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Which Sports Events are you Currently Watching?


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another day with a very busy schedule...NHL has had a night off, so today I can watch a couple of matches from the World Hockey Champs...for sure, SWE - SUI tonight, meanwhile I haven't decided yet which one I'm gonna watch this afternoon...

right now, instead, I'm ready for the Women's K1 and the Men's C2 finals at the Slalom Canoeing European Champs...and later I'll try to follow the last finals from the Judo Grand Prix in Almaty...

Tonight, after the hockey match, it's time for the Basketball Euroleague grand final (in full, with a slight delay)...

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Semi-finals of the women's Euro Hockey Club Champions Cup, but that's only because it's on the channel where I'm waiting for the F1 preview :p 

If you'd like to help our fellow Totallympics member Bruna Moura get to the 2026 Winter Olympics, after her car crash on the way to the 2022 Olympics, every tiny bit of help would be greatly appreciated! Full story and how to help can be found here!

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