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  1. Also 2021 World Triathlon Mixed Relay Olympic Qualification Event Lisbon 21 May, 2021, Lisbon Portugal Portugal grabbing all those qualification events other countries drop because of Covid... So far at least these 2, and also Table tennis event and 2 Sailing events... that were not to be in Portugal...
  2. Also 3 Cuba Judokas out for the same reason
  3. Will Russia be allowed in the team event in the Olympics?
  4. I don't understand this decision, should be a longer qualification period. They replaced March 2020 - end of the qualification period to May - end of qualification period. Very good number of races planned but they are too close together...
  5. I have to agree that golf was not the most amazing addiction... even players were not so interested in the beginning. We can see surf is much more willing to go and really be Olympic.
  6. Can't it be in Boxing and Weightlifting, even remove events? Both full of scandals... Actually at this point they kinda damage the Olympic Games image a bit.
  7. Fun fact: The Goal that sealed Portugal Qualification was scored with an arm with a new tattoo honoring Quintana, the goalkeeper of Portugal that died 15 days ago of cardiac arrest.
  8. OMG so deserved after the death of their Goalkeeper! I'm so happy for them. Dramatic finish but specially deserved after bad judge decisions against Croatia!
  9. Sadly our main Goalkeepeer (Quintana) died after the World Championships and the second Goalkeeper is injured. Also 2 other main injuries. A hard task just became even harder after this main loss. =(
  10. Portugal applied to host them... so apparently not yet cancelled. The article says that also the Canary Islands are interested in hosting this. Cancelling Important Sailing Events (that are not close contact sports as Judo for example) by the organizing country of the Olympics 2024...............
  11. Evora was born in Ivory Coast but he was born .
  12. European Qualification event changed from Odivelas to Guimarães . Reason: The pavilion of Odivelas was transformed in a COVID vaccination center and will remain so until October.
  13. Team Portugal 16 athletes (9 men, 7 women) 2nd biggest squat ever. Men 60 m – Carlos Nascimento 400 m – Ricardo Santos 400 m – Mauro Pereira 1500 m – Isaac Nader 1500 m – Nuno Pereira 1500 m – José Carlos Pinto 3000 m – Samuel Barata Triple Jump – Pedro Pichardo Shot Put – Francisco Belo Women 60 m – Rosalina Santos 60 m -Lorène Bazolo 400 m – Cátia Azevedo 1500 m – Marta Pen 3000 m – Mariana Machado Triple Jump – Patrícia Mamona Shot Put – Auriol Dogmo
  14. Also not in first page quotas: Auriol DONGMO - Woman Shot Put - 19,65 - 29 January 2021 Ana CABECINHA - Woman 20KM Race Walk - 1:30:18 20 December 2020
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