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United States National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

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4 minutes ago, Rdbc said:

Good start for Softball team with 2-0 win over Italy in their first game in Tokyo!


Never watched Softball before, was Italy doing surprisingly good or USA not fully warmed up yet? 

Combination of Italy pitching well and the US not being great on offense.


US was great on defense though.

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Plans for 2018-2020 USA National Thread  I notice that this National Thread is quite dead during the non Olympic months so I've created a system of posts that I will be posting from now until 202

It’s been a great winter season for the US so far. I hope to see some of the momentum carried into the upcoming world champs.

USA Olympics Recap Day 1   Archery: I was thinking our Mixed Team would win against Indonesia   and get a possible medal but alas we lost in the first round with an 18-20 shootout score

Posted Images


Women's Single Scull (W1x): Kara Kholer finished first in her heat advancing to the quarterfinals. (hoping for a medal from her) 

Women's Double Scull (W2x): Kristina Wagner & Genevra Stone placed second in their heat advancing to the semifinals 

Women's Quadruple Scull (W4x): Our Women's W4x finished last (5th) in their heat, they will now go to the Repechage for a spot in the finals





In Archery the ranking rounds took place. Mackenzie Brown got a 5th seed and PB with a score of 668. Casey Kaufhold placed 17th with a score of 653 meanwhile Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez placed 24th with a PB score of 649. These great scores from the team allowed the Women's Team to seed 3 and get a bye in the first round. 


The next individual matches for these women will be 


Brown (5th)  vs Schwartz (60th) :GER

Casey Kaufhold (17th) vs de Velasco (48th) :ESP

Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez (24th) vs Pavlova (41st) :UKR


The next team match will be versus the winner of ROC :ROC (6th)  vs Ukraine :UKR (11th) 



Having having a rough start Brady Ellison came back to finish 2nd place with a score of 682. Jack Williams placed 29th with a score of 656, while Jacob Wukie with a score of 649 placed 47th. This allowed the Men's team to place 5th which is a bit lower than expected but I believe they can work their way through the bracket. 


The next individual matches for the men will be


Ellison (2nd) vs Vaziri Teymoorlooei (63rd) :IRI

Williams (29th) vs Plihon (36th) :FRA

Wukie (47th) vs Aguilar (18th) :CHI


The next team match will be versus France :FRA (12th) 




Our mixed team placed 2nd with an overall score of 1350 which means we will play Indonesia (15th) :INA


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Finished up school work (summer class) for the day to come to a plethora of events going on right now. Will try and make a post as I did yesterday with results and stuff and will keep it updated as the day goes on! Happy 1st official day of Tokyo 2020! 

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USA Olympics Recap Day 1



I was thinking our Mixed Team would win against Indonesia :INA  and get a possible medal but alas we lost in the first round with an 18-20 shootout score after a underwhelming 8 point arrow from Ellison. Here's to hoping the rest of our Archery competitions goes well for us. 



Basketball 3x3:


We win our first two matches. 17-10 vs France :FRA and 21-9 vs Mongolia :MGL



Men's  Doubles

In the first day of Group Stages Phillip and Ryan Chew lost 0-2 to Jun Hui Li and Yu Chen Lio of China :CHN who were seeded 3rd. I'm not expecting Phillip and Ryan Chew to win a match in their group but should still be interesting and hopefully close matches on July 26th and 27th. 



Men's  Featherweight

Our featherweight boxer Duke Ragan beat Samuel Kistohurry of France :FRA 3-2, which advances him to the Round of 16 where he will face Serik Temirzhanov of Kazakhstan :KAZ


Men's Welterweight

Delante Johnson won his match 3-2 against Brian Arregui of Argentina :ARG


Women's Featherweight

Yarisel Ramierez lost her opening round match 0-5 against Nikolina Cacic of Croatia :CRO




Women's Individual Epee 

Kelley Hurley started in the RO32 against Erika Kirpu of Estonia :EST where she narrowly won 15-14. She then went onto the RO16 and narrowly lost 11-12 to Murtazaeva of ROC :ROC. Else where in the RO32 Kathrine Holmes lost 12-15 to Song Se-ra of Korea :KOR. Kathrine's sister Courtney Hurley lost 8-15 in the RO32 match against Zhu Mingye of China :CHN


