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  1. Tove Alexandersson of Sweden won her 4th straight Gold medal at long distance today. Sweden also won the silver medal with Lina Strand. Congratulations girls. Tove won with over six minutes ahead of Lina.
  2. Yes Ice hockey and Bandy are very popular in Sweden too. But Football is still the National sport.
  3. Sweden's national sport is Football.
  4. Pia Sundhage is the new coach for Brazil Women team. Congratulations Pia. Good luck.
  5. Gold for Henrik Larsson in 100m. Wohoo.
  6. Congratulations to the Gold medal, USA. Well done Netherlands.
  7. Good luck to Netherlands and USA. May the best team win today.
  8. "I'm happy we lost the bronze medal game". Comments like this was made by the english players after the game against Sweden. Sorry but England have the worst attitude I have ever seen in sports. Sorry I have no respect at all for England. What a bunch of losers. So happy Sweden beat them.
  9. Congratulations to the bronze medal Sweden! So proud of the swedish girls.
  10. Sweden will be destroyed by Serbia in the QF.
  11. Yeeees!!!! Finally we beat Germany. Congrats Girls.
  12. Hmm seems that Fifa wants USA to win badly. I feel bad for Spain.
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