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  1. People telling here that they can speak 10 languages while you cannot remember how to put accents in French congrats to all of you!
  2. Hours later, at the end of a nearly neverending day
  3. Part of Salerno seawalk. I’m in a hotel for a professional formation course, in a lunch break I am not enjoying as I don’t have lunch
  4. In theory it should be so. If you read the document, universality places are treated in a different part from other ways of qualification and it is not stated that they are limited by target number. However, it is also written that a NOC can enter its best RANKED male or female athlete, so this can be considered as qualification through ranking, and this would lead to limitation by target number. It will all depend on what happens with qualification through standards and how many double starters will be
  5. Universality places have lower priority, so they come after the target number
  6. Italian quota in jumping seems quite secured, at least
  7. I don’t know very much about gymnastics and I can only see live scoring, but from what I can understand I am start thinking that Italy made a good qualification and some quite good individual exercises, although apart from Lodadio it is going to be hard to see any other individual finalist
  8. You cannot qualify via apparatus if you are not in the final. Direct consequence is that a NOC cannot qualify more than one athlete unless they are pure specialist, because through all-around NOCs can qualify only one athlete. EDIT: all-around has higher priority, so if two athletes from the same nation can qualify through all-around, only the best ranked does. The other one can qualify via apparatus if a finalist, otherwise quota is reallocated to all-arounders
  9. and are not performing very well because there's Simon Baker accusing them of being Red John
  10. it's a very long road up to 10:30 pm tomorrow
  11. This night sounds like another sleepless night. However, this time instead than cooking I am listening to music. For some reason, this came to my mind. It is an original version sung in a typical Neapolitan way. essentially this song is about a newborn child whose parents are a young girl and a black American soldier, and it is a classic song of Neapolitan music. curiously, in this day it is the 76th anniversary of the popular insurrection that made Naples free from nazis, possibly the first big city in occupied Europe to do it and without any help from allied army (the so called “4 days of Naples”, “Le Quattro giornate di Napoli”), which came later and used Campania region, especially the cities of Caserta and Salerno as their temporary “capitols” while advancing towards Rome and Northern Italy.
  12. Last week there was a kind of anniversary so I tried making a cake instead that pastries. This is a cheesecake, what is particular is that it is filled with three different tastes (dark chocolate, milk chocolate and coffee) and the biscuit is a kind of coffer (it is not only on the base, but also on top and around the cake). As I wanted it to stay totally unhealthy, I covered it with whipped cream, as I love whipped cream so much. The aestetics is not that good, but it had a very nice taste
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