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  1. 1 hour ago, phelps said:

    Women's 10m Air Rifle


    Shooters qualified to the Ranking Match


    :GBR Seonaid McIntosh
    :NOR Jenny Stene*
    :NOR Jeanette Hegg Duestad
    :SUI Chiara Leone
    :FIN Emmi Hyrkas
    :SRB Teodora Vukojevic
    :ROU Roxana Sidi
    :GER Anna Janssen


    * NOT eligible for the Olympic Quota (2 places available Today)

    Qualifikation is not finished yet. Anna Janssen is not save in the final.

  2. 4 hours ago, Vektor said:

    Predictable Top4 in men's sabre this time, :KOR v :GER and :ITA v :HUN 

    Why was Germany predictable?
    Max Hartung, Benedikt Wagner and Richard Hübers ended their careers after Tokyo, so it is only Matyas Szabo who remained from the successful team of the last years. In the single competition Szabo was the best German in the 1/8 final, the others lost in the 1st round.

    I am very surprised, that they managed to reach the semi finals in the team again.

  3. Something strange in Halfpipe (men):
    :GER won 3 quotas but only nominated André Höflich as the other two German athletes did not achieve the national qualification requirement


    BUT: According to the official FIS page German NOC accepted all three quotas :question:

    I already sent a mail to the DOSB and asked them for an explanation. It is not a common precedure to accept quotas and don't nominate athletes in Germany (e.g. we declined two quotas in womens freestyle moguls as well).

    Does anyone has further information on this?

  4. 5 hours ago, hckošice said:

    Slovakia received two invitations during last night (Andrej Martin M Singles & Anna Karolína Schmiedlová W Singles). However after quick consultation with both players refused both of the quotas for logical lack of time to complete absurd Japanese administrative tasks and due to already full calendar of both players in the next weeks.

    I think that this will happen with most players that did not anticipate a nomination. In the end they will have to fill the singles competitions with double players that are already in Tokio.

  5. 9 minutes ago, MHSN said:

    are Italy and Germany going to add some big names to their squads for the OG ? Belinelli, Hacket, Datome, Galinari ? btw Schroder was the main cheerleader in Split. what about him ?


    or maybe too early to ask , they just qualified tonight :d

    Schroeder will become free agent this summer and declined a contract of 84 million for 4 years and hopes for more...

    An injury at the Olympics would be a desaster for him, so the insurance is really expensive and the German baskeball did not want to pay...

    On the other hand it seems that he wants to play, so in the end he could pay the insurance by himself to have the chance to compete at Olympics.

  6. On 15/06/2021 at 18:09, dcro said:

    No idea. There are no more eligible athletes in women's trap (between unqualified nations), so we are in a scenario which was not foreseen in the qualification system (lol).


    If they reallocate it to the next two highest ranked athletes (from any nation) - :FIN:TUR

    If they reallocate it to the next two highest ranked athletes (not already qualified in W trap specifically) - :TUR:CYP

    If they reallocate it to the next two highest MQS athletes (from any nation) - :GER:GER

    If they reallocate it to the next two highest MQS athletes (not already qualified in W trap specifically) - :GER:KUW



    Still no update on these quotas? :dunno:

  7. As far as I understand the selection process is happening today and tomorrow.
    That means all NOC are asked which quotas they want to accept and which quotas are declined (e.g. due to injuries, multiple quotas in different disciplines, internal policies=harder national quotas,...).


    Afterwards the open quotas are filled with the next athletes and the process repeats. So we will see steady updates in the World Ranking for the whole day.


  8. 43 minutes ago, MHSN said:

    all news websites in Iran are reporting that one of our "biggest names" in this sport who was supposed to be the gold medal contender in Tokyo is tested positive for doping. as usual they claim he just took some medicines without consulting with the doctors.


    we were supposed to have 3 strong gold medal contenders in Tokyo, while they didn't mention a name , I believe I know who is that athlete. but I'm not going to write it here because it's not official.


    well well. the whole Karate qualification process was a mixture of bad luck and bad results for Iran and this is the last nail to the coffin. so instead of having 8 athletes in Tokyo. we will end up with just 3. :cry:





    That`s really unfortunate. And I am not quite sure what will happen if he/she is really banned from the Olympics.

