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  1. Let's hope USA's pitching would stay true against Japan while its hitting will improve as the tournament goes along.
  2. For the United States , I believe team USA will be the only country to have more than 100 total medals, probably around the range 100-110, while winning 40-50 gold medals, securing the top sport of both the gold medal and overall medal tally counts. While the US may have some decline in their dominance in Swimming, the new sport events, including skateboarding and surfing will help out team USA maintain similar medal count figures to that of the past 20 years. For Thailand , I expect them to win about 1-2 total medals with probably 1 gold medal from Panipak Wongpattanakit in 49 kg
  3. How physically fit is Praveen Jordan right now ? I noticed earlier this year in the three world tour tournaments in Bangkok that he was kind out of shape Is there any particular reason why you left out Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping out of a medal place in XD? In my eyes, they're at least marginally better than the Indonesian and Thai pairs.
  4. Is Sports Illustrated making predictions this year? I can't seem to find them.
  5. Since I have somewhat of a long commute to work, I really can't watch the events around midnight till 6 am. I'm probably watch highlights of the weekday events from 8 pm-11 pm and sleep from 11 pm/midnight till 6 am. I can watch a lot more during the weekend but trying to not stay later than 2 am.
  6. I want to drop by and say hello and good luck to the Netherlands team in the 2020 Olympics. Looking at the qualification performances and rankings of Dutch athletes in various sports, I can see the Netherlands having possible their best summer games ever. I can see the Netherlands winning more than 10 gold medals, possible around 12-13 if things ago right of if their athletes can maintain their performances to 2019-2020 in sports such Cycling, Sailing, Rowing, Women's Handball, Athletics, etc. I also can see you guys winning around 30-40 total medals, which
  7. I would say all of China's athletes in women's weightlifting are safe picks for gold as well as China's men's and women's teams in Table Tennis
  8. You're right that a badminton medal is long overdue for Thailand, considering that even less decorated countries in badminton like the Netherlands, Russia and Spain for instance have won a medal. But there's a reason why Thailand hasn't won a medal in badminton yet and that has to deal with Thai athletes' inability to deal with pressure when it counts the most in general. When the tough gets going, they usually lose and go home. So if anyone were to win a medal for Thailand, that athlete has to be really mentally strong.
  9. While I appreciate and respect your assessment, I have to respectfully disagree on the badminton picks. The XD pair is prone to losing to lower seeds because their weaknesses are very easy to be exploited. Sapsiree, while having great defensive racket skills, has lost her athleticism due to her ACL injury in 2017 and has never been a competent front court player. This puts a lot of pressure to Dechapol to not only create shots, but to cover virtually the entire half of their court in order to protect Sapsiree. This means that Dechapol is vulnerable to being exhausted when he has to
  10. USA: 1. Women's 5x5 Basketball 2. Women's Softball 3. Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team I'm not putting anything for Thailand because they have less than 3 safest medal picks.
  11. 1. USA 2. Spain 3. France With Australia, Slovenia, Argentina and perhaps Nigeria as other medal contenders.
  12. Thailand is now 41 after the withdrawal of Thitisan Panmot of Boxing.
  13. Boxer Thitisan Panmot of Thailand, who qualified to compete in the men's 52 kg category has withdrawn from the Olympics after suffering a severe knee tear injury that needs a 5 month period of recovery. This is a huge blow to Thailand's medal standings since Panmot is the country's few athletes who has a genuine chance of winning a medal this year. He qualified by winning silver at the Asian/Oceania qualifiers last year, upsetting Uzbek world champion Zoirov in the process. ช็อค! ธิติสรรค์ เอ็นไขว้เข่าฉีก "บิ๊กชาย" ยันถอนบู๊มวยโอลิมปิก ( For those who
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