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  1. https://www.google.it/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=10&ved=2ahUKEwjmxqOGzMPgAhUOLVAKHUqFAqQQFjAJegQIBRAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fpulse-static-files.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fworldrugby%2Fdocument%2F2018%2F12%2F08%2Ffb5c19d0-e880-4d84-b9eb-533e35d24813%2FFINAL-2018-10-31-Tokyo-2020-Qualification-System-Rugby-eng.pdf&usg=AOvVaw0_3P6epeFYXmFdbIQNjjdo This is a December 2018 update document showing much more data. Essentially, only the final world qualifier has to be scheduled
  2. Have you got a link for this? Because Wikipedia has info on a Russian tournament from months but no English sources. Thanks!
  3. AlFHg

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    You don't have to worry. Olympics won't be given to Italy.
  4. AlFHg

    Fencing FIE World Cup 2018 - 2019

    I think it is as you said
  5. AlFHg

    Fencing FIE Grand Prix 2019

    Sadly there was almost immediately Volpi vs Favaretto
  6. AlFHg

    Fencing FIE World Cup 2018 - 2019

    team competition has already started. Go on youtube, look for the FIE Fencing Channel and there you will find all live streams of Barcelona World Cup and Turin Grand Prix. should now be on green course
  7. AlFHg

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    What I've seen with her is that she is regular in her results, that is something that our athletes usually aren't, so I'm happy with it :D
  8. AlFHg

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    But tournament lasts only two days, so that's why they need 5 mats, I think However, athletes like Bellandi, Centracchio and Lombardo are doing very very well, I hope they will be carefully followed by our NF
  9. AlFHg

