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  1. vovanA

    Athletics EAA European Championships 2018

    Danil Lysenko won't participate because he failed to appear at three doping tests... What a shame, one again and again such stupidity happens
  2. they simply didn't write about any clue that would suggest connection with Russia, just put together two words to make a story. that's what i hate.
  3. It's just not interesting to read about hackers from other countries, I know how the news are made.
  4. evil Russians wanted to break website and disappoint olympic gigs like us? yeah, they also made my cat pee in shoes
  5. Oh God, Inside the games seriously suspects Russian hackers for spoiling web site.
  6. can't understand which teams play tomorrow morning and which ones in evening
  7. If three or more teams are tied, the record of the games between them will decide If the tie still cannot be broken, ranking will be determined using the draw shot challenge (DSC). The team with the lesser DSC will be ranked higher. If the tie still exists, the best non-equal last stone draw (LSD) will decide If the tie still exists, the higher WCF world ranking will decide
  8. vovanA

    Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Tarasova and Morozov won't take part in free skating because of individual event coming soon
  9. The return of Alexander Smyshlyaev
  10. vovanA

    Luge at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Yeah, pretty old joke... In truth his name should be Semyon
  11. Russian coach told the driver didn't know the way and Finnish coach had to show it. By coincidence, Koreans weren't in that bus and had a warm up on time
  12. I guess because of protests nearby, I was also late because of them. Mostly because it was interesting to watch