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  1. There might be a good chance. South Korea was at least a Division I team regular while China is a Division II team, showing no signs of moving up to IB. The women are likely safe though.
  2. Ice hockey is so uncompetitive that it's doubtful any nation will decrease in strength to the point where they don't deserve to be in the tournament.
  3. Removed a bunch of nations in athletics due to us entering the qualification in all events. Namely...
  4. Thanks, It needs to be fixed, when I put specific dates it still gives me times before March 1st. They also forgot whom swam what at the Hungarian National Champs...
  5. Did FINA get rid of their world rankings (results) page? Or was it rebranded?
  6. Switzerland was disqualified in the final race, this means Greece gets the second quota...
  7. Also Nicholas Heiner was chosen to represent in 2020 Olympics
  8. Needs to finish 30 spots ahead of the United States (and other nations)
  9. This is technically the World qualifier, I assume Europeans didn't want to go sailing in Australia in December at the Gold Cup. At least they were nice enough to give Europe one more chance to pass the United States to avoid a horrible result for the continent.
  10. Looks like races are cancelled today, but they decided to hold a final race tomorrow, after the medal race. This means and are qualified since they reached the medal race while two more quotas will be decided after the final race.
  11. Yeah, outside of elimination it should be Poland. I thought the Czech Republic would have an outside chance, but they don't have a team...
  12. Didn't know that. I think the other groups are fine, unless a major upset happens (Group C?)
  13. That's what I meant, this could affect nations trying to qualify an individual should Hong Kong/Thailand fail to meet the minimum requirements.
  14. Not too surprised, skateboarding was always going to struggle to find athletes, that's what happens when you include a niche sport that doesn't have a proper governing body to host international events until recently.
  15. This is turning into a worst case scenario for Europe, I guess Bermuda and Venezuela will be quite happy.
  16. Do you think they will meet the minimum requirements to compete at the Olympics?
  17. Ben is going to be upset that you jinxed Lobert
  18. Will they compete at the World Aquatics Championships? It's a requirement for them to get a universality quota at the Olympics.
  19. 10 plus medal race, but we are already one race behind schedule due to weather.
  20. There's still a lot of racing to go, but Europe must feel good about taking all four quotas Edit: Looks like both Croatia and Spain got a BFD on the 4th race, now things are a lot more interesting...
  21. Yeah, Pan America saw an increase of 7 quotas while Europe and Asia got increases of 4 and 3 quotas respectively. Africa had a drop of 1 while Oceania lost 4. The quotas are also now divided in a way that even in a worst case scenario at least one non-United States Pan American nation will be represented in each event. One could argue that Pan America doesn't deserve as many quotas as Asia, but it's more to compensate that 14/38 quotas were handed out before any World Cup events plus the Pan American Games will take place before the last rifle/pistol and shotgun World Cups while Asia will have their qualifier after all of the world events. Plus you could argue that the group qualified through the continental qualifiers are comparable since most of the top Asian talent will have qualified through the World Cups.
  22. Well, at least things will be easier for our continent at the Pan American Games, now if only if the United States can sneak a quota in trap.
  23. Yeah, it should be a formality for Canada and Australia to pick up the final quotas, though in the very unlikely event Australia fails to advance to the cup quarters, I'd watch any match between France and a European team for potential match fixing... The European qualifying tournament will be very important as it pretty much decides which two nations will grab the final two qualification spots, even if Brazil, China, Fiji or South Africa (should they compete) fail to win their continental qualifier the European teams will be a massive favourite.
  24. That just means everyone is still tied for first
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