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  1. Maybe even three if their younger brother Joshua develops his game in men's doubles. Unlikely scenario though It's certainly a family affair as their coach is older brother Daniel Magee and another young prospect in the women's game Rachel Darragh is their cousin. All from a small town (and I mean small ) nearby me, it's a great success story.
  2. Thanks They come from a small town near where I live so it's really great to see them to doing so well. I hope they can qualify for Tokyo!
  3. Congratulations Great Britain on another victory, very well deserved!! Huge personal congrats goes to uk12points for delivering a wonderful show, really top class hosting! And thanks for all the time and effort you dedicated to give us this great day of entertainment I was only dipping in and out in the last voting segments and didn't want to miss thanking anyone who voted for Ireland. I didn't get time to check all individually but I want to thank dearly and for adding to our total . If I missed anyone I am truly sorry. Disappointing day for Ireland this time. Two Door Cinema Club didn't strike a chord with the international juries this time and clearly I will need to try something different next time . But as always there are winners and losers so big congrats to all the big winners this time... to GB on their second TISC victory and to for a stunning bronze medal success And my final note goes to the silver medal winners Brazil..... "Hear Me Now" was an amazing choice of song and by coincidence I heard the song for the first time in the same week that it was nominated for representation here at TISC! Absolutely loved it and as Wanderer said earlier, this definitely was right on the mark in terms of my taste. Thanks to all for a fun-filled contest, as always I enjoyed your company and looking forward to TISC Open in Tunisia later this year. I'm going back to the bar now to rejoin Séamus, apparently there is a free-bar courtesy of our kind hosts so come join us if you want to continue the party
  4. I'm still here! I just joined Séamus at the bar earlier this time, he is buying me some drinks to drown my sorrows
  5. Still looking good for Brazil!
  6. It would be nice to get one big score soon to move us to the mid-pack.
  7. Looks like we have a tie for the lead once more.
  8. Ahh, the president of The Committee himself
  9. Remind me, who is the next Committee member?
  10. i can't see any flags or the logo
  11. This is all over the place, love it
  12. Serbia in the lead!!
  13. Good stuff Moldovan jury, points for all! Congrats Russia and India
  14. Thanks a million Moldova!
  15. What? How have I never heard of this
  16. Congratulations to Greece for getting off the mark Now just Russia and India
  17. A danger for the other title contenders in this TISC Annual .
  18. I wouldn't bet against it!
  19. GB scoring points consistently, looking dangerous for another win this year!
  20. Thank you kindly Malta
  21. You're welcome, nice song Long way to go, don't give up
  22. So what's everyone having for lunch?
  23. I think you can rule out Ireland but happy that The Committee haven't given up hope yet
  24. I've been saying as much for years