7-5900, 8-4700,9-1620, 10-1450, 11 - 1340, 12-1200, 13-1080,14-980, 15-880, 16-790
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    szy123 reacted to Laraja in Skateboarding WS Dew Tour 2021   
    Yeah, my bad, I forgot that.... the heat 4 was delayed because of the rain....
    But, anyway, the girl from South Africa will finish the competition in a better position and qualify
    The top 20 among those 4 heats will qualify to the semifinal, and compete again against the top 12 of the ranking, who were pre-seeded.
    So 32 on semifinal, and then top 8 to the final.
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    szy123 reacted to Triplecast in Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be cancelled?   
    That poll supposedly said 43% cancel, 40% postpone.  So, I see two things here, 53% are in favor of the Games being held, but most just don't want them this year.  But second, these polls should stop asking do you want the Games postponed, as I think most of us here believe IOC, TOCOG, and JPN Gov when they say further postponement is not an option.  That said, I know other polls, when the question is its just a straight cancel or hold show 60% cancel.  But this poll suits the media's McGaffrey's need when they can just scream 83% of Japanese don't want to hold the Olympics, without his bothering to break down the numbers. 
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    szy123 reacted to Sindo in Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be cancelled?   
    Japan might be slow in the vaccination campaign, but I don't understand how their situation can be considered that bad if the numbers shown on worldometers are correct. Having a quick look at the last days, they have like 6000 cases and 80 deaths per day and a total 1200 serious cases which is nothing if I compare those numbers with the Italian ones (the only ones I know on a regular basis). We have had days with 40000 cases and 800 deaths per day, with half of the population of Japan
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    szy123 reacted to Monzanator in Tennis 2021 Discussion Thread   
    Swiatek DRAGS Pliskova 6-0 6-0 in Rome final

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    szy123 reacted to rafalgorka in Rowing FISA Final Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    Seeing how happy and relieved all these people are that they have qualified, I really hope these olympics will not be cancelled.
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    szy123 got a reaction from rybak in Badminton Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games   
    * means that an athlete won't compete in Tokyo. Jordan has no citizenship yet, she just changed Federation allegiance (PZBad accepted this) as surprisingly Poland has better conditions for badminton training than Wales (according to her).
    That means there will be three reallocations and as my friend who knows much about badminton calculated, it means that Wiktoria Dąbczyńska will get the quota probably. Nothing can be said for sure until official statements from the International federation tho. 
    Edit: typo
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    szy123 reacted to Quaker2001 in Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be cancelled?   
    Oh, well familiar with those douchebags.  They raise valid points about the negative aspects of Olympic hosting that don't get highlighted, particularly in a place like Los Angeles which is probably the best example of how a city can host an Olympics and not go deep into debt.  Those guys need to find a better hobby though.  Make the case against potential hosts that have no business hosting an Olympics.  Ask for reforms to the IOC and to the Olympic movement that are desperately needed.  But at the end of the day, do better than to make this another case of cancel culture where you're trying to destroy something because you don't like it.
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    szy123 reacted to Quaker2001 in Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be cancelled?   
    If proper health and safety protocols are in place, the risk of the Olympics being a super-spreader will be minimal.  There's way too much fear-mongering that the virus is going to come into Japan from all corners of the globe.  As long as athletes are tested, that shouldn't be a major issue.  Tokyo just held multiple test events with zero positive cases.  It can be done.
    The bigger concern is the availability of medical resources in Japan as the pandemic is worsening there.  But that's on them, not the fault of the Olympics.  I'm torn between having sympathy for the struggles of Japan and questioning why they are having these struggles when a lot of other countries are on the downswing from the fall wave.  Maybe it's my viewpoint as an American where the case load here is the lowest it has been since late last Summer and restrictions are loosening because so much of the country is vaccinated.
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    szy123 reacted to sharkinator in Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes   
    Men K2 1000 m - should be only 1 quota (for Hungary). Unfortunately Poland without olympic quota.
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