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  1. It was during Thailand national swimming championships held nearly 10 days ago. At the moment I don’t have the document and I don’t remember the name but if you make a quick research on google for this championships you will find it easily
  2. In theory if they count for World Championship they should count for Olympic Games. However on Fina website they are not listed as counted towards WCh, so I don’t know if that was a kind of restricted list
  3. Here is a picture from the organizers in which the mascot is introduced. Her name is Partenope, the same of the mythological mermaid that according to legend lived where Napoli was founded, and that is at the origin of why Neapolitan people is often defined as “partenopei”. The castle on the background instead is Castel dell’Ovo (literally “the castel of the egg”) about which a legend say that the whole castle is built over an egg placed there by Vergilius and whose rupture may cause disgraces in the whole city. It is located on the tiny island called Megaride and together with Vesevus it belongs to the worldwide famous Caracciolo/Mergellina seaside in the City
  4. A lot of results of British championships are slightly superior to A standard. I would have bet on the opposite
  5. Is the French athlete one of those that reached the minimum?
  6. Good. Now just add the remaining 4 teams and finally a decent reformation is done.
  7. I suppose adding lemon to the water can be an easier solution
  8. Easter is coming, do you eat something in particular? Here in Italy, or better here in Naples, we mostly eat this, among other things:
  9. I’ve just discovered that one of my former Physics professor was involved in this project
  10. Actually, I read somewhere that F is an atom whose presence in drugs may be helpful, so my name is a little less toxic it could appear :D
  11. Go check the periodic table
  12. Correct I'm actually a chemist, although sadly unemployed
  13. Here is an upload on what I was able to follow in terms of Olympic Qualification. As usual, this is pure theory and just for fun: - a total of 182 quotas have already been achieved, considering 1 quota per athlete. If we look for multiple quotas, this number reaches 255. - among the athletes with multiple quotas, Hosszu has 4, Quadarella, Detti Flickinger Sjostrom 3. Many have 2 (this data include partial data coming from Russian and Australian Championships that are currently in progress) - in terms of quotas earned per nation, the current podium us with 27, 25 and 23 quotas respectively. However, and especially are increasingly sharply with good results in their championships, and will host from today to sunday another meet of TYR series, meaning that new quotas will be likely to be achieved; - in terms of absolute number of standards reached, that is considering multiple quotas per athlete, the podium standings is exactly the same, with peaking it with 36 quotas, followed by 34 for and 31 for - a total of 29 nations have already obtained at least 1 quota by achieving 1 minimum A standard. Among them, it is worth underlining the presence of in women's 1500m and in women's 100m fly; - among men's events, breastroke appears as the one in which it is easier to achieve an A standard, with both events counting 16 athletes qualified each; - Looking at women's events, instead, at the moment the most crowded event appears to be women's 1500m free, with 17 athletes qualified (and, surprisingly, without any swimmer already qualified). - looking at B standards achieved, a special mention goes to which reached 2 B standards in 200m free and 200m medley (both in men's events) and (200m fly in men's event); - as a personal feeling, I think other quotas could have been earned at Kazakistan national championships but I was not able to find any result. I also missed last day in Netanya Cup in Israel (or, better, I really cannot understand their language).
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