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  1. The captain of the Australian women's football team Sam Kerr is Anglo-Indian by origin
  2. Japan seems to have eligiblity rules for it's rugby team similar to those that seem pretty standard in baseball and softball Although to be fair I expect that they are all fluent in the national language I know rugby is a pretty big sport in Japan and I guess they want to be competitive but just generally lack the big bodies required in home grown players ( although this doesn't seem to be a problem in sumo )
  3. I expect that plenty of people here who don't come from countries with ocean coastline beaches and an accompanying surfing culture ( that includes all but about 4 European countries ) don't approve of surfing being on the programme But I'm sure they have no problem with snow sports especially mountain snow sports being Olympic events and don't give a thought to those from countries which don't have the climate and terrain for these sports Just an observation
  4. The best leg by far in that relay was the final Australian leg by Chalmers
  5. I'm only second guessing the Japanese public . Maybe I'm wrong -think there will be a lot of comment about this in the next few days I very much doubt that those sackings of key people would be Japanese initiated -they were leaned on by Westerners especially the Americans . I'm sure the Osaka choice will be applauded by the New York Times , NBC and all that crowd ( the ones who love "Imagine " ) What the people here think is neither here nor there Yes I do have a problem with Eurocentrism and European condescension towards others . ( I di
  6. I bet there are very mixed feeling in Japan about Osaka . Sure they like having a Major winner with JAP after her name but many Japanese would not consider her really Japanese ( -I don't know how many ) But wokeness and NBC especially are very powerful and Diversity rules
  7. Well that's your view Yes cricket has English origins Just like about half the sports at the Olympics Imagine saying that about football/soccer or water polo Although the inventor of basketball was a Scottish born Canadian both basketball and volleyball have American origins
  8. Cricket is played at a high level in every continent . Now rather like the Israeli baseballers and the Italian softballers many countries can field a so called national team which really isn't ( ie composed of the South Asian diaspora )but there are 12 + senior or Test countries where the national team is full of genuine nationals ( unlike here ) (I say 12+ because the West Indies is a composite side of various independent Caribbean nations )
  9. That's because they are mainly American born and bred
  10. I note Australia has won a medal in this ridiculous minor sport every time it has been in the Olympics ( look it up ) The Gold medal game was always going to be between USA and Japan I note that Italy has a similar selection policy to that of the Israeli Baseball team ie look for foreigners who somehow can qualify Lets hope that these not very international sports are not seen again
  11. Well it's true that Brisbane was a fait accompli but it is a very good choice . By far the best Olympics in my lifetime was Sydney so I 'd say they are very good at these things The major Australian cities already have great sporting infrastructure Brisbane is sub tropical so their "winter " is like a Northern European summer
  12. I think India will get quite a shock how few medals they will win in Tokyo . I'm certainly not wishing this but performance in secondary events in non mainstream sports is a very poor indicator of Olympic performance . Some relatively unknown competitor from one of the Big Gun nations often appears and wins -all they care about are the Olympics not the world cup circuit
  13. There are always a number of athletes who represent Ireland at the Olympics and then Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games . I saw somewhere that it is not unknown -but not much publicised -for some to actually be living on the Republic's side of the border . Only temporarily of course . An interesting issue is now Ireland is competing in Olympic team sports -hockey and rugby 7s . Which -unlike association football - have always been All Ireland teams There have always been Northerners who wouldn't want to join in the singing of the Republic's national anthem . Gue
  14. Women's water polo has been in the last 5 Olympics Australia has 3 medals - a Gold and two bronzes plus a 4th and a 6th from these 5 games What is it with you eastern europeans and your anti non european stance . It's a constant meme here
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