Men's Individual Sabre

On the Men's side in Sabre, Andrew Mackiewicz won in the RO64 15-13 against Shimaura of Japan :JPN. Later in the RO32 he lost 7-15 to Sang-uk from South Korea :KOR. Daryl Homer lost his initial match 11-15  in the RO32 against Amer of Egypt :EGY. Our hopeful medalist Eli Derschwitz who is seeded 2nd won his initial RO32 match 15-9 against Streets of Japan :JPN. He then got upset 9-15 by 15th seed Jung-hwan of South Korea. :KOR



We got back to our winning ways against New Zealand :NZL where we won with a score of 6-1.



10m Air Rifle Women's 

We had two competitors in the Qualification round for this event. Mary Carolynn Tucker and Alison Marie Weisz. Weisz finished 14th with a score of 626.9 meanwhile, Tucker finished 3rd with a score of 631.4 which has now qualified her to the finals where hopefully she can score our first medal of Tokyo! 


In the final Mary Tucker unfortunately went out of the competition in 6th place. She will be back in action on July 31st in the 50m Rifle 3 Positions.


10m Air Pistol Men's

In the qualification round both our competitors failed to make it into the top 8 to reach the finals. James Hall placed 10th with a score of 577 meanwhile Nick Mowrer placed 13 with a score of 576. 




We continue our winning streak with a 2-0 win over :MEX setting us up well in the top four. 



Table Tennis:

Women's  Singles

In the preliminary rounds Ju Liu (68) upset Oshonaike (53) of Nigeria :NGR 4-1 allowing her to advance to the first round where she will play Dvorak (43) of Spain :ESP.


Men's  Singles

In the preliminary round Kumar (55) won his match 4-1 against Enkhbat (65) of Mongolia. :MGL Kumar will now play against Mino (46) of Ecuador :ECU





We win our opening match 3-0 against France :FRA


Water Polo:


Our Women's team wins their first 25-4 match in the group stage against Japan :JPN. Great start for the team as we should at least get top 3 in our group. 




Women's 49kg

Our medalist hopeful Jourdan Delacruz was unable to get a successful Clean & Jerk after scoring a 86kg Snatch round. 




Personal Thoughts: Disappointing day for many of our athletes today. I was hoping for Medals in Mixed Archery, Men's Individual Sabre, Women's 49kg Weightlifting, or Women's 10m Air Rifle. 


Update: Not sure when I'll sleep but feel free to update the event's that I missed/haven't gotten to yet/slept through. If not I will go back in the morning and update everything! 

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Hoping for a repeat of Rio. Also, we had a Table Tennis & Men’s Fencing win so far. Archery will compete in about 5 minutes.

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USA Olympics Recap Day 2

Will update as events conclude


:champion: - Designates Medal 



Women's Team

Where I believed we had a shot at a medal we lost in the Quarterfinals 0-6 to ROC :ROC. Pretty disappointing honestly with both mixed and women's team underperforming. Let's hope the individual makes up for it! 



Men's Singles

Our sole Men's Singles player Timothy Lam lost 0-2 to number 1 ranked seed Kento Momota of Japan :JPN

Women's Singles

Our 11th seed Women's singles player Beiwen Zhang won her opening match 2-0 against Marija Ulitinia of Ukraine :UKR. Keep it up Beiwen! 





The more I watch our Men's team the more hope I loose for them getting a gold. With a 76-83 loss to France :FRA, we play Iran in our next game on the 28th. France is I believe the 3rd ranked team in the world but we should still be winning these games easily! 



Basketball 3x3:


While our Men's 5-man team lost to France the Women's 3x3 team got 2 more wins! A 22-11 win over Romania :ROU and 22-16 win over ROC :ROC. We currently sit at top of the table in 1st place as the only undefeated team!




Men's lightweight

Starting off the RO32 Keyeshawn Davis won 5-0 against Enrico Lacruz of The Netherlands :NED. He now advances to the RO16 where hopefully he can upset Oumiha of France.


Women's flyweight 

In the first round Virginia Fuschs narrowly won 3-2 against Svetlana of ROC :ROC




Men's C-1

In the preliminary heats Zachary Lokken was able to place 4th out of 15 that advanced to the semifinals! Let's hope he keeps up the good work and can make it to the finals! 


