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  1. Second medal for And very close to big suprise in elimination race and elimination Wild at third sprint lap from the finish but that didn't happened.
  2. @TomJa last day, last report - Beach Volleyball 4x4 - our guys lost against 1:2 (13, -19, 11) in bronze medal match - Kitefoil - Maksymilian Zakowski was 4th in his semifinal and didn't advance - Beach Handball - our girls won against 2:0 (15:14, 20:10) and they finished tournament at 5th position So we are finishing the games with one silver medal and five more places in top 8: 2nd - Julia Damasiewicz (Kitefoil) 4th - Men's Beach Volleyball 4x4 Team 5th - Women's Beach Handball Team 6th - Krzysztof Pielowski (5km Open Water Swimming) 7th - Alicja Ulatowska (Aquathlon Individual) 7th - Alicja Ulatowska/Kamil Damentka (Aquathlon Mixed Relay) Not bad for two teams and six individual athletes. @TomJa if you want I can always do the same in military games (if results site will work properly)
  3. Here you go my friend Just remember. Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, consider this justice a gift on my daughter's wedding day
  4. Doesn't look like. I can't even get to schedule and results at official site of the games
  5. It's always good feelings to get a medal. Here maybe it'll be our only one or one of two but we'll make this up at Military Games cause we send there... Well it looks like we send everybody
  6. is sending 182 athletes in 17 sports. It will be 4 in archery, 34 in athletics, 5 in badminton, 12 in boxing, 10 in cycling, 12 in fencing, 17 in judo, 9 in lifesaving, 8 in modern pentathlon, 6 in naval pentathlon, 2 in open water swimming, 2 in sailing, 18 in shooting, 19 in swimming, 4 in tennis, 9 in triathlon and 11 in wrestling. There are many medalists of world championships and olympic games in this team. For example (I'm typing only about this year succeses if their are any): - Justyna Swiety-Ersetic (WCh medalist in 4x400m and finalist in 400m and 4x400m mixed) - Małgorzata Holub-Kowalik (WCh medalist in 4x400m) - Anna Kielbasinska (WCh medalist in 4x400m - was running only in heats) - Marcin Lewandowski (WCh medalist in 1500m) - Wojciech Nowicki (WCh medalist in hammer throw) - Malwina Kopron (hammer throw) - Piotr Malachowski (discus throw) - Pawel Wojciechowski (pole vault) - Konrad Czerniak (swimming) - Radoslaw Kawecki (swimming) - Sandra Drabik (boxing) - Iwona Matkowska (wrestling) - Agnieszka Wieszczek-Korbus (wrestling) - Oktawia Nowacka (modern pentathlon) - Radoslaw Zawrotniak (fencing) - Ewa Trzebinska (fencing) - Magdalena Piekarska (fencing) - Tomasz Bartnik (shooting) - Adrian Teklinski (cycling) - Agnieszka Skrzypulec (sailing) - Jolanta Ogar (sailing)
  7. @TomJa if you like it so much, please have another one at Tuesday: - Kitefoil - We have a medal! Julia Damasiewicz was 2nd in women's final where she lost with Moroz. Magdalena Wojciechowska was 2nd in her semifinal and didn't advance to the final. Also I'm apologize cause I wrote yesterday that men's final is today which is not true. It's tomorrow. - Beach Volleyball 4x4 - Our team lost with 0:2 (22, 15). They will play for bronze against - Aquathlon - Alicja Ulatowska and Kamil Damentka took 7th place in relay. They lost to the winners 2:25 and 1:37 to medal. The best position of our team was at 1st leg after swim when Ulatowska was 3rd. - Beach Handball - our girls won with after shootouts in very even match 2:1 (18:17, 14:15, 9:8). For 5th place they will play against Tomorrow is last day of the games. The most important event is of course bronze medal match of our volleyball players. Except that there are semifinals of kitefoil with Maksymilian Zakowski but he probably won't advance and 5th place match of our handball girls.
  8. The question is, are there any other candidates to host ECh?
  9. Well, I always look English Wikipedia when I'm using some names I'm not sure so... It's official name of this gesture, what can I say? In Poland comonly we call it "Hitler's Greeting", "Nazi Greeting" or sth like that. Well, yes and no. Gesture of straight arm isn't even really a Roman thing cause we don't know how real legionares salute looked like. In Rome gesture of empty right hand was sign of good intentions or simply greetings so sometimes whole arm was raised but it wasn't part of the gesture. There are some examples of using gesture of straight right arm (for example oath of Augustus to the Caesar or reliefs of Roman victories) but they are individual cases usually with difference between them (closed hand, outstretched fingers, bent arm etc.). I don't now why fascist salute is consider as ancient Roman, probably contribution of Mussolini and his crew, but now it's called Roman salute Ok, enough of history lesson. It's football topic, god damnit
  10. I think that stronger teams want to play in stronger group cause that means easier opponent in quarter final
  11. I'm not accusing any country. I'm just saying that idiots are everywhere. And if bunch of a-holes are using Roman salute it's not necessarily linked with history of their country. For example I do not expect such behavior at German stadium but there are Neo-Nazist organization also in Germany. At most I can say that fans from some countries would not use this gesture because of their history (also Germany). For example twenty years ago hooligans in my own country had some big problem with foreign players (not only black ones) - for example Dino Baggio was hit by a knife thrown from stands during Champions League match (qualification round). Now things are changed (they had get use to it cause now most of the players are foreign but our league still sucks) but there are still many idiots among hooligans (probably like in every country) and despite the fact that they can jump with someting stupid once in a while I would never expect they will use Roman salute. Not now and not twenty years ago. And of course we have Neo-Nazist organizations also in Poland which I can't understand but it's a fact.
  12. But that has nothing to do with it. You are not saying that there was WWII veterans, do you? There are Neo-Nazists organizations in UK or USA and their members also use salute but that doesn't mean that this countries 80 years ago was part of the Axis. In Sofia it was just a big group (crowd?) of idiots that have some problem with people with a different skin color and it's the most common gesture to show such stupid feelings.
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