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  1. Another perfect run by Vincent Hancock in men's skeet
  2. No, an athlete can not compete in an event unless the nation has already qualified to it. A road race athlete can not compete in the omnium unless the nation has already qualified in it. In cycling there are two types of quotas, athlete quotas and event quotas. A nation must have both in order to compete.
  3. Yes, but only if they already qualified a quota to compete in the event. So in theory Algeria could win the continental quota in the individual sprint and then use their road athlete to compete in the keirin (since all nations which qualified in individual sprint will be allowed to compete in the keirin). Of course, nations tend to use that transferable athlete quota in the endurance events, for example using five athletes instead of four across the team pursuit and Madison events or three athletes instead of two between the Madison and Omnium.
  4. I doubt Burkina Faso will defeat the Netherlands or Italy, even defeating South Africa would be a huge victory for them.
  5. Yeah, Namibia and Burkina Faso should be left with the continental quotas once the rankings are published, though it could be possible that Algeria or Eritrea decide not to spend a lot of money trying to get points at events around the world.
  6. Removed Algeria (Cycling) Kazakhstan (Athletics) In terms of the main site, I will remove Kazakhstan once I make the update for athletics and swimming (likely some time next week). Given the results from the African Cycling Championships, Burkina Faso has a great chance at qualifying once the nations ranking is published. I also agree that Malta has a chance at qualifying in shooting.
  7. Like all team sports, baseball is very expensive in terms of traveling costs and given that it won't be in the next Olympics, there's no point in heavily investing in a less popular sport.
  8. Looks like Italy won the shoot-off, they now have 1 shot.
  9. Looks like missing more than two targets will eliminate you from the final. Maybe even two misses might be too much.
  10. For the men Eritrea and likely Algeria will both qualify to the Olympics through the nation ranking, so we'll need to know more of the rankings to know who will likely qualify in the end. For the women Eritrea had an outside chance of qualifying through the rankings, but I wouldn't be surprised if they now decide to reallocate funds for training rather than costly travel for points.
  11. She had a (relatively) poor second day, 45/50 is just too big of a hole to fall in.
  12. There can still be some element of strategy, the men could act as pacers and block the wind for them.
  13. They had to qualify in order to compete at the Olympics so there was obviously some stress involved just to be there.
  14. I've always been of the opinion that if you are good enough then you are old enough. Of course, young athletes do have issues when it comes to traveling. For example, many nations have child trafficking laws which prevent them from traveling without their parents.
  15. Team Time Trial is on the 15th Individual Time Trial is on the 17th Men's and Women's Junior Road Race is on the 18th Men's and Women's Elite Road Race in on the 19th
  16. He was in the Tour du Rwanda, it wouldn't have taken him too out of his way to go to Ethiopia. Rwanda does have a decent chance at qualifying through the nations ranking (which has priority over the continental championships). They are currently 43/50 on the overall rankings (it's too early to take the Olympic rankings seriously).
  17. Team Rwanda Link Women Juniors: Diane Ingabire Seniors: Jacqueline Tuyishimire, Beatha Ingebire, Genevieve Mukundente and Oliver Izerimana Men Juniors: Jean Eric Habimana, Leones Uhirirwe Byiza, Bernabe Gahemba and Eric Umuhoza Seniors: Valens Ndayisenga, Jean Bosco Nsengimana, Jean Claude Uwizeye, Moise Mugisha and Eric Manizabayo
  18. It's not too hard, but that would require going smaller and sadly the IOC seems to not want that.
  19. Correct, I saw the flag, but the name screamed Spanish and upon closer inspection she is indeed from Ecuador.
  20. In terms of costs karate is one of the cheapest, the bigger issue is that they require more athletes than the other nominated sports (unless they decide to create another farce of having only 10 athletes per weightclass like in 2020). Would the sport sacrifice kumite and only have the individual kata events?
  21. Here is the updated entry list for the upcoming Shotgun World Cup In terms of Olympic qualification the top 2 eligible athletes in each individual Olympic event qualify their nation. Based on the IQS here are the top 5 eligible athletes. Again this is not an accurate way of measuring the favourites, but it at least gives some kind of a picture. Men's Trap 1. Bostjan Macek - 124 1. Walton Eller - 124 3. N Tolga Tuncer - 123 4. Du Yu - 122 4. Mauro de Filippis - 122 Men's Skeet 1. Jan Din - 124 1. Jakub Tomecek - 124 1. Sven Korte - 124 4. Emin Jafarov - 123 4. Ben Llewllin - 123 4. Mansour Al Rashedi - 123 4. Stefan Nilsson - 123 Women's Trap 1. Maria Lucia Palmitessa - 121 1. Ashley Carroll - 121 3. Melanie Couzy - 119 3. Lin Yi Chun - 119 5. Kirsty Barr - 118 5. Liu Wan-Yu - 118 5. Aeriel Skinner - 118 Women's Skeet 1. Zhang Donglian - 121 2. Wei Meng - 120 2. Lucie Anastassiou - 120 4. Victoria Larsson - 119 5. Nadine Messerschmidt - 118
  22. Awesome work. Hopefully FINA begins adding those results to their database...
  23. 10 weightclasses is a lot for one sport at the Olympics, especially when taekwondo and wrestling both have a reduction of events relative to their world championships.
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