Women's K-1

On the Women's side in the K-1, Evy Leibfarth placed 15th out of the 24 that advanced into the semifinals! Great work from her and lets hope she and Zachary Lokken continue to advance!




Women's road race

Coryn Rivera had a good race finishing in 7th place. The three other cyclists finished in 29th, 31st, and 45th! 




Women's synchronized 3m springboard

Unfortunately it was 6th place for the American duo of Alison Gibson and Krysta Palmer. Palmer will later compete in the prelim for the individual 3m springboard.




Individual Dressage

In the individual dressage all three Americans qualified into the Grand Prix Freestyle. 

Team Dressage

For the team dressage the USA squad of three placed 3rd which qualified them for the team grand prix freestyle



Men's Individual Eppe 

In the RO64 Yeisser Ramirez won 15-6 against Niggeler of Switzerland :SUI but lost 2-15 against Bida from ROC :ROC. Elsewhere in the tournament Curtis McDowald and Jacob Hoyle lost their opening RO32 matches. 


Women's Individual Foil :champion:

It was a crazy day in the Women's Individual Foil tournament. Jacqueline Dubrovich was the first American women eliminated in the tournament after she lost her RO32 match 14-15 against Ebert of Germany :GER. Nicole Ross won her opening match 15-5 against Karamete of Turkey :TUR but lost her 2nd match against Yuka Ueno 9-15 of Japan :JPN. Lee Kiefer won 15-4 in her RO32 match against Berthier of Singapore :SGP, she then went on to face Harvey of Canada :CAN where she narrowly won 15-13. In the quarterfinals she beat Yuka Ueno of Japan 15-11 :JPN advancing her to the semifinals. In the semifinals she beat Larisa of ROC :ROC 15-6. In the finals she was able to upset the #1 ranked player, Inna of ROC :ROC which allowed Lee Kiefer to take home an unexpected gold medal! 




After a close match that went into the 8th inning we squeezed out a 2-1 victory over Australia :AUS. I believe this means the worst we could do is finish second place which means either a gold or silver medal. Our match tomorrow against Japan should be an interesting one as the gold medal match should be between us. 



Men's 400m freestyle :champion:

In a close race for silver/bronze Kieran Smith won bronze in the event. Meanwhile our other swimmer in the final, Jake Mitchell placed 8th. 


Men's 200m freestyle

In the heats for this event both our swimmers Townley Haas and Kieran Smith placed in the top 16 allowing them to go through to the semifinals! 


Men's 100m backstroke

Both Ryan Murphy and Hunter Armstrong made it through to the semifinals after finishing 7th and 15th respectively. 


Men's 100m breaststroke 

In the semifinals Michael Andrew and Andrew Wilson finished in the top 8 advancing them into the finals. 


Men's 400m Medley :champion:

More medals came in for the USA in this event with Chase Kalisz with the gold and Brendon Smith with the bronze


Women's 400m freestyle

Both Katy Ledecky and Paige Madden made it through the heats and onto the finals in the 400m freestyle


Women's 100m backstroke

Regan Smith and Rhyan White progressed to the semifinals after finishing 2nd and 6th respectively overall. 


Women's 100m breaststroke

More dominance in the heats continue with Lydia Jacoby and Lilly King progressing into the semifinals. 


Women's 100m butterfly

While Tori Huske managed to make it out of the semifinals into the finals, Claire Curzan was unable to make it out of the semifinals.


Women's 400m Medley :champion:

Both Emma Weyant and Hali Flickinger won medals. Weyant with the silver and Flickinger with the bronze


Women's 4x100m Freestyle :champion:

A close finish for 2nd/3rd let us get the bronze in this event! Australia was insane with a WR! 





Our Men's team won their first match against Japan :JPN with a score of 15-13!





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USA Olympics Recap Day 3

Will update as events conclude

Currently in the process of updating Day 2, will try and get all the events but Day 3 is starting right now. 

I have summer class this week so posts might not be getting fully updated until later in the day but I'll try my best. I'd love to also make a post similiar to the ones going on in the Canada National Team thread, where before each day a post is made of all the Canadian athletes and what time and event their competing in. I might get around to that if I find myself having freetime... 

Anyways let's hope for some more medals today! 

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