    As it is a "big" name I assume that he/she is qualified as Top4. Who will get a ticket in this case? Place 4 of the qualification tournament?

    Will there be a re-run of the continental quota procedure? Tripartite invitation? What a mess...:facepalm:

  9. 42 minutes ago, MHSN said:

    in case you are not familiar with Round Robin competitions in Karate, that rule "Hantei" doesn't exist here. if they finish 0-0 that will be counted as a draw. but senshu still exists, so it's possible to win a match 1-1.

    the first tie breaker is head to head but the next one is the total number of points you score.


    but having a round robin competition in Kata is interesting. they have to perform 3 different Katas for these 3 matches. they have to decide when and against who perform their favorite Kata. if that was me I would use my best Kata against the weaker opponent here. because one win is probably enough for you to qualify.

    It seems that this is not what Jasmin Jüttner score in all three rounds and loosing against the French in the first final match

  10. 6 minutes ago, OlympicsFan said:

    German judo is in a very sorry state. They should either completely restructure or cut the funding an spend the money for more important sports like swimming or athletics. A country like Germany should win 4 medals at least.

    They already have one bronze medal for Theresa Stoll and W70 and W78 are strong categories for Germany.

    And in 2016 they only had one bronze medal and even if you look into history there were only 3xgold, 3xsilver and 14xbronze in total since 1964.

    That`s 1-2 medal per olympic games on average. I am not even sure that they won more than 4 medals in one olympic game ever.

  11. 1 hour ago, Laraja said:

    Final Results


    1- Joan Duru :FRA

    2- Kanoa Igarashi :JPN

    3- Jeremy Flores :FRA 

    4- Hiroto Ohhara :JPN

    Thanks Laraja for the great work and the regular updates. It was the first time I watched surfing and I think it is a great sport and especially I like the tournament mode. :thumbup:

  12. 4 minutes ago, Laraja said:

    Aritz Aranburu :ESP

    Isauro Elizondo :PAN

    Vasco Ribeiro :POR

    Manuel Selman :CHI

    Miguel Tudela :PER

    Lucca Mesinas :PER (quota from 2019 goes to Leandro Usuna :ARG)

    Leon Glatzer :GER

    I Ketut Agus Aditya Putra :INA

    Shun Murakami and Hiroto Ohhara for one quota :JPN (if Shun qualifies, the quota from 2019 goes to Rio Waida :INA)


    And the two qualified from last heat



    So it`s 12 surfers competing for the 5 tickets. So we won`t have a decision after repechage 8. Perhaps it will be decided in repechage 9.

  13. 4 hours ago, Laraja said:

    Who loses on this round is going to Repechage round 8. We will have 12 surfers on this phase of competition


    Plus, 6 surfers from Main round.


    18 Surfers.... If I am not wrong. 7 surfers cannot grab quotas... so 11 surfers yet for 5 spots.

    So basically a lot will be decided by Repechage round 8. 6 further surfer will leave the tournament, so it will be 12 surfers for 5 spots  after this run.

    If the 7 surfers that cannot grab quotas are still in after repechage 8, the remaining 5 surfers will win the quota.

    3 Japanese and 2 French are still in main round, so they are Top12 anyway. Who are the other two surfers with a safe quota?



  14. 7 hours ago, mrv86 said:

    Unless @thiago_simoes says different here’s the quota simulation for Men’s after today’s qualification round



    :CHN  :BLR  :RUS  :JPN  :FRA 



    :EGY  + Pan Am qualifier



    :BLR  :CHN  :JPN  :RUS  :NZL  :POR  :AUS  


    :GBR  :USA (from 2019 WCh qualification round)

    These are only 15 quotas. Who got the last?

  15. 9 hours ago, Laraja said:

    Julian Wilson :AUS and Italo Ferreira :BRA get out of the event.... so Jeremy Flores :FRA will compete alone on his heat on round 4 

    What is the effect of this? Currently I don`t see Flores in the Round 5 on the isasurf page.

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