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  1. Qualifying tournaments such as this are not about winning the thing but about being in the final two Wouldn't it make more sense for there to be a round robin final four with the group game already played being counted and then each team playing the two top teams in the other group for a total of three games ? Under the current system it may well be that the second best team is knocked out in the semi final This alternative gives each team the same no of games as now and allows for a tournament winner via the final round robin
  2. Lacrosse would just be another women's ice hockey - another two country sport with the Gold medal game always being between USA and Canada ( not that these two countries are complaining ) But then the bar for Olympic inclusion is much MUCH lower for the Winter Olympics . Even men's ice hockey is really only a two continent sport -no Summer sport which was only seriously played in 2 continents would make the cut ) I think Australia may be ranked #3 in lacrosse and the game is invisible there - maybe like kabaddi or korfball ( in major immigrant countries every micro spor
  3. Poor Germany There seems no limit to the number of times Germany is stabbed in the back
  4. Well there are 16 economies of at least a trillion $US in the world and Australia is on a median wealth per adult the wealthiest ( that is a trillion $US with both Nominal and PPP GDP and median wealth not mean wealth. Australian wealth is widely spread ) It has handled the present pandemic better than any of the other 15 trillion dollar economy countries Australia cities have a distinct lack of no go areas and very few people live on the streets . This will make a pleasant change after Paris and LA . Don't think many here are well travelled enough if I may state the bl
  5. Brisbane and south east Queensland was by far the best choice . people who know about these things know that Australia does these things very well and many people ( although none here ) like Australia and Australians . People will have a smile on their face in Australia . Other countries not so much
  6. And I was recently criticised for saying that there was an undercurrent of anti Australian attitude among some here .
  7. I have long noticed that Australia is strongly disliked by many of the people here . I wish someone would spell out the reasons why
  8. Wouldn't the Israel Olympic team be majority composed of American Jews who are OK at sport but would never make a US team ?
  9. Sydney 2000 was by far the best Olympics in my lifetime - and I think the IOC heavies share that view I'd say SE Qld must be a strong favourite but the IOC , while not as bad as FIFA , can easily be bought so Qatar wouldn't be too much of a surprise Australia is very good at these things -the Australian Open is the most popular major with the players for instance
  10. You have to remember that US foreign policy is decided in Tel Aviv ( or is it Jerusalem these days ? ) If you don't like this analysis check out how many of a less than 2% minority are in Biden's cabinet . Also as for all Biden's public Catholicism ( the only Roman Catholic I've heard of who is 100% pro abortion without any qualification ) remember ALL his grandchildren are being raised as Jewish Of course you aren't allowed to notice these things much less speak of them
  11. Those Americans who aren't committed Social Justice Warriors are in for a difficult time in the next four years . Remember Biden is in obvious cognitive decline and probably won't do the full term . Remember Harris is so popular she was scoring an asterisk ( or less than 1% of the vote ) when she withdrew from the Democratic Nomination for President Interesting times ahead for non Americans
  12. History will mark this day as the day when the USA stopped being a white ruled country . Guess we'll all see how that goes For those who argue this isn't true I say Biden is just a very old and very temporary figurehead I have read that of the top 16 Cabinet positions selected only 4 are white ( that is white non Hispanic and non Jewish or Gentile ) ( For those who argue otherwise in USA all Hispanics are categorised as Hispanic -even the King of Spain . Jews increasingly call themselves non white partly so all Jews are in the same grouping )
  13. All that suggest to me is that Thiem has a Western ( European) mentality which doesn't see the Olympics as the be all and end all . Doesn't every ( Western ) tennis person acknowledge that he Olympic tennis tournament is not among the first rank of tournaments ?
  14. I've spent time in both Australia and the UK -and the US In no country have I see more triumphalism about medals than the UK . The UK media goes on and on about medals and the Olympics . In the other countries they are hardly mentioned outside the 2 weeks of competition Mind you no country spends more money on winning medals than the UK -or is that GB
  15. May I suggest GB would be wiser to spend it's sports money on increasing actual sport participation and provide sporting facilities for schools . I have long been struck by how obese so many Brits of all ages are I know in Australia there was a big debate whether to spend money on elite performers or on mass participation especially junior sport . Most people preferred subsidising junior sport and especially sports that people actually do -and prefer ( few of which are the traditional mainstream Olympic sports ) I mean GB and winter sports !! Are there any ski resorts in
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