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  1. It's not allowed by ESC though. And the icelandic protest was unnecessary .
  2. Norway received most televotes ( which included 8 12 points) , so you're a minority there.
  3. Norway had the most popular votes. So we beated Sweden at least
  4. While I'm not a fan of the jury , I totally agree with Iceland , ESC is not the place for that stuff.
  5. Millions of europeans vs some so called " professionals" ? Pretty obvious to me who's to blame
  6. Well the popular votes clearly shows that the jury votes are fucked up , just look at NM , Sweden and Czech . And Norway was very popular with the televotes , but only received 47 from the jury.
  7. I say it every year , abolish the jury votes!
  8. Sweden has a good entry , but not good enough to win imo.
  9. Pretty sure San Marino gets last place.
  10. Thanks @mrv86 for posting my votes ! It seems like this will be a terrible competition for Norway , I'm a little disappointed ofc as I really like that song and it has been popular in Norway. But given the 2th place last year , I won't complain.
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