    Fencing FIE World Cup 2018 - 2019

    https://livestream.allezcom.com/1-warsaw-pl-2019-world-cup-mens-sabre-sabre-de-wolodyjowski For those who can be interested, live stream of Sabre World Cup in Warsaw,
  10. I expect in the editions following Paris 2024 an increase in number of sport and athletes, (and possibly in the duration), taking part to the Olympics. That is because with broadcasters like Eurosport which are able to cover EVERY moment of the games, it will be possible to satisfy all. Obviously, public TVs will keep their daily programme schedule covering 16 hours of sports, but they will also have a chance of creating alliances with other broadcasters to grant 100% coverage with online streaming. I cannot stand RAI (the Italian public television), especially in this period in which it has been occupied by the disastrous government we have, but I have always admitted that with Rio Olympics they made a great work. The real economic trouble in organizing the Olympics, in my view, mainly stands in two things: infrastructures and venues. If IOC reduces its requirements for venues, it may happen that the interest for organizing the Olympics increases, because, after all, IOC gives nearly 1 Billion $ as organizing contribute, definitely not low.
  11. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Women's Super-G Day 1 February 5th, 2019 Nicole Schmidhofer Ramona Siebenhofer Stephanie Venier Ester Ledecka Viktoria Rebensburg X Federica Brignone Sofia Goggia X Tina Weirather Ragnhild Mowinckel X Ilka Stuhec Lara Gut-Behrami Lindsey Vonn Mikaela Shiffrin Any Other Athlete Men's Super-G Day 2 February 6th, 2019 Vincent Kriechmayr X Matthias Mayer Hannes Reichelt Johan Clarey Josef Ferstl Christoph Innerhofer Dominik Paris X Kjetil Jansrud X Alexander Aamodt Kilde Axel Lund Svindal Mauro Caviezel Beat Feuz Any Other Athlete Women's Alpine Combined Day 3 February 8th, 2019 Ricarda Haaser Ramona Siebenhofer Any Athlete from Canada Any Athlete from France Marta Basino Federica Brignone X Ragnhild Mowinckel Ana Bucik Ilka Stuhec Wendy Holdener X Petra Vlhova Mikaela Shiffrin X Any Other Athlete Men's Downhill Day 4 February 9th, 2019 Vincent Kriechmayr Matthias Mayer Hannes Reichelt X Johan Clarey Adrien Theaux Josef Ferstl Christoph Innerhofer Dominik Paris X Alexander Aamodt Kilde Kjetil Jansrud Axel Lund Svindal X Mauro Caviezel Beat Feuz Bryce Bennett Any Other Athlete Women's Downhill Day 5 February 10th, 2019 Nicole Schmidhofer Ramona Siebenhofer Stephanie Venier Romane Miradoli Kira Weidle Viktoria Rebensburg Nicol Delago Nadia Fanchini Sofia Goggia X Tina Weirather Ilka Stuhec X Corinne Suter Lara Gut-Behrami X Lindsey Vonn Any Other Athlete Men's Alpine Combined Day 6 February 11th, 2019 Romed Baumann Marcel Hirscher X Vincent Kriechmayr Marco Schwarz Alexis Pinturault X :FRA Victor Muffat-Jeandet :ITA Dominik Paris :NOR Alexander Aamodt Kilde :NOR Kjetil Jansrud Pavel Trikichev :SUI Mauro Caviezel :SUI Luca Aerni :USA Ted Ligety :WHT Any Other Athlete X Mixed Team Event Day 7 February 12th, 2019 :AUT Austria X :CAN Canada :FRA France X :GER Germany :ITA Italy :NOR Norway X :SVK Slovakia :SLO Slovenia Sweden :SUI Switzerland :USA United States :WHT Any Other Nation Women's Giant Slalom Day 8 February 14th, 2019 :AUT Any Athlete from Austria :FRA Tessa Worley X :GER Viktoria Rebensburg :ITA Federica Brignone :ITA Marta Bassino :NOR Ragnhild Mowinckel :SVK Petra Vlhova X :SLO Meta Hrovat Frida Hansdotter :SUI Wendy Holdener :SUI Lara Gut-Behrami :USA Mikaela Shiffrin X :WHT Any Other Athlete Men's Giant Slalom Day 9 February 15th, 2019 :AUT Manuel Feller :AUT Marcel Hirscher X :FRA Mathieu Faivre :FRA Thomas Fanara :FRA Alexis Pinturault X :GER Stefan Luitz :NOR Henrik Kristoffersen X :NOR Leif Kristian Nestvold-Haugen :SLO Zan Kranjec Mats Olsson :SUI Loic Meillard :USA Tommy Ford :WHT Any Other Athlete Women's Slalom Day 10 February 16th, 2019 :AUT Katharina Liensberger :AUT Bernadette Schild :AUT Katharina Truppe :CAN Erin Mielzynski :GER Christina Geiger X :ITA Irene Curtoni :SVK Petra Vlhova X Frida Hansdotter Anna Swenn Larsson :SUI Wendy Holdener :USA Mikaela Shiffrin X :WHT Any Other Athlete Men's Slalom Day 11 February 17th, 2019 :AUT Manuel Feller :AUT Marcel Hirscher X :AUT Michael Matt :AUT Marco Schwarz :FRA Clement Noel X :FRA Alexis Pinturault Dave Ryding :GER Felix Neureuther X :NOR Henrik Kristoffersen Andre Myhrer :SUI Daniel Yule :SUI Ramon Zehnhaeusern :WHT Any Other Athlete [/hide]
  12. [hide] Knockout Round January 20th - February 1st, 2019 16 Nations, Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final Final Date & Time (GMT+4) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 1st 2019, h. 18:00 Japan 4 1 Qatar [/hide]
  13. I think that Southern emisphere will deserve it, in general, although it would mean to change a lot of calendars and so on; (personally I think that to be able to spread and develop, a lot of sport should plan events all over the year everywhere in the world like tennis does, so in a relatively midterm future, this is not going to be a real problem). In case this happens, I think Chile would be a nice choice.
  14. AlFHg

    Sailing Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    http://www.sailing.org/news/88313.php#.XE98qqeh3OR To this link, it is stated that PanAm games will serve as qualifiers not only for Laser events, but also for some other "as Continental Country Qualifier". Does this mean that the best North AND the best South American nation will have a spot or are they are all panamerican, according to you? It is always difficult to understand how to consider Americas... Edit: I should have read better the article I think the best from North and the best from South qualify
  15. AlFHg

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    try this: https://www.pmgsport.it (it is in italian)