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  1. Norway Tix Kaller på Deg From Tix , the guy who will represent Norway at ESC. This is the type of song he usually make. The song is in Norwegian.
  2. Norway certainly won't win ESC with that , it is a okay song and Tix is a great guy but this isn't something that would do well in Europe. Tix is very popular here in Norway and usually sings in Norwegian ( this song was originally in Norwegian aswell) , his popularity is probably what made him win. The song that probably would have done well in Europe sadly didn't make it out of the second voting round.
  3. Interesting. Hoping that Norway gets the Olympics at some point so that we can get ski flying.
  4. Will the winter olympics hosts choose additional sports to their games like the summer games have?
  5. Kristin Husøy - Pray for Me This song participated at Norways national final for Eurovision 2020 , but it's wasnt chosen to represent Norway.
  6. It's not allowed by ESC though. And the icelandic protest was unnecessary .
  7. Norway received most televotes ( which included 8 12 points) , so you're a minority there.
  8. Norway had the most popular votes. So we beated Sweden at least
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