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  1. the Mongolian hero Mollaei lost in the first round ironically Matthias Casse won the gold medal. the person our Mongolian hero "claimed" he can beat anyday and his defeat in WCh to him was intentional. (which is obviously a lie but everyone bought it)
  2. UWW is changing the draw technology https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/wrestling-modifies-draw-brings-blockchain-mats personally I had no doubt the draw wasn't "random" in 2019 World Championships (and also 2018 World Champs) and it was fixed in favor of the host nation in both tournaments. specially this year in freestyle Kazakhstan had super easy draw in 9 out 10 weights ! but with this change, UWW somehow confirms it. well they never officially accept their corruption but maybe this is the a step into the right direction
  3. that was my point, how they are going to determine the "highest ranked " !? but what you explained here is the only thing makes sense here, because it will be a mess if they want to compare all Asian Kata and Kumittee athletes !? rank in the category should be #1 but there are room for other interpretations btw I think it's just not fair to compare ranks in those categories, if you see men's 75kg and women's 61kg are the first categories to have 2. simply because they are just one weight classes unlike others. for example Rank 20th at 50kg will be something like 40th in combined 50/55 ranking.
  4. not that I question what you are saying which makes sense but I just can't see that line in the document, I know you are most probably right but I just want some kind of confirmation
  5. @phelps I think the Egyptian girl at 55kg being ranked 12th has the priority over Morocco on 13th place. that will change few other things, the Asian continental goes to Alipour of Iran and I think Morocco in men's Kata will take the African 3rd quota. and you had a mistake here, if the 3rd African quota goes to a female, the 3rd American quota has to go to a male athlete. in that case Brazil can't get that. even though since Morocco in men's Kata will get that, it still goes to Brazil but this is just for now and there will be lots of changes in future. specially after the continental Champs of Africa and Europa. because this time some athletes will lose points. --------------------- even though I'm still not 100% sure about the continental quota and how they are going to deal with it. check this, page 23 https://www.wkf.net/pdf/rules/Ranking_Regulations.pdf what does that mean ? how they determine the highest rank athlete from each continent ? just by comparing their ranks ? or comparing their points ?
  6. not really "surprising" for Qatar, it seems their success at the Asian Championship was a one time thing. they tied with India and only beat Afghanistan 1-0 in World Cup / Asian Cup qualifiers ! but Bahrain was the huge surprise, they also won the "West Asian Championship" few months ago in Iraq. 2019 was a dream year for them. and to think our coachless team has to beat Bahrain to survive the 1st round of WC qualifier .... that's scary Bahrain is very dangerous for any Asian team. yes they struggle against weaker teams (0-0 with HKG and only 1-0 vs Cambodia) but they are very good in handling the better teams. they played Iraq 4 times this year and it was 1 win and 3 draw (1 of them winning on penalties)
  7. nope unless you calculate it yourself (I did it only for athletes in question) and I don't think WT publishes the full ranking before January 2020.
  8. I will be really happy to see Hadipour in the final specially against Vito. then we can talk about the gold medal but it seems that was his 6th defeat against Jang Jun today ! I think our coach will try his best to put Hadipour anywhere in the ranking far away from Jang. so for that final to happen Vito has to take care of Jang, not Armin that was a great win, I think Jang was the best male athlete of 2019, beating him is something special
  9. no for Martinez , he could not participate in the European OQT, because Spain already had 2 (I'm sure you knew the rules) I think Alessio will be one of the big favorites but we always have surprises , continental qualifiers won't be easy for anybody. but it will be funny if Aaron Cook misses the Olympics.
  10. no that was irrelevant, Grand Slam is a different tournament will be held in China in 2 weeks. and has its own ranking. (adding points from 2017, 2018 and 2019 Grand Slam) right now these 2 Koreans are leading in that ranking too but there is a Chinese guy next to them, if that guy Liang Yushuai wins this 2019 Grand Slam he also will win the quota. otherwise it goes to Woolley and I can say that's highly unlikely for the Chinese guy to win the gold. there will be lots of guys better than him in the competition.
