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How Many Medals do You Expect from Your Nation at the Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022?


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Barring Covid and Injuries disaster it should be as often, anything between Zero and Three.


It is not a secret that all our hopes this time are only and only on the shoulders of one certain Alpine Skier, a sport in which we never won a Olympic medal before. If everything works well, she should be able to bring a medal home, but it may also end in another disappointement just like 4 years ago...


well, let´s hope for the best this time and at least one medal, no matter of which color, any single medal would be already huge for us.

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:CAN Canada


Alpine Skiing: On paper, we definitely should win 0 medals here but we did win one medal during the World Cup season this year. Our skiers are definitely capable of winning a surprise medal. 0-1 medals


Biathlon: Perhaps if one of our biathletes shoots clean, a medal in the individual could be possible in the most unpredictable sport (as shown by a 4th place finish from Scott Gow earlier this year). 0-1 medals


Bobsleigh: Between Justin Kripps, Christine de Bruin, and Cynthia Appiah, I would expect at least one medal. If everything goes according to plan, then a medal in all 4 disciplines. 1-4 medals


Cross-Country Skiing: With Alex Harvey's retirement, we've gone in a full rebuild mode. There's a couple of promising skiers on the men's side but it's safe to say that we won't contend at these Olympics. 0 medals


Curling: 4 years ago, I would have easily said 3 medals but the results over the last 4 years has shown that the rest of the world has caught up. I'll say that at least one team should medal but hopefully all 3 can make the podium. 1-3 medals


Figure Skating: What a difference 4 years makes. All but one member of the team that won gold in the team event in 2018 are retired. Maybe we win a medal in ice dance. Maybe we can beat out Japan for the bronze medal in the team event. Otherwise, no chance in the other disciplines. 0-2 medals


Freestyle Skiing: We have medal contenders in every discipline besides women's moguls and probably men's aerials. We should at least get one medal in ski cross, one in halfpipe and one between moguls and slopestyle/big air. 3-11 medals


Ice Hockey: Women's hockey should be our safest medal. Without NHL players, the men's team is no longer gold medal favourites but should still be contenders. 1-2 medals


Luge: Like figure skating, our luge program has gone into a rebuild except we don't have any medal contenders. 0 medals


Nordic Combined: No athletes. 0 medals


Short Track: Started out the World Cup season poorly but ended strongly. We at least won 2 medals at every world cup stop and the most we won is 7 so I'll put that as the range. Pascal Dion, Kim Boutin and Courtney Sarault will be the biggest medal hopefuls here. 2-7 medals


Skeleton: Definitely capable of a surprise in the women's event. 0 chance of a medal in the men's. 0-1 medals


Ski Jumping: Nope. 0 medals


Snowboarding: Biggest medal chances here are in the men's/women's slopestyle/big air events and men's snowboard cross. Let's go with 2-5 medals


Speed Skating: The sport that's made the most progress for us since the last Olympics. Possibility for medals in the men's 500m, 1500m, as well as the long distance, team pursuits and mass starts for both genders. 3-9 medals


Pessimistic Total: 13 medals :facepalm:


Optimistic Total: 46 medals 


If we take the median, that would be 29.5. I'll say 26 would be more realistic.

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One medal will be ok this time.


Ski jumping - they are very weak this season, so I don't have any hopes.

But a chance for a medal is in W 500m short track speed skating (Maliszewska).

Biggest fun for me would be a medal in alpine skiing (W GS) by Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel but 5th or 6th place is more realistic, she is a contender but she hasn't been in top3 in the world cup yet.

Lately we had a win in Snowboard parallel GS world cup by Aleksandra Król, so this may be a surprise medal.


A medal in any other event would be a very big surprise for me. But you never know, maybe speed skating, maybe women's biathlon (Monika Hojnisz)... Who would have predicted a gold for Poland in 50km race walk in Tokyo, heh?

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That's easy... 0! We have an outside chance or 2, but expecting anything would be crazy!


For my second nation, it's much harder. I would say 15 medals for Sweden, though higher is in no way impossible.

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