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  1. I don’t think they should be paid. The whole idea of college sports is amateurism. Plus, where is that money coming from??? Football & Basketball provide all the money for other sports at that university. There isn’t enough money.
  2. I don’t know why anyone with playoff aspirations would schedule Army. That triple option offense wears you down. I fully expected the game to be close. For the rest of the season, Michigan should be alright with the exception of Ohio State. Last year Oklahoma beat Army in OT & advanced to the playoff. Michigan just needs to forget about this bad performance.
  3. Yes, I know I have been slacking here. I check the forum at least once a day though & I still follow the qualification process for the olympics. Being honest, college football is my true love. Olympics is #2 for me. I am also busy with school & playing baseball. I don’t post a lot anymore, but I still know what’s happening. 5,000 posts is A LOT!!! Congrats!!! Always be yourself & follow what your passionate about & don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. You are wanted & loved!! Your contributions are huge not only in the forum, but in life as well!! I took time out of my busy day to thank you & congratulate you!! Keep it up!
  4. Here is the stream for both men’s and women’s https://shoott.co.za/#!/
  5. Wow that is a lot. I have been to a lot of Detroit team sports though. I have seen the Tigers probably like 20 times. I have seen the Pistons 3-4 times. Red wings & Lions once each. I also went to PSG vs Roma friendly in Detroit.
  6. No I have not. There has been many events, like the U.S. figure skating championships this past year as well as U.S. women’s ice hockey vs Canada, in Detroit, but I just haven’t had the time to go. We actually have a velodrome in Detroit and I hope to go some day.
  7. Team USA women’s volleyball wins & have clinched a spot in Tokyo!!!!
  8. The U.S. women’s volleyball team has won the first set against Argentina. A win and the U.S. is in the 2020 olympic volleyball tournament!!
  9. The U.S. women easily beat Kazakhstan 3-0 in the Olympic qualifying tournament. They will play Bulgaria at 6 ET tomorrow.
  10. In the women’s 10m air pistol final, the lone American finished in 8th place.
  11. In the women’s triathlon American Sophie Chase finished 21 seconds off the podium in 4th
  12. Women’s standings after swimming 1 543 2 519 3 514 4 502 5 501 6 499 7 496 8 495 9 494 10 493
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