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  1. I remember Majoes well , he was active in many times here and i think we also had another Senegalese member , but i can't remember his name
  2. i think we had a Senegalese user , but it was some years ago maybe before London 2012
  3. i'm not the one who always speaks these silly things in the forum , i just did so when i feel that i'm offended for no reason since the start of the tournament , despite the fact i've never taken his words seriously , but every thing does have barriers
  4. btw the lowest ticket price is 500 EGP , these final ticket prices suit only the upper class in Egypt , that's why there won't be many fans tonight for sorry and yes i forgot that Algeria sent all their military planes to take the very dangerous fans to Egypt
  5. yeah , i get it now , don't know they might do this on purpose
  6. they did the same with us , but thanks god our team is bad enough not to watch
  7. thanks God Algeria doesn't have any good sports other than football and Tawfik Makhloufi , or we'd have seen all these silly jokes in all threads
  8. yes , he's not wrong , buf ofc these words could harm many players playing in the league , but this's Zlatan . always the real football will be played in Europe and for MLS to have a really good league their has to be more quality of American footballers playing there rather than bringing some +35 Y stars who couldn't provide any more in Europe , Brazilian League and Argentinean as well are well known and followed around the world , because the quality of local players and ofc atmosphere of fans
  9. http://www.elahmad.com/tv/bahrain-sport.php Here's a link for Bahrain Sport channel which broadcast the tournament
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