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  1. Yeah the oxymoron of Trump’s caravan and the Mayflower is really very funny. Sometimes I wish the Natives had killed the Brits and French when they had the chance. My family would have stayed in England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, or Norway then.
  2. Road To Tokyo 2020 The Journey Begins Last year the US Virgin Islands began the current Olympic cycle with a trip to Barranquilla to compete in the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games. The Virgin Islands Olympic Committee sent a team of 70 Virgin Islanders to compete in the games. Below you can find the compete team and some highlights from the games. 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games Team Archery Men: Kevin D’Amour Women: Amanda Warehime, Julianne Abernathy Athletics Men: Muhammad Abdul Halim, Eduardo Garcia Leon Hunt, Fred Dorsey Women: Laverne Jones, Yashira Rhymer Stuart, Wanetta Kirby Nia Jack Possibly Competed: Malique Smith Basketball Men: Team Women: Team Beach Volleyball Men: Miguel Lopez, Edward Peter Women: Mannika Charles, Amber Bennett Fencing Men: Stryker Weller Golf Men: Kevin O’Connel Women: Amira Alexander Sailing Men: Peter Stanton Women: Mayumi Roller Swimming Men: Adriel Sanes, Carter Maltby, Matthew Mays, Ky Odlum, Webster Bozzo Women: Kyra Odlum Highlights Of The Games Women’s Basketball Team take 5th place Peter Stanton takes 3rd place in the Sunfish Sailing class Medal Tally Gold: 0 Silver: 0 Bronze: 1 Photos
  3. Welcome To The US Virgin Islands National Thread General Information About The US Virgin Islands Flag: Official Territory Name: United States Virgin Islands NOC: Virgin Islands Olympic Committee Motto: United in Pride and Hope National (Territorial) Anthem: Virgin Islands March Capital: Charlotte Amalie Official Language: English Other Common Languages: Virgin Islands English Creole, Spanish, French (French Creole variants) Population: 106,405 Time Zone: AST Main Islands: Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas Summer Olympic Attendance: 1968-1976, 1984-current Winter Olympic Attendance: 1988-2006, 2014 Olympic Medals: 0 Gold, 1 Silver, 0 Bronze
  4. I’ve gotten pretty used to using TYC thanks to all the South American multi-sports games last year. Plus, my vpn works on their current system .
  5. Volunteer uniforms: These should give some good hints as to the overall branding of the games (as in what colors the stadiums will use as wallpaper and how official things will look)
  6. I’ve decided to support as my main team at the games. I’m not happy with the decisions of regarding the games, their recent governance issues, and some other minor things, as well as who the team currently represents.
  7. It appears TYC Sports doesn’t know the difference between and . For minute their schedule was really confusing me and then I figured out the problem.
  8. Beach Volleyball Arena (photos taken exactly one week before the first match): Patinodrome (with the new required banked turns):
  9. He’s not wrong, but the MLS would be stronger if more European (and even American) players gave it a chance.
  10. So I’ve now been able to confirm all the sports that were broadcast at the 2019 Pacific Games. I don’t know when the replays will be uploaded, but I will publish my official Games Summary PDF when they are. The summary will include general information, participation nations, (hopefully) complete results, Replays, Highlights, and the Medal Table.
  11. But she did get the Einstein visa so...
  12. Well I feel like I explained said problem in my post. I wasn’t saying refugees don’t have the power to crimes, I’m just it’s usually what most of them are fleeing.
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