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Men's Football UEFA European Championship 2016

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Our National Team with our President holding the European Cup on the President's palace: a historic photo!!

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The celebration in Belem (Lisboa) filmed by Ronaldo! (and I was there in the middle of the crowd hahaha)

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Last day was almost national holiday, big celebrations around Lisbon, really great!! :bounce::clap:


Here's a final picture, one of our own most iconic monuments (Torre de Belém) iluminated with the colors of our national flag (something that the Frenchs should have done in Paris after the final in the Eiffel tower, but apparently they did not hahaha :champion:)



And lastly, I'll put here our national chant during the Euro, just because its pretty funny, and because we all (crowd AND players) sang it yesterday for hours in the celebration :d 


"Pouco importa, pouco importa,

se jogámos bem ou mal,

vamos é levar a taça

para o nosso Portugal"



"It doesn't matter, It doesn't matter,

If we played good or bad,

We're just gonna take the cup

to our own Portugal!"






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