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  1. Frederico Morais , out of the Surf competition because of Positive covid test before departure.
  2. Hopefully all those delegations are vaccinated....... Because Portugal athletes etc are.
  3. Both Portuguese guys got the 2 Chinese in their way. could not be worse.
  4. the day before the -48 and -60 categories.
  5. Agate is illegal in Portugal and cannot travel outside of the country...
  6. Portugal's federation just also changed their Facebook/Instagram and Twitter pictures to the rainbow flag! :RAINBOW:
  7. Portugal's federation just also changed they Facebook picture to the rainbow flag! :RAINBOW:
  8. It goes for the first not directly qualified (even if he has a CQ). Then a CQ gets free and goes to the next athlete in condition to receive it.
  9. I hope Munich just ignore UEFA and does it. Why can't they color their stadium as they wish? =)
  10. Did they take any reallocation into account at all?
  11. Mayra is not a variation of Maria. it has a different origin.
  12. Well it was not Setúbal, but someone gave up organizing because of COVID.!!!
  13. OMG no man qualified for Portugal :X Vasco...
  14. VEN is not in the main round anymore. 6 left H 73 Competitor Info Pts P Hiroto Ohhara JPN Kanoa Igarashi JPN Joan Duru FRA H 74 Competitor Info Pts P Shun Murakami JPN Jeremy Flores FRA I Ketut Agus Aditya Putra INA
  15. In Portugal you are Portuguese if your Parents are Portuguese and might also get it from grandparents (some rules might apply here for the grandparents case), if you are born in Portugal from non Portuguese parents you are not Portuguese, we have the Jus Sanguinis system. You can however pretend to be Portuguese after living several years in the country (those years might vary depending on some factors I think). We do have at least one canoe athlete qualified that was born in France and lived in France with a Portuguese parent... sorry about the off-topic
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