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  1. I really haven't seen Egyptian boxing worse than that WTF are these guys doing here
  2. Cote d'Ivoire and Kenya qualified in women's +67 kg
  3. https://arryadia.snrt.ma/?fbclid=IwAR15bP1xX9IHsn4RtjWKoPxtk8f_rnW7oyQTgUjy0kmsPOmalqfck2LKxKo
  4. federation is with coaches because definitely they're making use of these items that's it
  5. it's not the problem that they carried these things , but it's that these players have been forced to carry it from their coach and they announced it on media , it happens actually in Egypt , they put things in players' personal bags to avoid being evaluated by the customs
  6. that's really sad , especially hedi Neffati had very good chance to fight for a medal in Tokyo , it'd have been really easy for him to qualify here
  7. the last quota today went for Egypt in women's -49 kg
  8. Hedaya Malak defeated Kenyan player 30-4 despite of her injury , didn't see the outcome of the other semi final of -67 kg
  9. Obame barely lost to Nigerian player , but he managed to win really hardly at the end 19-17
  10. https://www.facebook.com/قناة-التايكواندوالعالمي-channel-tkdtv-266030887182867/ and here's a live stream without scores so u can watch here and follow scores from the other link
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