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  1. Still there should be a better way to use VAR
  2. It goes to the winner of the individual men's tournament
  3. 3x3 basketball has however only 8 places, so it makes sense. The idea of this kind of qualifying tournaments for some sports like (men’s) football, beach volley, tennis is not that bad, but it obviously requires an increase in quotas first. For the other problems you said, a possible resolution may be using world and continental championships as qualifying tournaments, but it’s more a parallel universe that a remote hope, sadly
  4. Hong Kong can be removed as it qualified in women's 100m and 200m freestyle swimming
  5. It is representation, obviously. What is really bad is not this, but the fact that women’s football is played with the best players while men’s is not and women’s only have 12 teams. But even worse is the fact that football has a fixed amount of teams per continent: apart from 1 team for each of them, the others should be selected on a world level, maybe giving priority to continental qualification. Eventually, since football is the most popular sport on Earth, an idea of a Universal Qualifier like in 3x3 basketball should be taken in consideration
  6. Looking at the calendar and sadly no stages in Italy...
  7. I was almost sure that Brazil would have reached at least QF/SF easily
  8. I don't know very much about women football, but do you think Brazil have any chances of not finishing first in the pool?
  9. which is almost impossible to occur
  10. Originally, it was stated that minimum qualification criteria had to be reached following the Doha WC, so starting from November. Then they changed the starting date from May 1st 2019. In addition to that, IAAF ranking will be used to reach the target number for the events
  11. are there any qualified athletes in men high jump too?
  12. If I remember well, you are in practice an Italian citizen, right?
  13. Well, I like orange :D I remember that during Euro2008 I watched Italy vs Netherlands with my shirt of Netherlands as a consequence of a bet with my friends :D apart from this, when Italy is not present I cheer for other countries I’d like to go live in, so tipically Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Canada
  14. Today it’s the first day since this government was formed that Italy seems to have a prime minister. In practice nothing is going to change, but at least this theater will end soon
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