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Fencing at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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  • 3 months later...

The Hungarian Olympic team:


men's sabre - Áron Szilágyi, András Szatmári, Csanád Gémesi - team substitute: Tamás Décsi

women's sabre - Anna Márton, Liza Pusztai, Renáta Katona - team substitute: Sugár Battai

women's foil - Fanni Kreiss, Flóra Pásztor, Kata Kondricz - team substitute: Aida Mohamed

men's epée - Gergely Siklósi

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Yikes, another controversy in Hungary after the shooting incidents. The women's foil team is revolting against that the people in charge choose Aida Mohamed as the 4th team member instead of Dóra Lupkovics, because Lupkovics was part of the team that qualified, not Mohamed. The issue here is that Mohamed is still the second best Hungarian in women's foil on the world ranking, she's 29th, while Lupkovics is 76th. 

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  • 3 weeks later...




Gerek Meinhardt (Foil)

Alexander Massialas (Foil)

Nick Itkin (Foil)

Jake Hoyle (Epee)

Curtis McDowald (Epee)

Yeisser Ramirez (Epee)

Eli Dershwitz (Sabre)

Daryl Homer (Sabre)

Andrew Mackiewicz (Sabre)



Lee Kiefer (Foil)

Jackie Dubrovich (Foil)

Nicole Ross (Foil)

Courtney Hurley (Epee)

Kelley Hurley (Epee)

Katharine Holmes (Epee)

Mariel Zagunis (Sabre)

Eliza Stone (Sabre)

Dagmara Wozniak (Sabre)

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