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  1. another perfect final for Hancock , he's simply the best in shotgun with a big gap
  2. very interesting final ,but ofc we just can follow live scores
  3. Azmy he needed 24 only in the 5th round to qualify and he missed 2 targets in his last 9 shots , then he missed in the play-offs
  4. I told u before the WC , Low Is done with his tactics , he just can't give anything more for the team ,excluding 3 players from the NT is something i really see for the 1st time , especially that this decision is based on a technical view , what if this triple gained back their top performance , what will u do at this point ! today Sane and Gnabry saved his ass and he was more lucky with that Reus substitution and i wonder how come a player like Reus could be benched from the start of the game , Ter Stegen being benched is another wonder from Low , yes Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers in history , but right now Ter Stegen is one of the best goalkeepers in the world + i'm not anyhow convinced with Sule deserving a spot in Bayern or NT , he's too slow for being a full back that any fast winger can cause problems for him , at the end Germany's biggest problems are being with the 2 full backs and super striker like Germany always used to have , even Werner is struggling a bit this season with Leipzig
  5. Germany was really awful at 2nd half , but were lucky enough to go with the win very good start , but i'm still not convinced of Low ability to lead Germany to something big at the next major tournaments
  6. looks like China will become a superpower in shotgun also !
  7. there's a song i want to share with u guys , also from Egypt , for an Egyptian band called Cairokee , it's for AIDS awareness , very lovely song which i totally forgot about while selecting a song representing Egypt this year
  8. James Harden scored 61 points today against Spurs , CP was the 2nd scorer in Rockets Squad with 18 points
  9. @LDOG what's this weird Argentine squad facing Venezuela right now , except Messi and Paredes i don't know any other player
  10. Leon Goretzka 35 mins · From the racist statements to Leroy Sané and Ilkay Gündogan I heard on the net and watched the video. Honestly, I'm disgusted that something like this happens. We all are required to perform here and to face any statements with courage and anger. Xenophobia has neither a place in the stadium nor in our society. I'm from the ruhrpott, so you don't ask where someone comes from, but what he can. And where to respond to the question of nationality with schalke, Dortmund or bochum. I'm grateful to play together with boys like Leroy or ilkay. They make us better and for them and us integration is not a topic, but of course. We can't let ourselves be broken by a few forever yesterday.
  11. Courtois gifts Russia the tie seconds after BELGIUM scored opening goal
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