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  1. 1) To the 2nd round but also to the OQT 2) You're right. But you never know with Italy, Turkey and Czech Republic. You can expect anything from these teams. Of course they'll be favorites in matches with Philippines and Japan, but I won't be suprised if one of them lose points. But maybe I underestimate European teams or overvalue Asian
  2. To be fair, every team in group A is very happy right now
  3. Well, if she has dual citizeship and there is no information in german sites than you should try... the other ones To be fair, I also was looking first at germans.
  4. I didn't say it's strange She moved to Germany when she was 1 year old. First she was gymnastic than started to train skeleton.
  5. But to be honest is not very popular practice in sliding sports. Aileen Frisch is the only example I can remind now from last years and Germans are dominators in bobsleigh and luge and very strong in skeleton. In Fernstadtova case probably her place of birth was important. It's only my guess but I think she had dual citizenship.
  6. Good luck. Hope to skeleton will take an example from bobsleigh and we'll see some Czechs in Beijing Ok, I tried to be polite but it seems not working on you so I'll say straight. Discusions and opinions about that some countries should or not to be better than others is not only not necessary but also undesirable. Hope you'll understand this time cause I won't bother myself to try third time. No regards for you I have no idea what is happening here. Russians are terrible and Dukurs who has bad season (for him) now can (and probably will) be World Champion. Amazing competition.
  7. Philipp Moelter is not racing anymore? And you have young boy named Timon Drahonovsky (15-16yo). Try Anna Fernstadt Is it really necessary to write such a thing?
  8. Maybe he was thinking about Elbe?
  9. It's quite likely that Norway will win all gold medals in men's competition. 20km and relay are the biggest chances that someone won't let this happen. But there'll be some other countries with gold in women's competition (maybe no gold for Norway at all, who knows). Very good performance of team. Didin't expect such a result without Hojnisz and Zuk (to be fair, didn't expect such a result with them also). Great job, guys!
  10. It is but our wonderful commentator can't understand what "wave start" is. It's sad cause he's been commenting NC fom many years.
  11. Tell that to Lundby or to Norway jumpers in Pyeongchang
  12. Are you not greedy a little bit? Medals in cross country of men and women, medals in nordic combined, medals in women's ski jumping, leave one discipline for others, just one
  13. I'm correcting someone and of course I'm doing it wrong. So typical...
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