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  1. Standings after Lillehammer: 1. Robert Johansson 2. Stefan Kraft 3. Ryoyu Kobayashi 4. Johan Andre Forfang 5. Junshiro Kobayashi
  2. Not world cup but , Cologna won Engadin skimarathon . Von Siebentahl won woman's class.
  3. Mens standings after Oslo: 1. Robert Johansson 2. Ryoyu Kobayashi 3. Stefan Kraft 4. Markus Eisenbichler 5. Philipp Aschenwald
  4. Ladies standing after Oslo: 1. Daniela Irascko Stolz 2. Maren Lundby 3. Katharina Althaus 4. Julianne Seyfart 5. Sara Takanashi
  5. Standings after 2 events: 1. Robert Johansson 2. Ryoyu Kobayashi 3. Markus Eisenbichler 4. Stefan Kraft 5. Dawid Kubacki
  6. Andreas Stjernen has decided to end his career . He will retire after RAW Air.
  7. There's no end in sight for the norwegian dominance
  8. Poltoranin now denies that he used doping , though the police says he admitted doping .
  9. Gregor Sclierenzauer will end the season now , he's not sure if this is his retirement but admits that it's hard not to compete.
  10. As ski jumping is my favorite sport I'm a little bit disappointed . But given Norway's domination this WC I guess I have no reason to complain
  11. Finally a medal for the norwegian boys . That felt good after a terrible championship for the guys.
  12. I don't think Bolshunov is doping . I've heard he grew up under harsh conditions in Siberia that made him incredibly strong . But as you said you can't be 100% sure in this sport
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