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  1. I think you are not understanding the facts, we are not USA, we are a very small country with limited resources, let me explain to you why we are doing what we do and why we imposed radical measures and regulations from the beginning. We simply have to eliminate any eventual outbreaks in its beginning, so far we are hopefully still able to manage to avoid the spread among the populaton, meaning so far we were still able to quickly find all relatives, colleges and persons in contact with every positive patient and by immediate quarantining prevent the spread. BUT if by some unhappiness we´ll fails and someone will majorly spread the virus, we will be definitely lost and doomed, no one will help us. we just have to do only with what we have, we do not have much things, just the masks and discipline. Trust me no one is happy that our borders are closed, that foreigners (tourists) have not been able to enter the country for more than a month now, our kids will probably return into schools only from September, shops are closed, we can not gather or just go do or watch hockey or for instance any other sport and our economy is collapsing (we are losing 70 millions EUR per day) but we simply cannot open up ourselves and leave it as you and the other western european countries did, we are not so rich, no one in the west has even idea or even want to know that a country like Slovakia exist..we would all die within weeks.
  2. Yo do realize these are disposable gloves that have been thrown away immediately after the act, right ?
  3. yep big fan #Atahualpa-the-impregnable-fortress
  4. Great decision. at 1) Many athletes (that can actually have trainings) may have advantage over others and at 2) There no doping controls during the pandemic
  5. 47 New Confirmed Cases yesterday (24 of them are part of that 2nd wave results from that yesterday mentioned "convoy" of returning people from South Tirol.) 23 new cases from the normal daily testing in the country (1448 tests yesterday) - 17693 tests Overall so far Also new 5 patients are now fully healed So 581 Confirmed Cases in Slovakia (+47 yesterday) 2 Deaths (+1), 13 Healed (+5) 172 Hospitalized, 3 in serious conditions from which since this morning 1 new patient (79 years old female) in very critical condition had to be put under ventilators the 581 Confirmed cases by age distributions From 30 to 44 years – 181 From 15 to 29 years – 168 From 45 to 59 years – 123 + 60 years – 71 Under 14 years – 35 and a couple of pics from the country slowly preparing for the unprecedented situation, the curfew which is going to start from this midnight and last until the end of Easter Monday at 23:59 The President of the Republic Zuzana Čaputová praised the government and the crisis crew for the work done so far and is also satisfied with the decision to tighten up the measures during the Easter week with the curfew (again the majority of the populaton agreed and is satisfied with the decision!). @heywoodu will be certainly happy to see the social distancing finally applied among our authorities The mask machines will be refilled also during Easter even though on Friday, Sunday and Monday almost all shops (except pharmacies) will be closed
  6. 2010 Slovakia - Italy 3-2 obviously 2006 Ecuador - Costa Rica 3-0 1990 Czechoslovakia - USA 5-1 2006 Poland - Ecuador 0-2 1990 Czechoslovakia - Costa Rica 4-1
  7. Ofc, there will be no tanks or anything similar in the streets. Army and police will only control and maintain the situation in the cities. their main job will be to do checks on all highways and all major and minor state road exits where they will check whether people will move to other places (the only exception have paople going or returning from work (those people will have their employment contract with them to show it to the control checks)
  8. yeah, well, you must understand one thing, easter is the major holiday in the country and especially easter monday morning...well, dude, trust me, I know my country and it´s something that can easily and perfectly fuck up in just a couple of hours everything the country did so me, this is the best thing we could do and the majority of the population (according the discussions and comments) are very satsfied by this.
  9. And it is official. Curfew in from 8th April (Wednesday) 00:00 to 13th April (Monday) 23:59. the government approved restrictions of free movement of citizens from Wednesday 8th midnight to Monday 13th April 2020, 23:59. The Cabinet adopted a resolution after special recommendations of a group of experts, which met on Sunday (5th April) in the afternoon. However there will be some Exceptions: like travel to and from work, quick basic shopping, necessary/urgent doctor visits, attendance at funeral of relatives, short stay in the nature/countryside but only within the district, or within Bratislava and Košice for people living in these cities. The boundaries of the district or the territory of Bratislava and Košice must be respected also in the case of care of relatives or neighbors. At the same time, the government prohibited during this aforementionedperiod the right of all assembly and gathering, with the only exception of persons living in the same household. the police and the army will be involved in carrying out the commandments and keeping order. suburban buses and trains will not operate. So basically, People can following the tradition of easter monday "throw water" on their mothers, wives, daughters but only in their own home if they live together in the same household
  10. yeah thats what i was talking about haha I loved them
  11. that idiotic habbit when the flag bearer can not drop the USA flag even for a second during the opening ceremmony....
  12. Slavomir Kňazovický (Atlanta 1996 Canoeing Sprint C1-500 silver medalist) as the flag bearer, I spotted behind him Karin Habšudová and Dominik Hrbatý (tennis)
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