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  1. Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano) is also in the team. He was forgotten in the first tweet by the SIHF, but they corrected themselves since then. Sadly Josi decided against coming, because his wife is heavily pregnant. Completely understandable, of course, but man, it could have been such a good team with him. It still is a good team without him, but I do feel like the defence is a bit lacking. Really looking forward seeing this team play and maybe Fiala will also come later
  2. 116 (115?) Athletes Badminton 1 - Beach Volleyball 6 - Fencing 3 - Golf 1 - Judo 2 - Canoe 3 - Karate 1 - Gymnastics Artistic 5 - Athletics 30 - Mountainbike 6 - Cycling Track 5 - Cycling BMX 4 - Cycling Road 5 - Equestrian 8 - Wrestling 1 - Rowing 9 - Swimming 7 - Sailing 6 - Sports Climbing 1 - Shooting 2 - Tennis 3 - Table Tennis 1 - Triathlon 4 - Diving 1 They say 116, but calculating them all together I only get 115.
  3. The new location of the U18 Division II B Tournament has been decided to be Sofia, Bulgaria.
  4. Kazakhstan hasn't really been that great at this level. Last year was a bit of a better year for them, but two years ago they lost to Spain and Mexico.
  5. There are efforts to protecting it, and I think there are even some schools or at least kindergartens that are only in Romansh at the beginning. Graubünden is the largest canton by area. It's also the only canton with three languages (German, Italian and Romansh). Since it's almost entiery in the Alps, it's mostly famous for it's ski resorts. St. Mortitz, Arosa and Davos are some of the most famous ones. And yes, they did hold a vote on the Olympic bid, however the people voted against it.
  6. Romansh is a romance language influenced by Swiss-German dialects. There are not a lot of Romansh speakers and it is only used in the canton (= state) of Graubünden. There are still some TV and radio stations that use it, but it is a dying language as in that region German or Italian and in the world English is a lot more useful.
  7. No, I'm not doing anything there. Lausanne is a bit far away for me (and I know how ridiculous that sounds for an American ) I might watch some of the ice hockey event, if they get broadcasted somewhere.
  8. Swiss Sports Awards Male Athlete of the year: Christian Stucki (Schwingen) Female Athlete of the year: Mujinga Kambunji (Athletics) Team of the year: women's 4x100m relay [Ajla Del Ponte, Sarah Atcho, Mujinga Kambunji, Salomé Kora] (Athletics) Paralympic athlete of the year: Manuela Schär (Para-Athletics) Coach of the year: Adrian Rothenbühler (Athletics) Best Talent: Sina Frei (Mountainbike) Most Valuable Player: Roman Josi (Ice hockey)
  9. LOL. winning 15:3 against but then losing 0:3 to ? What's going on?
  10. Now that was a really crazy semi-final. But really happy that managed to get into the finals at home. Let's hope they can upset the Swedes aswell. Though rather unlikely
  11. Grats to . Didn't think they would amount to anything this year after their 11:4 defeat against in the first round. And coming back to secure the 4th silver medal in a row. The three previous years they've always been denied promotion by a newcomer/comebacker. ( , , ) Was kinda hoping would continue that trend, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. :D
  12. Actually has gotten silver in this division back in 2014 and since then, they've always gotten bronze. So, while it's definitely a really good performance this year, they weren't the worst team before either.
  13. has promotion in their own hands now. However, if and manage to get 3 points against and respectively, we could have a four way tie. That would be fun.
  14. Woohoo, we won Was genuinley concerned, after they lost to Russia, that Germany would overtake them. It's good to see, that even this very young and inexperienced team could be succesful. It's gonna be interesting to see who of this team'll manage to get to the final WC team. Looking forward to it very much. :D
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