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  1. Congrats for KSA and especially for Khaled Korany our previous coach, we really lost this man but I guess he can't be regretting anyhow his decision to leave for KSA now
  2. Really sad news for the sport lovers, if u want to ban federation why do u ban innocent athletes, why just taking guarantees from Iranian federation that they'll compete against everybody from now on, why Iranian regime doesn't make exception for Judo as long as its only ioc problem, there must be other solutions and overall there's nothing hurts Israel in Iranian players avoiding them, they just win extra gifts and opportunities to win medals
  3. i watched ishiash match against Mongolia , he totally dominated him , not sure about the other boxer
  4. he told me African games is counted , not really sure but overall i think this's not the main problem now , we're waiting what will happen after 3 weeks will IWF raise the ban or will it confirm it for the Olympics , not really optimistic about their decision btw , btw but it'd very much weird if Egypt is banned while Russia , Kazakhstan and North Korea will take part let's see
  5. that's correct , btw Mohamed ehab is really convinced that he's only to participate in 2 more tournaments in the next 6 months , but he also told me that they can't participate in any tournament until the ban is ended which can only be done through CAS
  6. i just knew that we registered 7 athletes i think Ihab and Sara are included in Mediterranean Cup in San Marino which will take part from 3-6 October , hopefully Moradi will also participate in 1 tournament , he should be a clear favorite for Gold in tokyo , hopefully people in Iranian start in going with his VISA application from now
  7. we only particpated in world junior and african junior championships and ofc Mohamed Ihab and Sara didn't take part , if we participated in 1 tournament in october would it be fine or still not ?
  8. no problem about this , they already participated in many events within this year , the problem now is that IWF could ban our federation from participating in the Olympics , it'd be total disaster for our sport and our athletes
  9. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1084824/egyptian-weightlifting-federation-banned?fbclid=IwAR2vqSLUSmOBWoE3Z-17gGlTyTMPyuPDN10oS5hejISPDrfnHFkCMV20NZY the worst scenario now is the that Egyptian federation would be even banned from participating in the Olympics
  10. They didn't pay the fine that has been loaded when athletes were caught which I think about 250k dollars
  11. Rumors are correct we're banned and we won't participate Fuck this federation I really can't find words to describe how dumb ass are they
  12. in Egypt there're rumors that Egyptian lifters will not be allowed to participate in next WCH as our federation didn't pay requested money from IWF for athletes that have previously caught as doped , they didn't even put any Egyptian lifter in the start book which makes me get more worried
  13. Sotomayor was defeated last year also by our boxer Islam el gendy , i guess his days in world class boxing are just gone
  14. i see some double and triple entries from the same country in women's weight categories , is this just false entries or it's allowed here in this WCH ?
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