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Summer Olympic Games 2024 Sports Programme

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Soooo, for real ?, all right, let's start this thread.


. Additional sports:


As we all know, hosting cities are now free to add a certain number of extra sports and events to the olympic program. Only the 37 IOC recognised federations can apply for inclusion. For Tokyo, 26 of them applied, 7 were then short-listed, and finally, 5 were chosen (skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, baseball/softball & karaté).


As of today, the parisian commite has tried its best not to close the door to anyone (from E-sport to Pétanque). We are yet to know what will be the exact schedule of the bidding process, but apparently, the additional sports will be known by 2019.


. New events:


Not directly linked to the host, we can also expect the olympic program to move further into a more "youth and urban" direction. Gender equality is also likely to be pushed even futher.

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My two cents regarding the most possible additional sports (probability to be chosen between brackets):


- Sport Climbing (9/10): fresh, cheap enough to stage, decent medal chances, domestic following (Bercy Arena packed for recent world championship), growing,


- Karate (8/10): Cheap to stage, uber high medals chances, doesn't appear like too french or too european, continuation from Tokyo 2020


- Squash (7/10): Cheap to stage and possibly set in any iconic Paris landscape, good enough medal chances, french president of the world federation (can't hurt),. Should be considered as a lock too, but it's squash and the Olympics, so you never know.


- Surfing (7/10): Decent following in the South (South) West, historical legitimy, succesfull previous events (world cup stages, recent 2017 Biarritz WC), bring some needed sexyness to the Games. Would be guaranted to be hold in 3 consecutives games (2020-2028)


- Boules sport (4/10): Biggest non olympic federation (300K members), almost guaranted medals, cheap to stage, national pastime. Could be seen as a frontrunner, but it suffers from a huge image problem (ie. it is not seen as a proper sport by most)


Outsiders: Skateboarding, Esport, Baseball, Speed Roller, Wakeboarding, Pelota basque (I wish...).


If one can't exclude anyone from the race at this point (who would have thought of skateboarding for Tokyo ?), these sports are by far the most likely to be chosen.


If anyone can read french, I've put my thoughts in a bit more articulated way (here and here)

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Skateboard can't leave the olympic program, will be, probably, 6 or 7 medal chances for us. :lol::lol: Now, frankly, I do not understand how a sport in which at least 70% (may be more) of the medals go to only two countries (USA e Brazil) was accepted in the Olympics. :mumble:

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Where can I sign for Basque Pelota? I'm basque so I would live for it cause it's our national sport, but honestly, don't think it has realistic chances. They didn't even try for Tokyo 2020.


Also I hope they staged surf in Biarritz, I live really close and would be awesome to have the chance to see an olympic competition.




Apart from Surf and the utopia of Basque Pelota, I'm rooting for Sport Climbing (I'm so hyped about this event in Tokyo, would love for it to have continuity in the games), and Roller Sports (I' a simple dude, I love races where one comes first and other came last, and they can also add Skateboarding there) and even Boules Sports (They are staged at Mediterranean and Commonwealth games, and they offer something new).

 I would love Ballroom DanceSport to be added, but sadly it has no chance (Damn it, IOC, this is a sport were mixed events have logic! lol)


Personally I don't like Squash and I don't want another contact sport like Karate, but they are big and make sense in the games. Also I hope they don't add another team sport.

If Weightlifting gets out, they had a lot of quotas and events to be designated. So it could be fun.

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il y a 10 minutes, Jur a déclaré:

Where can I sign for Basque Pelota? I'm basque so I would live for it cause it's our national sport, but honestly, don't think it has realistic chances. They didn't even try for Tokyo 2020.


They did try... with Madrid 2020



Once Tokyo was chosen. It was quicly forgotten (there was a fronton 2020 world championship near Bordeaux in 2013 and then a whole bag of nothing).


This time, it's like they don't even care.

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Here's one for @hckosice :




“We have to continue to participate because this is a great category. It won’t be in the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, but maybe in 2024, for the next edition, it could come back.

“So I encourage all the C2 guys and the teams to continue to promote this category.”



Please, don't be too excited :d

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On 9/27/2017 at 03:05, hckosice said:


Oh dear, that would be just awesome :)

They’re looking at the 50m prone and other events to possibly come back too. Just need women to start doing them...

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