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Tennis Qualification to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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3 hours ago, Agger said:

But she was selected for 2016 where injury got in the way.


Okay, but perhaps she shouldn't have waited until 2016 to try and play, when there were chances in 2013, 2014, and 2015?


Tsitsipas already played last year for us and now he played again yesterday and today, less than one week after playing a Grand Slam final on the other side of the world...

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2 hours ago, Laraja said:

Hey guys. I need your help.


Tennis rankings qualification are quite complicated. There are so many details, especially for Doubles Rankings.


Do you guys have any idea or suggestion how I could do them? Combined Rankings, for instance, is quite difficult, because it depends on the choice of already qualified tennis players.


If anyone is willing to help me here, please take a look at it, and send me a message!



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