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  1. I just want to point out that if someone is bleeding, sweating, and crying at the same time they may have an extreme medical condition. I hope that’s optional, since I’m still an athlete...
  2. I don’t know if any of you are interested in watching next week, but here is some live-streaming information: Thanks to the amazing team at AlfaSports (from Cyprus, so Schedule is in Cyprus timezone) we have so great all-around coverage of the Cyprus team: RTCG (Montenegro Public TV) will have a daily show from 16:00 to 17:30 their time at this Link. RTV (San Marino Public TV) will Broadcast some volleyball matches I believe. Here is the link to their website. I also believe Andorran Public TV will broadcast some events, but they haven’t posted their television schedule for next week yet.
  3. Ok I made a small mistake, the men’s and women’s shotgun events have been combined into open events. So the some of the best woman shotgun shooters in the world will be present.
  4. I think that’s still a grey area...I think we might see them as well in 2021 or 2023. It is a highly complicated situation for both though. However, the Holy See is in a much better position.
  5. I really like how your keeping track of these “lesser” nations by the way. Keep it up!
  6. Right, but @heywoodu would agree with me that it’s not official until the complete an event officially. What I mean about being an observer here is that we could see a and situation like at the 2017 Asian Winter Games, where the athletes weren’t eligible for medals and thus didn’t officially participate. I think your right though, I think we’ll see them in the longer distances.
  7. So I’m not sure if they’re so much competing as just there to witness this time and enter next time. I would leave them on the list until their athletes are counted in the official results. They are sending 4 distance runners, so there is the possibility that happens at these games. However, it almost sounds like a 100% done deal that we will see them in Oran in 2021 for the Mediterranean Games. I would imagine we may see them make their way to the 2023 European Games too. I’m glad that the Vatican has finally decided that it can field athletes.
  8. Wait what! It’s literally less than 2 days before the games. Glad to see them enter the fold, but it’s almost like they had divine intervention to get in this year. Do you have a link to the article or announcement?
  9. At least I can’t remember when I used to have to listen to the Olympics on a radio because TV wasn’t a thing yet.
  10. Andorra - Athletes Cyprus - Athletes Iceland - Athletes Liechtenstein - Athletes Luxembourg - Athletes Malta - Athletes
  11. The Master of Coin wants to be able to meet the Master of (insert any word referring to sex)
  12. Except I read that Montenegro had stepped in for Liechtenstein, not that they’d be better hosts, all 22km of them. Well I mean it’s just sad that they can’t find more woman. Plus, I think some men’s events were cut too. I just feel like the games were bigger and better in San Morino.
  13. I remember when jagger was just 9 competing at the X Games for the first time (in Big Air). That makes me feel old now, he’s accomplished much more than me in the same age and time period
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