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  1. I am not anticipating re-living that so much .
  2. 2020 Vision Mona McSharry Mona McSharry claims gold at European Junior Championships It was a golden day in the pool for 2020 Vision Member Mona McSharry as she claimed the 50m breaststroke title at the European Junior Championships in Israel today. The 16-year-old set a new Irish senior record of 30.91secs in the semi-finals and claimed top spot on the podium in the final, finishing ahead of Poland's Weronika Hellmann. McSharry will go again in the women's 200m breaststroke heats tomorrow along with teammate Niamh Coyne. Elsewhere, Ellen Walshe knocked over a second off her personal best in the women's 200m butterfly, finishing in 10th place overall.
  3. Welcome to the Ireland National Thread. May the road rise to meet you
  4. @hckosice come on, we all know you don't mind if you are in Spain or in Somalia, as long as you are by the sea .... pfff, who cares for categories I hear you say, when you can have lovely sea
  5. Time to get the music thread up and running once again! This thread enables users to share in anything that takes their interest in the world of music. Happy listening everyone!
  6. Not much chance in appealing to UEFA when it is their stupid rules that allow for this kind of thing to happen. I really dislike these "best runner-up" rules just like we also have in FIFA World Cup qualifying where the second placed team with the least points don't even get a play-off. It is highly unjust, because the best groups usually have many teams who take points from each other and so the second placed team finishes on fewer points than a second placed team in a crazy easy group. Many rugby competitions are equally annoying in this regard.
  7. Yes, like PDC darts world champs . That's the kind of winter sports I am into
  8. It was awesome indeed.... I want to play it again now . I loved the gymnastics too.... I think I have some good placings on the worldwide list (or at least I used to) . There was a guy from Spain called Hulkaran who was just unbeatable
  9. My favourite event in any of the Olympic video games.... playing this online was just the best fun ever
  10. Yes, something like that. After playing it some days it began to get on my nerves
  11. Well it wasn't the main menu music that was the problem.... do you remember the songs that played as you competed in each event?
  12. Yes, and 16 nations if I remember right. The music was dreadful
  13. Albania didn't even compete..... so there is a level below even the third league
  14. Just say 2 go down.... and tell your federation to keep quiet
  15. Yes, that is what makes it hard and we know this problem too. That means that if any of your top prospects are absent or have a disaster then you are running up a very steep hill from the start. Now that 3 teams are relegated it makes it harder and Hungary look like they could be dangerous next time too (though it's pretty useless to speculate about anything at this point in time).
  16. Haha, pub closing time must be fun
  17. Well you will very probably have better throwers and better jumpers than Ireland, of that I would be almost certain, as our field events are on a level of the third league . So that is why track events are crucial for us. But yeah, who knows what our situations will be in 2 years' time.... maybe some random life-form will float down from space and decide to pick up a javelin for Ireland. Make it so
  18. Damn you and you low costs . Though probably a good thing that the price of beer is not €0.93 here.... everyone would be in the pubs and nothing would get done
  19. As it is now a biennial competition, you are in the first league for 2019, you won't be in second league until 2021 at earliest and hopefully not even then . Yes, please let it be a good host, it's painful trying to follow it when you can't extract any information or results, let alone a live stream
  20. Woohoo!! Congrats Lithuania Thank God indeed, the First League was too quiet in here this year with all the fun happening in your league. Now with you back and Slovakia in too, should be much better banter . Though one major note of warning to all you promoted teams, we are going to be up against Russia next time! Lord help us . But on the other hand if they are still banned by then that's one less relegation slot to worry about
  21. We are on our way!! Though Séamus became a little wary when I mentioned the trip because last time I told him we were going on a trip we ended up stranded in St.Kilda. As much as he enjoyed the peacefulness and beautiful scenery, the lack of any pub made him grow restless But I promised him that the Slovakians are here and he remembered that they had bought him plenty of beer any time he met with them
  22. According to this report on the official website, that's as much as I can be sure http://www.malta2017.org/news_items/apr_6_pr.php
  23. Only two are relegated to the bottom league so you are safe
  24. Are you sure the photo-finish adjudicators knew the difference between both nations and did not make a mix-up?
  25. Well we dropped from 6th last year to 8th this year so we are a little further from the Super League this time..... so climbing the ranks is not looking good right now . Though we had a relatively young and inexperienced team in many disciplines this time. But super league is just too far for us and realistically, when our field events are always scoring between 1 and 3 points, staying in the First League is always the aim .