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  1. Mainland France also has surfing spots that are part of the World Surf League so it's likely that it won't be in Tahiti.
  2. To be fair, any group is a cake walk for Argentina. Canada has a chance for an upset, but Argentina would be the big favourites too.
  3. China technically qualified in duets too, but that will likely become a team quota soon. It'll be interesting to see whether or not New Zealand and South Africa keep the quota
  4. Here are the ten largest athletic teams so far qualified to the Olympics (I took the top three athletes for nations with more than 3 eligible athletes) 1. United States - 73 2. Jamaica - 32 3. Kenya - 31 4. China - 30 5. Great Britain - 26 6. Germany - 23 7. Poland - 21 8. Ethiopia - 20 9. Japan - 19 9. Russia - 19 Relative to last month, Canada and Spain both drop off after tying with Russia for 10th. Overall it was a big month for Great Britain whom gained 9 athletes, as many as the United States and one more than Jamaica. Japan had the least gains among the top 10 only adding a single athlete over the month. Overall 88 nations have qualified at least one athlete.
  5. Thanks everyone, we are now at the half-way point with 103 remaining nations
  6. Did Nelly Jepkosgei (2008 Olympic silver medalist) switch countries to Bahrain? Or is the diamond league and IAAF incorrect? You'd think there would be more news of such an event
  7. I think we're good, at least no one that has become ineligible.
  8. Pretty much, I usually consider there to be 10 top teams (the six European teams here, Australia, Canada, China and USA) with Japan possibly closing the gap among the lower ranked teams thanks to the Olympics. At least two of them plus Japan would be in the second group and we'd see 20+ goal victories against South Africa and who knows what against South Korea.
  9. Not the greatest synchro events for Canada, I thought we would pick up two medals and have appearances in all four finals. Sadly two unfortunate events prevented that. Still I feel pretty good we will qualify in women's 10m synchronized platform while we have a good chance in qualifying in the men's synchronzed springboard. The performance in the men's synchronized platform gives me hope we could sneak in a quota. 3/4 synchronized events at the Olympics is a possibility.
  10. England/Ireland is an unfortunate quarterfinal match, but Spain and Russia did well to avoid placing in second. Second and third place is very important as the teams will be huge favourites to win the two quotas at the final qualification tournament
  11. France and England are in good positions to meet in the final. Spain and Ireland should be the favourites to win their quarterfinal match, but I wouldn't put it past Portugal or Germany to give them a hard time respectively. Winning here is important as the loser pretty much needs to defeat Australia or Samoa to qualify to the Olympics, not impossible, but a tough match regardless.
  12. In general, anything that offers direct quotas to the Olympics or is a Pan Am only sport.
  13. They weren't too bad in the preliminary, they had a bad third dive, when adjusted they would have been in contention.
  14. What happened to Canada? Did someone get hurt or did they quit after the bad dive?
  15. Monobob (or any event that is created without a world championships) was a terrible idea, it's not like the Winter Olympics have an athlete problem like the Summer Olympics. Gender parity isn't going to go away and the Olympics and sport federations need to adapt. The main issue however, is that the Olympics haven't kept up with the athlete numbers. In 1988 we had 237 events; 153 men, 72 women and 12 open. In terms of athletes there were 6197 men and 2194 women. That pretty much means for gender parity we need around 12.5k athletes for just over 300 events and that's ignoring the fact that Badminton, Golf, Rugby Sevens, Taekwondo and Triathlon were all added after those games (along with the additional sports for 2020 and 2024). Those additions pushes the number to over 13,000 plus additional quotas for the new sports. While I do acknowledge that was at a time before qualification events, it doesn't reverse the fact that we are probably missing up to 1000 athletes from existing events.
  16. Still even they must know that excluding all, but the top 6 from the hex is foolish.
  17. There's a medal table now Though they order it by total number of medals then alphabetically.
  18. Universiade is always good for unexpected team results, Portugal winning a medal in women's basketball is a surprise for me.
  19. I suspect there will be a lot of friendlies among the Central American teams, Canada and maybe a few Caribbean nations in a bid to claim one of the top 6 spots within the region.
  20. That's good to hear. Will it be after the Olympic or World Championships?
  21. They lost all their games at the World Championships including 8-0 in 5 innings to Italy and 10-0 in 4 innings to Great Britain. They may be one of the best in Africa, but that doesn't translate too well outside.
  22. Still not fair, all teams should have a chance to qualify directly. Have the top 3-5 advance directly to the hex while the other teams fight for the remaining spots.
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