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  1. https://www.facebook.com/PSAworldtour/videos/586432728765193/ u can follow all quarterfinals actions here , only 4 Egyptians made it to this Rd BTW PSA Commentators are wearing traditional arabian gulf clothes
  2. For 10m pistol is it OK to have the 2 qualified athletes from the same country or not?
  3. some really quality tennis between Novak and Thiem , it was really worth watching , Thiem won 2-1 with a whole london crowd supporting him , even i noticed that Novak didn't wave for Fans when he left , Novak will face Federer for qualifying to next rd
  4. KSA , UAE and Bahrain announced their participation in Gulf Cup 2019 in Doha after they announced boycotting tournament before , the draw will be remade tomorrow , maybe this'll be start of rebuilding political relations with Qatar
  5. too much drama in this match which ended in Egyptian victory as Egypt became 1st team to qualify to Semis
  6. Egypt could have a world champion after 3 days in Javelin throw f34 , Bassem Abdelsalam was ahead by 3 metres in qualification from 2nd ranked athlete , could be our 2nd gold medal ever in world championships in para athletics
  7. does anyone have videos for MP , Wrestling , Taekwondo , Boxing , Athletics or what ever sports , i found on youtube videos for TT and surprisingly i found Pakistan vs. Iran Match in volleyball and Pakistan won this match 3-1 , i found also opening ceremony which was really great especially military parade of nations
  8. Yes I think he can win gold too but always u can't know what will happen in Egyptian sport I don't doubt if he says after 2 months that the federation is fighting with him and he decides to work in a Supermarket in Romania or Georgia or something
  9. Mohamed Ibrahim won his 2nd consecutive U23 world title men's -67 kg just very few days after winning gold medal in military games WOW this guy is just on fire and I think he's able of going really big in Tokyo
  10. well for Egypt , it's not the 1st time that Egypt tops medals table of this tournament , it happened a lot recently while all big nations were participating , but i agree with u this championship was really bizarre and organizing it in Chile despite unstable conditions there was something ridiculous by WKF , but not really surprising from a bizarre organization itself
  11. he will keep some soldiers to secure oil points
  12. he's really funny btw , not really bad to hear him
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