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  1. Oh I should add means Trump will be reelected Blacks don't vote for Jews ( the slave trade and all that )
  2. Well if you insist I'll tell you what will happen in the Democratic primaries Sanders should win the nomination but he won't because he is a commie and the( very rich ) Democratic Establishment don't like that Bioomberg will get the nomination . So the billionaire Jew beats the millionare Jew . That's the USA way Not bad for a community less than 2% of the American population
  3. I guess it's impossible for you to write anything without the word "fuck "
  4. Could not agree more. The real problem here is that only one political viewpoint is endlessly published here and anyone who doesn't subscribe to this position is constantly disaproved of I thought this was a sports site .Whilst sometimes there is a political element to sports issues the sport should always come first and the politics spoken of only when directly relevant
  5. Puerto Rico shouldn't even be at the Olympics .It's a USA territory and all it's people are US citizens The Olympics should be about national teams representing nations My understanding is that PR has decided to be a permanent US territory rather than become a US state or an independent country
  6. I bet no non Jews have ever heard of her. Picking any day will always be inconvenient for someone so no big deal Anyway the no of orthodox Jews in top level sport must be miniscule so not a issue This must be one of the few areas of human endeavour where Jews don't get their way
  7. And just like le Pen she speaks what many people think but are reluctant to say too loudly Not the people here of course who all seem to be of the globalist left
  8. Had a look at all the team sports and would say that the only sport where Australia might have a problem qualifying a team -which they now qualify - if they were a European country is men's water polo. In basketball they were 2nd at last women's WC and 4th at men's WC . In football volleyball handball they qualify via Asia not Oceania. Oceania rugby7s is probably the strongest continent.
  9. So Australia the #2 country in women's basketball has to travel to Franceand play France there Don't tell me Europeans don't run world sport If there was any fairness Olympic qualifiers should be played in the highest ranking country. Someone will get home advantage and this should go to the most deserving-the highest ranking nation competing
  10. Well I know people here are by definition Olympics enthusiasts.but what I see in both western and non western countries is a diminishing interest in the Olympics They are too big ,have too many obscure events ( double luge anyone ? ) and there are just too many international games so that they have become nothing special. I have been in Australia whete the World Athletics Champs and World Aquatic Champs are no longer televised because of lack of interest Too many drug cheats and so many events dominated by kids who are the product of sporting concentration type camps doesn't help The IOC trying to be "relevant " may well be the death knell of the movement Time to slim down
  11. Only athletics and football would pass a 50% approval of all nations requirement .That's a bit too small an Olympics Many events now -particularly the majority of winter events.- would have a big problem finding 21 supportive nations Just go thu all the sports - while more than 21 countries may well seek to participate only a minority actually care much about the sport Countries I know have little interest in most of the program.Even a major player like Australia -where I've lived has zero intetest in combative sports. India has zero interst in water based sports
  12. I would like to see the number of Olympic events drastically cut My wishful thinking goes like this : Every country can nominate which events they desire to have. All events which have 10% of all countries (that's currently 21) are considered for final inclusion The 300 events - summer and winter - which have the support of countries with the most Olympic medals vote are Olympic events This means that getting the support of high medalling countries is crucial but you require at least 21 of them Yes this system will be political,tactical with trades but it is also transparent You will probably have demonstration events/sports which the host wants but couldn't manage enough votes
  13. Well I haven't any data -I doubt there is any public data - but I am not the only one to note that many prominent female athletes seem to have decided that a (male ) husband and children isn't for them
  14. She sounds remarkably normal and knows what's important and what isn't. I think that most elite female athletes from the US and Europe in her position would be ringing up their abortionist (Can I say that ?)
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