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  1. Nice to see, she won in the finals, any chance of doubles participation in Tokyo?
  2. Badminton- Mens singles 2 - Srikanth + Sai/Lakshya/Pronoy, women singles 1 - Sindhu, Satwik in both mens & mixed for sure, women's doubles 1 outside chance to qualify
  3. Big news coming through, 3 race walkers qualify for Olympics in 20 km 2 Male and 1 female, both NRs shattered, Sandeep Kumar, Rahul and Priyanka are the 3 athletes
  4. Really good, I guess he will now make an attempt to qualify for Tokyo in High Jump in the few months left
  5. I thought the timings of Abhin Devadiga in both 100m and 200m were more impressive
  6. Guys, let's keep the spirit up, we just did so well in boxing the Olympics are on and will happen in time, even Euro 2020 hasn't been postponed yet, just a cancellation of events for around a month, I'm sure things will fall in place soon.
  7. Are the swimming competitions taking place, Srihari was supposed to participate in March & April, in an interview in Jan he mentioned was preparing to qualify with A standard timings in these competitions.
  8. You were brilliant Nitin, that's what makes this thread such a success, we come to know so much.
  9. Which means a possible 10/13 from this tournament wow, fingers crossed.
  10. We will hopefully cross that number today itself.
  11. Wonderful day in boxing 5/6 wins, achieved 5 quota, let's hope we have a similar day tomorrow.
  12. 2 more wins in boxing, Manish Kaushik & Sachin Kumar are into the Qtrs.
  13. By that logic we shouldn't have sent them to the Asian games too, went on to win 2 medals.
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