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  1. Olympian1010

    [OFF TOPIC] Movies & TV Series Thread

    Bohemian Rhapsody gets a 150/10 from me. A great film
  2. Olympian1010

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Oh boy, the finest “western governments”
  3. I’m actually completely ok with all mixed relays. In fact I’m for them being added to the Olympics.
  4. Olympian1010

    Pan American Games 2019

    Is there a place to see all the qualified athletes on thier websites
  5. Olympian1010

    Totallympics TV

    Well I’ll try my best to make them available
  6. Olympian1010

    Totallympics TV

    Do you not appreciate my crafty explanations? Am I not good enough for you?
  7. Olympian1010

    Totallympics TV

    I left them invisible so that people would have to read the forum to find them. However I could make them visible accept ones that would be threatened with copyright strikes
  8. Olympian1010

    Paralympic Sports Discussion Thread

    Totallympics TV Hey! Europeans! Watch the the best European Para Dancers at the 2018 IPC European Para Dance Championships Here!
  9. Olympian1010

    Other Non-Olympic Sports Discussion Thread

    Do you find yourself wanting to watch more men present themselves like Pita Tuafatofua at the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony? Then watch the 2018 World Bobybuilding Championships Here!
  10. Olympian1010

    Sambo Discussion Thread

    Totallympics TV Watching to watch the Soviet Union’s only good invention . Watch the 2018 FIAS Sambo World Championships Here
  11. Olympian1010

    2019 ANOC World Beach Games

    Based off of the 2018 FIBA 3X3 Basketball Rankings the following have qualified: Men - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Women - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The following also qualified as host for 3x3 Basketball: Men - Women -
  12. @Werloc The first time I heard your song I knew it was my 12 pointer. I hadn’t even finished my preliminary voting by the time I assigned you 12. The only other country who’s song won my over was Austria and @Gigs. Both songs are my favorite songs right now. I will say that the catchiest song was (besides Austria) was Romania and @africaboy. My last special mention goes to @Dolby and India who submitted the best non-holiday instrumental I’ve ever heard. Here is my personal voting: 12 - Lithuania 11 - India 10 - Romania 9 - Ireland 8 - Finland 7 - Austria 6 - Great Britain 5 - Netherlands 4 - Bulgaria 3 - Tunisia 2 - Croatia 1 - Poland
  13. Well, now we know to never again vote for Denmark because of thier betrayal. Thank You for working so hard to host this contest, and I can’t wait to go one place higher next year.