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  1. blitz chess is at least a better idea than Breakdancing or surfing or any other crazy sports btw I like your avatar remind me of some good memories. the first sport competition I ever watched
  2. MHSN

    Volleyball 2019 Discussion Thread

    Draw for the 2019 Asian Volleyball Championship, for the first time we will have some form of qualifiers as AVC limited the number of countries to 16. even though we usually never had more than 20 countries in the competition. Iran will host the men's competition (3rd time in last 5 editions) and South Korea will host the women's tournament Men's tournament Group A) Central 2 Group B) Group C) West 2 Central 1 Group D) West 1 * Central Asian qualifiers will be between * West Asian qualifiers will be between Women's tournament Group A) Group B) Group C) Group D)
  3. MHSN

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    The medal day just ended for Iran with winning 7 out of 11 matches. not bad. which means 1 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze in Kumite events. (I just don't count team Kata medals) I missed most of the action just came home for the gold medal matches. Askari winning the gold was impressive. he beat both Aghayev and Busa. which is a very great result. he looks good in Olympic ranking at the moment. winning two medals in the women's side was also interesting. Chalaki had the tournament of her life probably. Alipour also finally won something. if they can qualify for the Olympics (which is impossible through ranking) they will have their chances in Tokyo.
  4. MHSN

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    yes that's ذبیح الله . I understand in Arabic they use different letter for ذ or ض and ظ but in Iran, we spell them all the same. same as "ز" so they are all "Z" for us.
  5. MHSN

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    I think you should know that's an Arabic name. someone who is ready to be sacrificed for God ! this came from the story of Ibrahim the prophet and his son.
  6. MHSN

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    2nd day wasn't that good. but still we have several athletes in medal matches. almost all of them for bronze only in kumite events by my count we will have 9 for bronze and 2 for gold. we have at least one athlete in medal round in every single men's kumite class. but only Askari and Fadakar made it to the final.
  7. MHSN

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    not a bad day Iran. actually almost all of our athletes made it to the medal round. but unfortunately only Bahman Askari will be in the final but he beat Aghayev finally ! this time we didn't have a big army. only the national team members and out of 8 kumite athletes only Sara Bahmanyar in women's 50kg failed to reach the medal matches. we will have two girls in 55kg bronze medal matches, Chalaki and Khaksar. Chalaki had to beat Banaszczyk, Thouy and Yamada for that. already a great achievement for her ! in the men's side all of them are in medal matches, Hassannia lost disappointingly to a Kazakh guy in semifinal. at 67, both Derafshipour and Mirzaei will fight for bronze. Derafshipour losing to another Kazakh guy in semifinal was again disappointing. even though we usually had problems with Kazakhs in Asian tournaments but usually don't achieve much in World competitions. at 75, beside our finalist Askari. we will have Asiabari in bronze medal match he lost to Busa this time. Askari-Busa in the final will be interesting. looking at Kata results. I think our chance is not completely zero to qualify for the Olympics. if we remove the Japanese athletes I think Iran will be in top 10 in the world in both genders. there is a slim chance for them to qualify in last chance qualifiers. but in Kumite we were hoped for a full 6 quotas. but obviously we have to count more on our men's team. while we are getting weaker in our other "big sports" . this is important for Karate to make up for that. I hope at least Askari and Ganjzadeh qualify directly via Ranking and then we can try our chance for other weights in the last qualifier.
  8. MHSN

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    Mollaei ipponed Khalmurzaev for bronze and then faked an injury so he is probably going to hospital and doesn't have to show up on the podium. that was disgusting but he is the last one to blame. Mollaei was in great shape today and could win the gold. but Muki is a top 4 in this weight, he can't avoid him forever
  9. MHSN

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    that never happened before so we never know but once during the first Youth Olympics. Iran and Israel had to face in the final of Taekwondo. the Iranian kid had to fake injury (broken leg) didn't show up in the final and also in the medal ceremony.
  10. MHSN

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    yeah that's really true and he got Muki almost in every competition he entered after the World Championship. he already lost 3 times intentionally to avoid Muki (or maybe 4, I lost count) and Muki is not going anywhere. this is different than other sports where Israel is very weak and it's only about not facing them in the first round. btw Mollaei beat Casse and has to fight in bronze medal match. I wonder if he really shows up for that match (knowing that by winning the bronze he has to stand right next to Muki in the podium) or he just won this repechage match for more Ranking points. I don't know what's the protocol for this. I just know facing Israeli athletes in direct matches are impossible.
  11. MHSN

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    Mollaei looked in good shape but now he has to lose his 4th round match because the Israeli guy Muki is in semifinal damn this is unbelievably stupid. I really feel sorry for him Edit; oh man watching that was really painful. he just let the Kazakh guy throwing him in less than 20 seconds I don't think he can continue on repechage because he won't stand in the same podium with the Israeli guy.
  12. MHSN

    Men's Football AFC Asian Cup 2019

    of course that was a very good chance for Iran. but extremely weak ? nah. but Iran had a better team this time. next coach ? well Zidane. Mourinho and Conte are in line for the job I should add Blanc and Klinsmann to the list. ( I mentioned those names only because some media here made jokes about them being our next coach) but in reality I believe we will be coachless for months until the World Cup Qualifiers. we just know the next coach won't be Iranian. but it will be a big challenge for them to find a quality coach.
  13. MHSN

    Men's Football AFC Asian Cup 2019

    oh well even after a week still that hurts . they never conceded before that match. they had the wrong idea of being invincible in Asia (thanks to our super stupid media) and when Japan scored (which was result of a very stupid amateurish mistake) the whole team simply collapsed. this team didn't build for come backs Queiroz coached Iran for 99 matches in 8 years and in those matches, whenever Iran scored the first goal they never lost the match and whenever they conceded the first goal they never came back to win the game . it was all about the first goal.
  14. MHSN

    Men's Football AFC Asian Cup 2019

    more than half of them but as we discussed about it before. most (if not all) of them moved to Qatar when they were 15 or younger. they are product of Qatar football system . no different than France NT for example
  15. MHSN

    Men's Football AFC Asian Cup 2019

    well I don't think so. it wasn't like Japan and Korea dominated Qatar and Qatar just won the match by luck. they deserved the win. yeah their Korea match was pretty even and they took their chance. but Japan (if I'm not wrong) had just one shoot on goal against Qatar (which was their only goal) Qatar won 7 matches in a row ! conceding only 1 goal. they beat 4 former champions and also the host team. they really deserve more credit. yes I think still if Qatar and Japan play 10 more times Japan will win more than half of those matches but Qatar don't need 100 more matches to beat Japan once again. PS: Qatar won't host the next Confederations Cup because of the weather in summer. they qualified to that by winning this title.