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  1. In principle it wouldn't be bad, but in practice a lot of spots are unused even in sports you would expect Oceanian nation to be at least decent (see 470 recently). It would make more sense to fuse Asia and Oceania and reserve some spots for local regions, partially as FEI does, at least in more developed sports in which more quotas are available. Another way could be a slight increase in quotas that are actually given through tripartite commission, let's say doubling them, and make the distribution through ranking and/or dedicated tournaments.
  2. What is the reason for the reallocation?
  3. I definitely suggest you to make two different reservations and keep the two things separated, it is the best way to enjoy both things as distances are not so small and Rome is huge to be explored
  4. This double semifinal vs was almost endless in olympic perspective, I guess both can be satisfied, with French women and Italian men winning
  5. 2020 Golden Gala for Diamond League will move from Rome due to mainteinance towards Euro2020 for football championships. It was thought that the event would have been moved to Milan, but this ended up with it being held in Naples at San Paolo stadium, which was restyled for 2019 Universiade
  6. Is this going to be a direct qualifier or part of the ranking?
  7. You should definitely apply for a job there
  8. A very easy solution for all questions is: "they are unused quotas to be allocated through Olympic Ranking Lists". No idea if ITTF will agree, however
  9. I've just read that the main importer/user in Italy is Zaini, so you may try look for it
  10. You may try to look for Baci, there's a version with pink ones too
  11. In theory white chocolate should not be consider as chocolate because it contains cocoa butter but not cocoa paste, which essentially means that it has more or less good physical properties for cooking purposes (like melting point) but has not the same organolectic properties of chocolate which contains also roasted cocoa seeds (read serotonine and other kinds of small acids, if I remember well). Going back to my work, @phelps would have loved the 85% dark chocolate I used for shell and dark ganache
  12. Because they are three here we consider different dark chocolate and milk chocolate
  13. Because, in theory and only in theory*, they were made by superimposing three layers of different kind of chocolate, while the other kinds were made by adding the filling and covering it all with a shell of dark chocolate *in practice, as they were not enough cold, they mixed a little
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