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[OFF TOPIC] Coronavirus Pandemic


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First Day and half time of the nationwide testing operation is over.


We still don´t have the numbers. some cities are gradually publishing their data, it differ by region and districts, for example in the northwest city of Čadca they apparently found around 3% of positive cases, but in Košice it should be somewhere around +/-0.5 % so far...



Before the official numbers to be revealed, here some stats from the operation:



more than 6000 soldiers
5000 police officers
113 firefighters
almost 15000 medics
almost 10000 administrative staff,
250 members of the financial administration
about 4000 volunteers

+ a special mention to
During the day, 33 members of the armed forces from Austria (In Bratislava) and 200 paramedics from Hungary (in Southern regions of Komárno, Levice, Nitra and Trebišov) also helped.

There were also a couple of medical students from Iceland and Norway helping among the medical staff and one volunteer girl from USA in administrative staff

One big Thank you !!



In waiting for the official results, some pics from the late evening session

















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13 minutes ago, hckosice said:



We still don´t have the numbers. some cities are gradually publishing their data, it differ by region and districts, for example in the northwest city of Čadca they apparently found around 3% of positive cases, but in Košice it should be somewhere around +/-0.5 % so far...



Go back to the beginning of the year...who thought there would be an election-like feeling...but for mass testing for a virus? :d 

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Negative :)


It took me some 50-55 minutes from leaving the home and receiving the result. The longest was the waiting for the result (25 minutes). it was pretty fast, I arrived at the site with some 10 people in front of me in the queue. 1 soldier and 2 police officers let people enter the station by three at a time, there were 3 sampling teams at the station. Once you entered a adminitrative worker filled a document with your data and gave me a number, then I passed the test (literally 5 seconds) and then I had to go to the waiting zone in the other side of the station, where dozens of chairs were prepared in two meter distances. After 25 minutes another administrative worker called my number and handed me a closed envelope with the result and instruction inside (You are Negative and you are invited to be retested the next weekend). and that was all.

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and now the results...






Results of Yesterday ! : (After 2/4) Halftime of the Nationwide testing.



Ladies & Gentlemans, Yesterday (Saturday 31st October 2020) the country tested 2 581 113 people in almost 5000 testing sites


(in other words 2 and half millions !)




From this mass 25 850 had positive result, around 1%, but mainly almost 26k asymptomatic people that didn´t knew they were sick and are send into isolation.



Amount of yesterday positive samples by districts





Today started the second day again from 07:00 to 22:00, the lines and queues are not so long and crowded as yesterday though












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still Waiting for new results.


here another more detailed look for yesterdays results from all different headquarters (the Košice one is under Trebišov HQ, no idea why ? but ok :lol:)




btw, one of the most interesting stations are at the Canoeing Sprint national stadium in Komárno :)



with couple of paramedics from :HUN providing the tests. Our PM visited the place today and expressed his gratitude to our southern neighbors for their great help, we asked Hungary if they can send us some 50 doctors to help during the testing, they send 200 ! whom are working all 2 days in the south regions. thank you neighbors we really appreciate it :hug:
















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And it is the end of this incredible weekend. A weekend that will enter the hstory books. One hell of weekend.


Huge respect to all health staff, soldiers, police officers, administrative workers and volunteers for all their absolutely amazing job during the whole two days and a big bravo to all people who decided to pass the test. So proud of this country and its people.



All stations are going to be closed in some 10 minutes. people come only sporadically in the last hours. only here and there is possible to see the latest test takers.


The authorities announced that shortly after noon the overall amount of tested people surpassed the 3 millions. Unbelievable !


All final results will be revealed tomorrow morning suring a special official press conference











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Final Results.


3 625 332 People tested during the weekend with 38 359 of them Positive. Exactly 1.06 %





Again it is "only" 1 %, but it is also more than 38 thousand people who had no idea they are sick and infectious being immediately placed into quarantine isolation with their relatives and household sharing people.



More detailed numbers to come later. but the attendance was truly exceptional.

From the 5.45 millions inhabitants...

Once Barring the Children Under 10 years (Excepted from testing), Older than 65 who knew they will not move outside of their homes in the next 10 days (Not recommended to test), the 8-9 % moronic clowns aka voters of the neonazis and their hoax engineering troops (you know, that useless people who are only loud on fb) and some others who for some reasons did not want or just (for obvious reasons) could not particpate (like living abroad or being abroad during the weekend)

The authorities calculated that the number of people who could be tested in Slovakia would be +/- 3.75 to 3.8 milions ! so the 3.6 attendance is fantastic.



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