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  1. MHSN

    Judo 2018 Discussion Thread

    oh well looks like another trouble for Mollaei, in World Masters, he will get Sagi Muki (ISR) in 2nd round. I wonder if he will try to beat the Japanese guy in first round or not. because Muki beating the Belgium Casse is 50/50. and they will fight after Mollaei/JPN match now he is world #1 it won't be easy for Mollaei to lose like that again.
  2. MHSN

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    we just heard an interesting story about 1978 FIFA World Cup. this is about how much England and Scotland hate each other in football The night before Iran-Scotland match, Iranian coach had a surprising guest in his hotel room. Ron Greenwood, England NT manager at the time (England failed to qualify for that World Cup) who came to Cordoba in Argentina to help Iranian coach about the Scotland match !!! this sounds like nothing nowadays because everybody knows everybody but remember at the time Iranian coaches were living in a cave and had no clue about European teams. after 2-3 hours meeting with Greenwood Iranian coaches decided to make a change in startling lineup because Greenwood advised them to put someone "dirty" on Scotland's star Archie Gemmill. they used someone who never played as starter to stop Gemmill. and that guy didn't just stop their star but he also scored the equalizing goal for Iran in second half (which was Iran's first ever goal at the World Cup in history) Scotland was a very good team at the time they were even thinking about winning the Cup , they even beat the Netherlands (eventual runner up) after this but still got eliminated because of that draw against Iran. the whole story came to the light here because the guy who scored that goal "Iraj Danaeifard" just passed away few days ago.
  3. MHSN

    Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm not 100% sure but it seems we will have Golden Score only if they are tried after 3 rounds. if I'm not wrong in case of a tie they consider that round null. they consider that Golden Score round as a separate round that's why we have lots of 2-1 results. some of them are probably 1-1 (plus golden score)
  4. MHSN

    Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    In case anybody didn't notice before they are using a new scoring system in this Grand Slam tournament. set scoring system. something like Tennis. which means each round will be counted separately and you need to win 2 rounds to win a match. something like what we had in wrestling from 2005 to 2012. which is a terrible idea. I hope they won't decide to use it in all competitions. for now this is a test but they are thinking about making it official btw. Vladislav Larin dominated the Grand Prix series in super heavyweight. probably the best Taekwondo athlete in 2018 but I see he lost in the first round here to just some random guy from China !
  5. except Van Dijk should be sent off earlier in first half for that brutal tackle on Mertens. that was just horrifying watching that on reply . and the most disgusting part was the Liverpool fans for booing Mertens !! poor guy was lucky that didn't end his career. (and he was just a shadow of himself for the rest of the match) just because of that Liverpool will be in top of my hate list from now on. even though I like Klopp and Mo Salah a lot
  6. MHSN

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    is that really the reason ? of course Qatar should be fine without anybody. they have enough money to be fine no matter what that was a stupid mistake from KSA , they just created an endless crisis. what they request from Qatar is impossibly
  7. MHSN

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Team bus slogans for 2019 AFC Asian Cup which will start in less than a month in UAE http://www.the-afc.com/competitions/afc-asian-cup/latest/news/team-bus-slogans-for-uae-2019-announced I don't know what does it mean for Qatar " We & the Nation of Pride are Fine " and looks like Uzbeks are less creative than everybody else in the continent "Here we are Uzbekistan"
  8. That's the point, this new law (which already existed but they enforced it) is barring the employment of retirees in government, state or public institutions which use state funds or facilities.
  9. time for a little update because of new rules in Iran. people who are "retired" can't work anymore in government-related jobs. and what's a government-related job ?! any kind of organization that gets financial help from the government. by this definition all sports federation in Iran will be applied to this rule. they excuted this few days and this made a chaos in the whole system. so many had to leave their jobs which means right now so many sports federations in Iran are without a president or general secretary etc. but the problem is some international federations considering it "government intervention" and they are investigating this. some "suspensions" are quite possible now. in Iran they only let the "football federation president" to keep his job mostly because they know FIFA is no joke and the guy in head of the federation found a way to stay in his position (at least for now) on a technicality. still some of his stuffs had to resign. which means AFC/FIFA still will investigate this. some people here expect us to receive "suspension letter" from FIFA in next few days right before the AFC Asian Cup. I think right now more than 10 federations are without president here. Handball, Volleyball. Judo. Rowing/Canoeing, Karate, Triathlon plus few more I can't remember now beside them I can add wrestling and Hockey to the list for different reasons. some of them just resigned earlier to not make a mess but some of them (specially volleyball guy) didn't let it go without a fight. he left it in the very last day not before informing FIVB. he was TERRIBLE in his job in 11 months of his job. we will see if FIVB takes action but even FIVB probably knows he was such a jerk and maybe they let it go. while it was a positive change in Volleyball, I can't say the same about other sports, specially Judo and Karate.
  10. MHSN

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    So you are a River Plate fan. congrats I would liked Boca to score a last minute equalizer by their GK, just to have more drama btw how the hell the stadium was packed ?! all these guys traveled from Argentina just to watch this ? or they are Argentinians living in Spain ?!
  11. MHSN

    Karate 2018 Discussion Thread

    thanks, now that makes sense. I googled some of those names and couldn't find a thing about them , that was OK if a neighbor country like Turkey or UAE was the host but China
  12. MHSN

    Karate 2018 Discussion Thread

    Only 3 medals for that "big army" ! I think the number of Iranians in this tournament was good enough to invade China we had something like 10-15 athletes in repechage but only Mehdizadeh managed to win a bronze (and maybe because he had to beat two other Iranians !) I don't think athletes can participate in such event without approval from their national federations. and my question is "how the hell our federation let these unknown athletes participate under Iran's flag" ? and looks like Karate is rich people sport here I mean nowadays considering current economical situation it's no easy to pay a trip to China on your own. Poursheib and Mehdizadeh were already famous, but I didn't know this guy Yari at all and had to google him. but I think after all this tournament is not going to help our Olympic chance. Yari is not even in the national team program (yeah maybe they change that now) Mehdizadeh was terrible recently and now he is moving up a weight I don't think he stands a chance , Derafshipour is probably our best chance for Olympic quota here in this weight (he was there too but lost to Japan) and Poursheib is only the 2nd option behind Ganjzadeh. of course it's good to have someone else in the ranking in case something happens. our federations hopes for 6 quotas in Karate (which is VERY optimistic) to me 4 will be GREAT. but the most important thing is to qualify in all 3 men's kumite weights . they all can be gold medal chances in Tokyo. I believe we can't qualify more than 2 via Ranking (75kg and +75kg) the rest has to focus on the last qualifier.
  13. no that's not true. Wrestling, Golf and Rugby they are all core sports. they are all 100% safe for 2024. the only core sport which is not safe is Weightlifting. (and now boxing) they dropped wrestling once but then wrestling had a competition with some other sports like Squash to get its place back as a core sport.
  14. MHSN

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    oh well I'm no expert in this I have a laptop and a desktop computer and an external hard drive. I prefer to save things in all 3 of them (at least 2 of them) in case something happens. btw how do you live with a tablet ? I don't know how you guys can type fast with a tablet. while I'm super fast typing with my PC, but typing on a tablet is like a torture for me.
  15. MHSN

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    no I just have them as PDF on my computer