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  1. May I suggest GB would be wiser to spend it's sports money on increasing actual sport participation and provide sporting facilities for schools . I have long been struck by how obese so many Brits of all ages are I know in Australia there was a big debate whether to spend money on elite performers or on mass participation especially junior sport . Most people preferred subsidising junior sport and especially sports that people actually do -and prefer ( few of which are the traditional mainstream Olympic sports ) I mean GB and winter sports !! Are there any ski resorts in the UK ? ( I've spent time in the UK and skiing was always a foreign holiday thing -not a serious sport ) Remember the Olympics are two weeks every four years Mind you just about everything in the UK is about looking after elites and always has been ( and before you complain this is not uncommon in many places ) Sounds like a bread and circuses scheme to keep the lumpen proletariat sitting on their big arses on their comfy sofas eating and drinking watching their betters on TV and jingo nationalism Meanwhile the UK is close to topping the death rate per capita of the corona virus . So many unhealthy people .
  2. When you think of the many thousands of people who did everything they could to avoid this disease but had few resources and ended up succumbing to the disease would it even be worth a tear if some of these ultra rich playboy tennis players who laughed at the prospect of catching this disease ended up dying ? Maybe nobody deserves to die of coronavirus but some are more worthy of sorrow than others
  3. I don't see how population size of a country has much to do with anything . Rich populous countries such as USA should have advantages in technology and research that small population countries -whether rich or not -don't have . American covid deaths on a per capita basis are run of the mill with Western European numbers -neither particularly better or worse ( I think deaths per million is the key stat ) America's problem -if I may say so - are mainly to do with that the country is becoming ungovernable being composed of several tribes who simply can't get on with each other . All countries have a shelf life - maybe USA is reaching it's use by date Countries like Australia and NZ are high trust societies -this makes all the difference India ,as always, is a mess
  4. Your own country (male led ) Australia is doing much better than some of these female led countries . I'm thinking that you have different politics to your country's Government which prevents you from saying anything positive about your country's leadership . Mind you everyone I read here has left politics so no surprises
  5. OK Indians historically didn't have a lot of confidence in international sport . Mostly they are content to just be competitive and just to be there. International travel is a dream for most Indians - and I'm talking of those who are characterised as middle class . For Westerners it's no big deal BUT it probably was for your grandparents Anyway times are changing . Not so long ago this passive attitude was also in cricket . Just glad to be there . But it has changed there to the stage where India fears no one ( even when they lose because they are now mature enough to realise that everyone loses sometimes . Just don't make a habit of it ) cleaning up the admin is important . India must realise that the admin types are not the most important people in sport Anyway looking thru the comments- why do so many westerners -actually I mean continental Europeans-the greater germany crowd to be specific - go on and on about Indian sporting underperformance.
  6. I notice that everyone who has no time for the Commonwealth Games comes from non Commonwealth countries The surprising thing is why on earth you have an opinion on something you have nothing to do with at all Personally I have no interest in European only events but I certainly wouldn't bother telling the world about it PS I also have no interest in Eurovision which may explain why I have never commented on it
  7. What's the mystery ? We have seen this kind of sudden performance enhancement many times over the years Most call it doping
  8. Oh I should add means Trump will be reelected Blacks don't vote for Jews ( the slave trade and all that )
  9. Well if you insist I'll tell you what will happen in the Democratic primaries Sanders should win the nomination but he won't because he is a commie and the( very rich ) Democratic Establishment don't like that Bioomberg will get the nomination . So the billionaire Jew beats the millionare Jew . That's the USA way Not bad for a community less than 2% of the American population
  10. I guess it's impossible for you to write anything without the word "fuck "
  11. Could not agree more. The real problem here is that only one political viewpoint is endlessly published here and anyone who doesn't subscribe to this position is constantly disaproved of I thought this was a sports site .Whilst sometimes there is a political element to sports issues the sport should always come first and the politics spoken of only when directly relevant
  12. Puerto Rico shouldn't even be at the Olympics .It's a USA territory and all it's people are US citizens The Olympics should be about national teams representing nations My understanding is that PR has decided to be a permanent US territory rather than become a US state or an independent country
  13. I bet no non Jews have ever heard of her. Picking any day will always be inconvenient for someone so no big deal Anyway the no of orthodox Jews in top level sport must be miniscule so not a issue This must be one of the few areas of human endeavour where Jews don't get their way
  14. And just like le Pen she speaks what many people think but are reluctant to say too loudly Not the people here of course who all seem to be of the globalist left
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