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  1. Col_Frost

    Men's Curling WCF European Championship 2018

    You're right. I wrote my answer in a hurry and forgot about KS Warszowice.
  2. Col_Frost

    Men's Curling WCF European Championship 2018

    I don't know exact number but there are at least 15 clubs, all in big cities. Maybe there are some more but if so it's not a much larger number.
  3. https://chronorace.blob.core.windows.net/webresources/20181104_urban/bmx_me_half_results.pdf
  4. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    What a beautiful country. Except men's part of it.
  5. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    I'm wondering. In what kind of uniform are Scottish women playing?
  6. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    And in skirts in female edition. Don't forget about the skirts!
  7. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Right, right, and artificial luge is almost the same thing as natural
  8. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Where and when did you see a field hockey match on grass last time?
  9. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Well, it can't be much worst
  10. Col_Frost

    Karate WKF World Championships 2018

    I wouldn't say it's a serious problem. It's just that Spain doesn't rocognize of Kosovo. This case with Kosovo is very strange. Personally I don't have problems with this country, I believe that their citizens know best which country they live in and I don't understand why foreign country will of keeping or not diplomatic relations with it should be decisive, but there is some regulation in IOC, I believe, that future member should have this relations with most countries of the world. Kosovo is recognize only by half of the world so this kind of situation will happen, probably.
  11. Col_Frost

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    That's very sad I was watching first period (couldn't watch whole match) and puck sometimes was moving in strange direction but I didn't expect that we can't prepare ice correctly to play whole 60 minutes. Not so long time ago we host WCh regularly (of course not elite, but still...). Rest of the match will be played tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't find any information about time for rest of the matches. Maybe tournament will be postponed and finish at Monday (strange thing, but it's holiday in Poland this year)? It's all chaos. It's even sadder if you think that this is tournament in the occasion of 100th anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty. And about Polish hockey players. I don't want go into details, because it's more complicated. In short it looks like that: players want money for past matches, federation don't want to pay the whole amount - they claim that promise of payments was whim of ex-presidents, not idea of federation itself
  12. Well, this girls are only 17-18 years old, except Warło (21 yo) and Łętocha (24 yo) Kowalczyk, except being an assistant coach (coach himself is her old trainer Aleksandr Wierietielnyj), will start but not in WC. She decided to compete in ski marathons. Maybe she'll start at WCh in relay.
  13. Col_Frost

    Beijing 2022 Olympic Sports Programme

    Of course they are! Vehicle won't go forward if driver won't turn gas on
  14. Col_Frost

    Beijing 2022 Olympic Sports Programme

    Maybe try ice speedway? Competitors also drive around sitting on two-wheels vehicles. The only different is that vehicles are making "broom-broom" noise
  15. Col_Frost

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    She probably lives in USA from years like most of Caribbean sprinters P.S. Please, don't say I didn't understand your irony again