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  1. Don't worry, He is going to score the title's goal. Trust me
  2. Perhaps it's because we were used to watch Serginho
  3. Updating the race in BMX Racing. This is a prospect about the current scenario bmx racing.xlsx
  4. Yes, for this we have to win many gold medals. Probably, it is not going to happen,
  5. Archery: 0 Artistic Swimming: 0 Athletics: 2 Badminton: 0 Baseball: 0 Basketball: 0 Basketball 3x3: 0 Beach Volleyball: 2(maybe more) Boxing: 1 Canoe Slalom: 0(maybe 1) Canoe Sprint 2 Cycling - BMX: 0 Cycling - MTB: 1 Cycling - Road: 0 Cycling - Track: 0 Diving: 0 Equestrian: 0 Fencing: 0 Field hockey: 0 Football: 1 Golf: 0 Gymnastics - Artistic: 1(maybe 2) Gymnastics - Rhytmic: 0 Gymnastics - Trampoline: 0 Handball: 0(maybe 1) Judo: 3(maybe more) Karate: 1 Modern Pentathlon: 0 Rowing: 0 Rugby: 0 Sailing: 2 Shooting: 0 Skateboarding: 4(or more) Softball: 0 Sport Climibing: 0 Surfing: 1 Swimming: 2(maybe more) Table tennis: 0(but we have Hugo Calderano, so....who knows?) Taekwondo: 1 Tennis: 0 Triathlon: 0 Voleyball: 1 Water polo: 0 Weightlifting: 0 Wrestling: 0 Total: 21 medals I'm expecting a good result from Brazil in next Olympic Games. Although this is going to be a hard task after the Olympics at home, we can win some important medals on new sports like Karate, Surfing and Skateboarding. Brazil's desire is finish the games at top 10 on medal table.
  6. won the continental championship and qualified to Tokyo.
  7. Groups at Panamerican Games. The winner will qualify to Tokyo. Women's Handball Group A: Group B:
  8. Groups at Panamerican Games. The winner will qualify to Tokyo. Men's Handball Group A: Group B:
  9. The official document for Boxing to next Olympic Games. https://www.olympic.org/-/media/Document Library/OlympicOrg/News/2019/06/ANNEX-1-Tokyo-2020-Qualification-System-Boxing.pdf
  10. Updating the Olympic Qualifying Ranking. PS: Men's Park and Womens's Park and Street there aren't any athlete of an African nation in the ranking. PS 2: This ranking regardless this rule: The three (3) highest placed athletes in each of the four (4) World Skate World Championship events (Women’s Street / Women’s Park / Men’s Street / Men’s Park) during the 2020 Season will be directly qualified to participate in the Olympic Games regardless of their placings on the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings as of 1 June 2020 Skate.xlsx
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