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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2019

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Well, folks, you already know I'm back for :USA and, like @Olympian1010 said, we *might* use an alien's influence from Area 51 (though there might not be many left after those Naruto runners got first dibs)

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@Maxim Fastovsky any chance we see :ISR this year?

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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16 hours ago, NikolaB said:

Some suggestions:


* Tiziano Ferro - La differenza tra me e te (masterpiece)

* Gianna & Giorgia - Salvami

* Ricchi e Poveri - Mamma Maria :cheer:or Sara perche ti amo 

* Nina Zilli ft giuliano Palma - 50 mila

* Nino D'Angelo - Senza giacca e cravatta

* Nel - Laura non c'e :hearts:



* Nikos Vertis - Thelo na me nioseis :hearts::hearts::hearts:

* Despina Vandi - Girismata  :clap:

* Anna Vissi & Kety Garbi - Kalitera i dio mas

* Stella Georgiadou - Tora mou milai 

* Antique - Dinata dinata 

* Kostas Martakis - Anatropi, An kapou kapote, Pio konta 

* Eleni Foureira - Anemos agapis




17 hours ago, NikolaB said:

I really hope you will change you mind and sent C'est la vie by Cheb Khaled, that song was huge hit here. It's my fave song on Arabic ever. Or Aicha, another great song 




:stop:Don't help other juries !!!!!!   :p  

Thanks for your tips , I'm surprised about Nina Zilli and Palma.

NEK we had already choose with "Fatti avanti amore" (2nd in TAISC 2016)




PS: A tips about Cheb Khaled someone had said in last years......... but @bestmen don't want put a worldwide famous singer (and maybe win...:whistle:)

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