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  1. and Demare lost, Eduard Grosu from Delko Marseille Provence won the stage ahead of Yves Lampaert (new GC leader) and Arnaud Demare. Baška once again finished 4th. It was one epic stage in really cold weather in the Tatras and something for the biathlon fans, also the Fialková sisters were watching the race more info, and highlights later
  2. Not an official one yet, just the teams nominations from different national federatons websites
  3. TEAM SLOVAKIA Mens Elite Road Race Erik Baška (Bora Hangrohe) Ján Andrej Cully (Dukla Banská Bystrica) Juraj Sagan (Bora Hansgrohe) Peter Sagan (Bora Hansgrohe) Mens Under 23 Road Race Adam Foltán (Topforex-Lapierre) Lukáš Kubiš (Dukla Banská Bystrica) Matúš Štoček (Beltrami TSA Hopla Petroli Firenze) Mens Junior Road Race Marek Bugár (TJ Slávia ŠG Trenčín) Marek Gajdula (Cys-Peter Sagan Academy) Mens Elite Individual Time Trial Ján Andrej Cully (Dukla Banská Bystrica) Mens Under 23 Individual Time Trial Samuel Oros (Dukla Banská Bystrica) Mens Junior Individual Time Trial Pavol Kramarčík (TJ Slávia ŠG Trenčín) Womens Elite Road Race Alžbeta Bačíková (CK Dukla Bratislava) Tereza Medveďová (BePink) Womens Junior Road Race Nora Jenčušová (Schwabik Cycling Team) Radka Paulechová (Cys-Peter Sagan Academy) Simona Záhorcová (Cys-Peter Sagan Academy) Womens Junior Individual Time Trial Nora Jenčušová (Schwabik Cycling Team)
  4. I know, I know, just kidding... however the Okolo Slovínska was in June if I´m not wrong
  5. Anyway, today the peloton is going to the Tatras, like I already wrote earlier, sadly the track of this year is very dumb only 1 day in the Tatras and the finish is even made for the sprinters in Ružomberok, But still todays stage should be funny
  6. The 1b stage highlights ITT in Bardejov The photogallery and full results from the stages are here just scroll down 1a https://www.cycling-info.sk/spravodajstvo/cyklistika-slovensko/8207-okolo-slovenska-na-konci-sa-padalo-vitazom-prvej-etapy-sa-stal-kristoff-baska-stvrty 1b https://www.cycling-info.sk/spravodajstvo/cyklistika-slovensko/8208-okolo-slovenska-kung-vyhral-casovku-po-uprave-vysledkov-je-lidrom-baska-deviaty btw really impressive performances from Erik Baška so far, including a top 10 in ITT
  7. +1 for you. My favorite movie !
  8. Highlights from this mornings opening half stage 1a of the Okolo Slovenska 2019. Alexander Kristoff won infront of Morkov, Viviani and Baška. This afternoon was schediuled the 2nd part of the 1st stage. Stage 1b the short Individual Time Trial in Bardejov won by Stefan Kueng ahead of Yves Lampaerts and Bob Jungels, Highlights to come later
  9. 2 weeks after his European Indoor Champion title he suffered an muscle injury, which later turned out to be more serious. resulting on interrupted preparation for more than a month, This missing preparation was the cause he couldn´t this year run at least once under 10.20 in 100m or under 20.60 in 200m, and as you know this was far from the qualifying standard. After the last failed attempt at the SVK league finals he announced this season definitely finished for him, now he´ll start focus at 100% for Tokyo standard
  10. TEAM SLOVAKIA Mens Richard Tkáč (-81kg) Group D Karol Samko (-89kg) Group B Ondrej Kružel (-109kg) Group C Womens Nina Rondzíková (-71kg) Group B
  11. Russian (ANA) Team for the Wch announced, featuring the following 29 athletes Maria Lasitskene (high jump), Mikhail Akimenko (high jump), Ilya Ivanyuk (high jump), Anzhelika Sidorova (pole vault), Irina Ivanova (pole vault), Alayna Lutkovskaya (pole vault), Darya Klishina (long jump), Yelena Sokolova (long jump), Dmitry Sorokin (triple jump), Alexei Fedorov (triple jump), Maxim Afonin (shot put), Alexander Lesnoy (shot put), Denis Lukyanov (hammer throw), Yevgeny Korotovsky (hammer throw), Yelizaveta Tsareva (hammer throw), Sofia Palkina (hammer throw), Alexei Khudyakov (discus throw), Ilya Shkurenev (decathlon), Yana Smerdova (20 km race walking), Vasiliy Mizinov (20 km race walking), Sardana Trofimova (marathon), Fyodor Shutov (marathon), Polina Miller (400 m running), Ksenia Aksenova (400 m running), Vera Rudakova (400 m hurdles), Valeria Andreeva (400 m hurdles), Anna Tropina (3,000 m hurdles), Yekaterina Ivonina (3,000 m hurdles) as well as Sergei Shubenkov (110 m hurdles).
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