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  1. Interesting, they used the French flag when they competed in Barranquilla. I wonder if they’ll switch over now? I’m not really in favor of them completing since their actually a full part of the French Republic, but whatever.
  2. Ooohh, nothing gets @Olympian1010 attention quicker than a language discussion.
  3. Well technically their flag is the French tricolor. There are a full part (department/state/province/prefecture (don’t know the nomenclature here)) of the French Republic.
  4. Your photo is 1.72kB over the allowable limit. Ive had some issues with photo size to recently, but @Sindo reasoning for the limit is understandable.
  5. We watched it religiously for a many years, but the last few seasons just haven’t interest me at all. Hopefully I’m able to get back into it at some.
  6. We family has been making a lot of survivor jokes lately. The longer we’re in isolation, the closer we get to a season of survivor. Before you know it people will be hiding toilet paper, sneaking extras rations of food (though we’re not rationing food currently, so there’s a long way to go to get there), voting each out of the house, etc. My favorite players are Russel and Tony, so my family should definitely be concerned
  7. We can see who’s the better DIY barber then
  8. Yes. The last time I got it cut was a few months ago, and it’s really starting to get too long. I’m about to point where I’m ready to see how skilled I am as a barber
  9. It can’t get this audition out of my head. I never heard a duet like this before. With the video having nearly 50 million views on YouTube, I can tell I’m not the only one left with that thought
  10. Great choice for the replay by the IWGA This might be the best fistball match ever played (and that’s according to the IF). If you have time today, I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch:
  11. A fun little piece of literature trivia
  12. Good luck! I heard there’s some stiff competition today.
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