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  1. Agree, GB seemed to be a better team than Argentina, it will be difficult but if we can play like the Aus match we can win bronze.
  2. The way you are feeling today, I guess the English supporters felt the same after the Qtr final match when GB did everything apart from converting opportunities into Goals, but today in the last Qtr the game was mostly played in our half.
  3. Completely disagree, we did well this time and hopefully might win bronze, but on the day we got beaten by a team who played better hockey.
  4. Also saw a guy Tejas has given a terrific time 110m H, btw is AFI planning to send a squad for the upcoming Junior athletics world championships in Kenya?
  5. We didn't play traditional hockey. How can we concede 12 PCs against Belgium and expect anything, they have the best drag flickers, we couldn't keep the ball in their half got tired in the 2nd half.
  6. Not a close match at all, we were not even close in the 2nd half poor defending, hope we play better in the bronze medal match.
  7. 1. It's a Day match starting 10:30 am local time with the heat the game will be much slower compared to today that should help us. 2. Their forwards have to be tackled outside the D don't concede PCs, Tom Boon is among the top 5 forwards in the world. 3. While we scored 3 fantastic goals our overall approach today was defensive and going on counters, Gurjant admitted it at the end of the match, we can't play like that have to play attacking hockey and defend in their half as possible. 4. Didn't get a PC today, need to get PCs for sure. Overall definitely possible but we hav
  8. Yes they earn it for their country and hence can be swapped by another athlete if the country wants to.
  9. These things are not checked is it? Do we blindly send athletes, Srikanth could have been sent instead, rmbr Li Xuerui won gold like that in 2012?
  10. Guys on the BPM(Heart rate) during the Shooting event, do we get an analysis maybe a graph shooter wise what their numbers were verses those of the medalists during the qualifications?
  11. Hope they get even a better time in the B final tomorrow
  12. Lovelina wins som silver line, she is in the Qtrs
  13. So will the federation decide on sending only young shooters say not beyond the age of 23 to the Commonwealth Games? All great sporting countries take such decisions, Ma Long had to overcome a very rigorous Chinese selection process to qualify what is Apurvi here based on what performance? Korea dropped gold medalists from Rio in Archery. Unless you take tough decisions you will struggle in Olympics, we are too soft as a sporting nation.
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