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  1. What I was saying is that they could be in free association with NZ or AUS, meaning that one of those two countries controls immigration. Tuvalu might have requested that Australians and Kiwis use visa for travel, to make sure there weren’t more tourists than the island could handle.
  2. And a journalist just saved the protagonist. +1500 pts
  3. Sandi Morris absolutely murdered someone on Twitter today. Damn, girl
  4. Fine, I’ll take Tokyo. You can have Munich
  5. Was he the player who could kick the ball?
  6. Truthfully, this will absolutely have no role in the election. There’s already been much worse
  7. Uh-oh, Looks like Trump’s team has an email problem. It’d be a real shame if the democrats open multiple useless court processes about them, and then led congressional hearings right up until the election. It’d be a shame if the Democratic candidate brought it up during the debates.
  8. I don’t think they’re in charge of that. I think they’re in free association with New Zealand or Australia (and I could be wrong), but what that means is that either of those countries would be responsible for they’re foreign policy.
  9. This guy probably just broke forever . So many tourists are going to go there now, and ruin the Tuvaluan's lives . I love stories of people being the only tourists in places, and honestly I wish I could afford to go on trips like this on a regular basis.
  10. Plus, boxing so far down a hole right now. If it doesn’t lose core sport status after 2020, I’m going to lose it.
  11. I was watching a documentary about how the UN had sent teachers to try and, in some ways, un-brainwash some of the youngest ISIS fighters (10-16 year olds). Those kids were so fucked up. There was a 14 year old talking about how great it felt to hold a kolisnikov machine gun, and to fire it at the enemy. Plus, they had all been taught ISIS’s crazy beliefs. The teacher said it’d take months just to get them to believe one thing he said. I do think we should take the kids back, but as @heywoodu, it’s going to take a lot of resources to insure their safety, and everyone else’s safety.
  12. Or they’ve hopped back on the European Games train.
  13. Dilma laid down an awesome quote before Rio 2016 that John Oliver used to describe the political state of Brazil at the time. She said something along the lines of “Imagine planning a party, putting in hard work, using your own home, and then not being inviting”
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