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  1. Si sta cominciando a comporre la squadra di nuoto per le Olimpiadi. Agli assoluti invernali di Riccione oggi hanno ottenuto il limite minimo imposto dalla federazione sia Martinenghi nei 100 rana che Quadarella nei 1500 stile
  2. Maybe they will build up an ice torpedo for sprint competition together with the classic track
  3. Depending on approved methods for testing, which may vary from substance to substance (and not from sport to sport, as protocols must be approved and hence followed for performing analysis under accredition)
  4. Dal 27 al 31 gennaio 2020 ci sarà una tappa di Coppa del Mondo di sollevamento pesi a Roma, valida per il ranking olimpico come categoria "silver"
  5. Traditionally on 8th December in Italy it is the day where Christmas lights and decorations are put on streets, houses and so on, although now you can find them already by the half of November. Naples is very famous for its craftmen skilled in creating "Presepi" (I read the correct translation should be cribs). Specifically, there's a place called San Gregorio Armeno, in the historical center of the city, that is known as the road of the cribs. Pieces coming from these artisans are incredibly famous as they are handmade. They worth a lot of money and historically some of the masterpieces made here can be found in famous cribs around the world. More information about the place can be found here https://www.charmenapoli.it/en/itinerari/leggende-di-san-gregorio-armeno-strada-presepi/
  6. You can immediately consider Russia out from team sports in which they qualified, so volleyball, 3x3 basketball and probably beach volleyball, because they represent "Russia" (probably, however, beach volley could be an exception). Also, they will be out from Olympic Qualification Tournaments, so I guess also women's basketball and men's basketball. Things are different for sports such as gymnastics, archery or rowing, for example, in which some individual competition exists and some legal ways to take part to Olympic Games may be found
  7. I guess this will surely happen for sport teams. For individuals, they will have chances to proof they are clean
  8. RUSADA declaration: “We will organize our own Olympic Games, with blackjack and hookers! Better, without Olympic Games. And blackjack!” ok, I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist
  9. is it already possible to find final olympic rankings?
  10. Only once for my MSc graduation. A torture.
  11. Cambridge seems a lovely place to train
  12. I was wondering: in case Pilato ( ) qualifies to Olympics, can she compete? She will be 16 in January 2021, so I guess not. Do you think I’m wrong?
  13. Nah, that is easy: when I was at my first year of university I used to remember atomic weights of some element up to the fourth decimal. Then I got old and decided to start making chocolate
  14. If she could decide, she would agree with this :D however, I have started planning some: cinnamon, pistachio, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, dark chocolate with Strega liquor, triple chocolate. Orange filling is kind of intriguing, but I don't think I will be able to get proper ingredients sadly. I would love mou or trying to make a kind of chocolate called cremino. I would also like preparing truffles, but they appear really complicated to me The real problem is being able to prepare correct quantities of filling and of chocolate for covering!
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