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  1. oh I didn't know that. it was just weird for me that Brazil is the one wasting time and not Italy ! because 1-0 was actually a better result for Italy and not Brazil. with one more goal Brazil could win the group. while even 1-1 had the same outcome for Brazil (or even a loss)
  2. I guess nobody told Brazilian players that 1-0 win is no different than a loss ! except for the moral boost
  3. what CONMEBOL thinks about this Japanese squad ?! did they know Japan will send a youth team when they invited Japan ? almost the whole squad is U23 (with only few exceptions) and I didn't know most of these players before tonight still they didn't play that bad. 4-0 is a terrible result but Japan had enough chances to score 2 or 3.
  4. people here follow the politics in Egypt very closely. mostly for cultural similarity. but for most people that's confusing. why we had a revolution in first place when eventually Egypt ended up with someone similar to Mubarak on office. btw Mubarak or Mursi this is really not good to put former presidents in a "cage" during the trials. anybody can have a heart attack in that situation.
  5. it was always like this in past few years, they never mention it in documents and live results yet they also award another bronze medal to the 3rd place match loser. that's their rule http://www.asianfencing.com/fca2013/pdf/2018-conditions-for-hosting-afc.pdf in first page in "awards" section . A match between two losing semifinalists will be held to determine the team which will be given the FIE ranking points as third and fourth places.
  6. Very good results in term of Olympic qualification, specially because China finished 4th. now Iran has 24pts lead over China. it will be really hard for them to make up for that. they need podium finish in World Cup or WCh which is really hard (not impossible though) but we were also close for the first ever team gold medal in the Asian Championship. it was close before the penultimate match where Abdeini blew it. still it was good to lose to Korea only 45-42. maybe next time PS: I said this before, just for the record, in Asia they award two bronze medals even in team events. the 3rd medal match is only for ranking points.
  7. Abedini finally beat his old rival Gu Bon-gil (lost to him twice in Asian Games QF) but then he lost to the Chinese guy in semifinal who also beat Fotouhi in QF. also Pakdaman lost to Korea #4 Ha in QF just 15-14. it could 3 out of 4 in the semifinal but ... this is Abedini's 17th medal in Asian Championships !! unfortunately all of them silver and bronze. let's hope they focus on the team event. the possible matchup between Iran and China in SF will be key for the Olympic qualification.
  8. Bulgaria at 90s wasn't only about Sotichkov, yes people mostly remember that Bulgaria by Stoichkov's fantastic free kicks but I'm quite sure I can still remember the name of most of Bulgaria 94 team members (almost all of the starters) without googling. and that Lechkov's header was one of the best football moments I remember 1994 World Cup was the first one I watched completely , I remember few things from 1990 WC but not much ( and watching a tournament few years later doesn't help you to create memories). and Bulgaria was involved in most of my memories from that WC (from Yekini tears or Mexican guy Bernal breaking the post). because of that Bulgaria was always one of my favorite football NTs, pity the results were never any good after that. but losing to Kosovo
  9. what a drama Korea-Senegal QF. Korea equalized in 90+7 minute. then took the lead but Senegal did the same in 120th minute. and penalties were full of drama. we have Korea, Ecuador and Italy in semifinal. those 3 names together comes one name to my mind. Byron Moreno !
  10. China in the final in every single women's Kumite class I wonder if they improved A LOT or they had outside help ! not a bad tournament for Iran, 4 in the final and so many for the bronze. but once again this is not really going to help our Olympic chance to win medals by different athletes. for example I never heard of this 67kg finalist Ali Karimi !
  11. and who deserved to win exactly ? I assume you know scores in TKD are based on electronic system and not human. as far as I remember Hashem had just one or two points receiving from the human refs (Lee had much more) if someone can complain about the officiating that wouldn't be Lee DH for sure. and he also destroyed the Olympic champion Zhao in semifinal. he beat two of his other opponents (Brecic and the American guy) by 20pts gap. and in the final he was leading from the start to finish. I don't know what else he could do to "deserves the win"
  12. finally Lee Dae-hoon lost to an Iranian athlete for the first time in his career. to Mirhashem Hosseini in the final. Hosseini was the same guy UK denied visa for the World Championship. now he proved he was really a gold medal candidate. while it was a very good result for him, still he needs to win the rest of remaining Grand Prix to qualify for the Olympics almost mission impossible. there will be no chance for him if we qualify two athletes via ranking (which is very possible now) but if that was up to me I would withdraw one of those quotas to make room for Mirhashem. Mardani also won the bronze at +80kg. as usual he was painful to watch. he was lucky with the draw to win a bronze here.
  13. I prefer to simply forget that 4th set (and those wasted match points) and looking at the bright side, losing 3-2 to Brazil is a very good result
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