  11. What a terrible day, all 3 Iranians had good start but ended up losing. and all 3 of them conceding big points on turning kicks. but for Mardani it was very costly. he lost the Olympic quota now Grand Slam is his last chance and I'm not optimistic at all these guys won the quota today, add that to the list from yesterday Men's 80kg: Men's +80kg:
  12. I'm updating my previous post about the qualified athletes. this time I made the calculations and I'm 100% sure Men's 58kg: Men's 68kg: Men's 80kg: Men's +80kg: Women's 49kg: Women's 57kg: Women's 67kg: Women's +67kg: * Croatia and China at 49kg are not mathematically qualified but only a miracle can change that. so it's fair to say they are qualified Turkey and China will have full team in women's taekwondo, still possible for South Korea but Oh Hye-Ri has to win the GS and also needs Williams and Gabgbi lose early. South Korea is the only country capable of having a full men's team in Tokyo. they have a chance at 80kg via Grand Slam. almost nothing to be decided on the women's side tomorrow but on the men's side there will be 3 crucial matches, 80kg bronze medal match and both medal matches at +80kg.
  13. Check my post in the Taekwondo Olympic Qualification thread with more details but she will finish 6th place for sure and has to wait for the Grand Slam winner, she won't qualify only if anybody outside of the list (top 5 in WR) wins the GS series. highly unlikely. I can say she is 90% qualified.
  14. and for women 49kg: Qualified Panipak Wongpattanakit Sim Jae-Young Rukiye Yildrim Tijana Bogdanovic the 5th place will be between Wu Jingyu and Kristina Tomic , if Wu wins the gold she will be 5th. but it won't matter most probably, because there is almost no chance for an outsider to win the Grand Slam quota, so even though it's not done mathematically yet but both Wu and Tomic are qualified already 99%. 57kg: Qualified Jade Jones Lee Ah-Reum Tatiana Kudashova Irem Yaman Skylar Park I didn't count the points for these Turkish girls but it seems Hatice Ilgun still can grab Yaman's place if she wins the gold. doesn't matter who qualifies, Turkey still can send any of them because they are both in top 20. Zhou Lijun is guaranteed 6th place, she is also the leading the Grand Slam ranking, all other athletes capable of reaching her in GS ranking are qualified already, only another Chinese girl Luo Zongshi can take her place. so the quota is 100% safe for China. 67kg: Qualified Nur Tatar Matea Jelic Lauren Williams Zhang Mengyu Ruth Gbagbi Paige McPherson is guaranteed 6th place, very good chance to qualify, but still Oh Hye-Ri of Korea can win the Grand Slam and denies her the quota. +67kg: Bianca Walkden Zheng Shuyin Lee Da-Bin Milica Mandic Nafia Kus Aleksandra Kowalczuk is guaranteed 6th place, also very good chance to qualify, she won't qualify only if one of those American girls win the Grand Slam.
  15. here is the situation for the Olympic quota before the final day of the last ranking event. I can say I'm confident about my calculations, 58kg: Qualified Jang Jun Jesus Tortosa Armin Hadipour Mikhail Artamonov Vito Dell'Aquila Jack Woolley is guaranteed 6th place and he has to wait for Grand Slam result, very good chance 68kg: Qualified Lee Dae-Hoon Bradly Sinden Zhao Shuai Javier Perez the 5th place will be between Mirhashem Hosseini and Jaouad Achab , if Hosseini wins the bronze he will finish 5th. but since the Grand Slam winner will be between Zhaom, Sinden or Lee for sure the 6th guy will qualify too, which means both Hosseini and Achab are 100% qualified. 80kg: Qualified Maksim Khramtcov Milad Beigi Cheick Sallah Cisse Nikita Rafalovich for now Raul Martinez is 5th and Toni Kanaet is 6th. but Seif Eissa can beat both of them and grab the last quota if he wins the bronze. in this case Eissa will receive the quota and Martinez has to wait for the Grand Slam. otherwise Martinez will qualify and Kanaet has to wait. +80kg: Qualified Vladislav Larin In Kyo-Don Alexander Bachmann for now, Abdul Razzak Issoufou is 4th, Ivan Trajkovic is 5th and Mahama Cho is 6th but none of them are safe because Sajjad Mardani is in the final and will surpass all of them if he wins the gold. Trajkovic is also in the bronze medal match and if he wins he will take Issoufou's place and will qualify for sure. so if Mardani and Trajkovic win they will get the quota no matter what, Trajkovic can still qualify if Mardani fails. at worst Issoufou will be 6th (and can wait for the Grand Slam result) if both Mardani and Trajkovic win their matches in the final day.
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