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  1. Why isn’t Afghanistan competing anymore?
  2. Vovinam.....? Arnis....? kurash....? Obstacle racing....? So many martial arts sports will be contested: I think they will run out of white uniforms....
  3. 56 sports? That is quite a programme....
  4. Seems to me you are quite negative in your opinions about these Games. I hope that Oran 2021 will be better. Besides this: I think Algeria performs up to standard....some suprises and some dissapointments.
  5. Still: Morocco stepped in as an alternative for several other countries. Even after Morocco did not participate in recent African Games. Better something than nothing? Many other multi sport events haven't been held in recent years: West Asian Games, Arab Games, East Asian Games etc. What African countries could stage these Games in the near future? South Africa (they sent a relative small group of athletes because of financial issues) Algeria (facilities are being built for the MedGames in Oran) Nigeria Ghana (really?) Egypt Tunesia Senegal (buil
  6. Good point! Otherwise no African games at all probably.....
  7. Anybody knows why South Africa sends a very small team? Financial issues or other reasons.....?
  8. At least judo started and is finished....all the other sports seems to have postponements or re-scheduling. No information about participants from sports still to begin.....getting worrying
  9. Several football matches were delayed. Anyone knows the reasons?
  10. Thanks. Found that, also incomplete...
  11. I think this was the worst event were results still are nowhere to be found, at least correct and complete results. How is this possible?
  12. Here you are: AsianG2010-schoonspringen-h-compleet.xlsx
  13. Thanks, already seen that. Not very user friendly......
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