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  1. I’m not so sure. She’s a great distance skater, but she doesn’t have top end speed (or at least the type need). She’ll have to use her body size to her advantage.
  2. I can’t handle another 4th place today. That’s 4 now, 4
  3. has gotten 4th in 3 different sports today 😑
  4. Nah, she had steam left. She seriously just doesn’t have any tactics. She can legitimately only win from the front.
  5. Me when @Vojthas brings up laser pistols on the podcast:
  6. 20 years ago, you couldn’t have been wrong. Now, that’s a somewhat egregious mistake
  7. It took 9 days just to get a medal, let’s all think about that for minute. Also, those shifty Latvians stole our bronze medal in luge
  8. I’ve see people mix up and , but never really and ...
  9. Sapporo could have an A. They hosted the 2017 Asian Winter Games, and the venue was meh, so I’m not sure.
  10. These commentators suck. I know less than them about some of these sports, but I could still do better I feel
  11. Actually there’s three competitors: Sildaru, Burmansson, Gu that have been on the World Cup podium or even won an event.
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