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  1. We completely agree by the way. I explained my points later in the thread. That comment was just to start the discussion.
  2. My Personal Favorites/“Rankings” Favorite Ceremonies Overall 1. Baku 2015 - Hello Azerbaijani culture. Just an amazing masterpiece all around. One of the highlights of the 1st ever European Games. I love everything about this ceremony. The dress changes to form carpet patterns. Lady Gaga’s performance of “Imagine”. The “Europa” segment with the mini stories. Europa and Bull. The really cherry on top is the last 20 minutes the ceremony. Plus, the most recognizable and unique caldrons of all time. 100/100 2. Rio 2016 - Nothing more Brazilian has ever existed. It was a lower budget production than the others on this list. I felt causal and slow like the rhythm of Brazil. It showed social chaos, and brought climate change to the forefront with what has become my favorite poem of all time. Also what a deserved moment for De Lima being the final torch bearer. The caldron was simple, yet unique and beautiful. 100/100 3. Jakarta/Palembang 2018 - The President of Indonesia is James Bond in his spare time. That opening dance number gave my chills. The placard bearers costumes for the parade of nations . Plus, the artificial waterfall . The artistic segment was just wonderful too. 100/100
  3. I thought it’s about time we talk about all the amazing opening ceremonies we’ve seen over the last few decades. Feel free to discuss anything about opening ceremonies below. There’s no rankings unless you wish to publish your own personal ones. This is a thread for the appreciation of opening ceremonies.
  4. Area 51 is trending on Twitter and Facebook because the raid goes down in two days . The memes are way too funny.
  5. Indonesia has to be to one of the weirdest fucking places on the planet
  6. Yes, that’s what we decided. And then we had a referendum in n wether or not to force police to enforce it.
  7. I think California’s weirdest “law” was when we had the referendum on wether porn “actors” should wear condoms
  8. Honestly black magic should carry at least a 5 year sentence. Also, people who believe black magic is possible should be sentenced to 15 years
  9. Let’s move to Australia or Canada together . We can both flee our dystopian countries.
  10. When it comes to sports, Brazil’s enemy is Argentina. That’s what I’ve always heard anyways. Obviously the US’s enemies are 1) Russia 2) China 3) Iran 4)DPR Korea
  11. Sagan’s done it before. It would honestly make the race more exciting for better of worse.
  12. What’s your major (degree) in? Also 8-9 years of university is a long time, so I’m guessing medical or law?
  13. Right, that’s why I let it slide (the second point). He’s done great work for improving Canada. He’s accepted many Arab refugees as of late, and he’s worked on Native American relations. In this case, I’d like for him to stay. Now if he’d not worked for a more inclusive Canada, and had not improved the lives of those he portrayed in an over-the-Top cartoon manner. I’d have a big problem.
  14. We all float down here 😁🎈🤡
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