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  1. I'm absolutely hopeless about Indian football at least for the next 20 years.
  2. 14 year old Unnati Hooda is in the badminton national finals, while it's a great sign for her I don't know whether its actually a good sign for overall ladies badminton in India.
  3. Very impressed with Tasnim Mir, fabulous youngster for a change she has got the hard smash, extremely talented have all the shots at 16, surely a great prospect, this is huge.
  4. Good points, Lakshya recently haven't done well good that he is full time in Senior circuit now also Kiran George won a tournament recently after winning the nationals, haven't seen Tasnim and Samiya play yet, I feel no point in playing Ashwini with Siki anymore if not with Tanisha or any other new player better focus only on Mixed doubles with Satwik or Dhruv, Satwik doesn't have the fitness to play both forms though, Siki can waste time with any another mediocre player. Surely Arjun and Dhruv are on an upwards curve.
  5. True specially the Mens singles seems to be our worst event currently, Aditi also looked ordinary today Malvika was a bit better, 2 girls Tasnim(16) and Samiya(18) are doing well in Juniors there is some hope in Women's singles.
  6. Just having a look at her current WD partner Rutuparna, unfortunately she looks very ordinary, short in stature, no power on smashes, ordinary defenses another one among the bunch of 100 players we keep producing every year. Only option pair up Tanisha with Ashwini.
  7. Guys if you haven't seen today's Sudirman Cup you missed something, the future of Indian badminton has arrived, the 18 year old doubles girl Tanisha Crasto is a cracking player, tall and strong, terrific shoulder power(which most of our girls lack) nice deceptive shots, fast on court, a little bit of work required on the defence which will automatically happen with time, clearly BAI needs to take a call if she can he paired with Ashwini, Siki has been below average, can't finish shots for a long time now, the Single girl Malvika also looked good terrific technique again nice strong legs which we lacked in upcoming players, nice court coverage, needs to work on her smash her upper body is not turning yet while smashing, Morgan Frost pointed out where she can improve, future seems bright for Indian badminton.
  8. I knew it was only a matter of time for her breaking NR is one thing running alone without any semblance of competition is 10 times tougher, let's see how she does in 800m now, not her favourite event but she is a special athlete
  9. Is there going to a telecast of India V Finland Davis Cup tie?
  10. Guys share the monthly schedule link once, one of my friend is joining the group, thanks.
  11. Meiraba wins Latvia Open Title, nice achievement for an 18 year old.
  12. Generally 400m athletes run 200m to improve their acceleration towards the end of 400m, but here it seems to be an escape route not wanting to get beaten by Amoj, they would say too tired to compete in 400m after 200m and 400 relays or get disqualified in 400m individual.
  13. Amoj Jacob is another breakthrough athlete this year, AFI needs to ensure that Md. Anas & Noah Nirmal are running the 400m with him in the Sep national open and not 200m.
  14. Absolutely superb performance, it is clear that we need a new coach for 400m, Priya is currently also the best also in seniors and ofcourse she didn't undergo coaching under Galina, it's been too long with nothing much under Galina, time to move on.
  15. Agree, GB seemed to be a better team than Argentina, it will be difficult but if we can play like the Aus match we can win bronze.
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