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Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

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Funfact, you can unscramble both country codes to make the word "Airbus".

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7 hours ago, vlad said:

Guatemala 2 - 0 United States:yikes:

They still haven't figured out that Klinsmann is not a top coach?

Vamos Guatemala! :d

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USA a first-ever loss to Guatemala in World Cup qualifying :yikes: it's a bad results and now they need to win the match at home (next week at Columbus stadium) 

Mexico:clap:  is close to reach next round, if win.

Panama missed chance :( (a draw with Haiti) and,as expected, will be a fight with Jamaica for the 2nd spot.

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Final matchday for ASIA Round 2 with 5 nations already qualified   :QAT  :KOR  :THA:KSA:JPN (the Saudis and Japanese both are secure at least a place among the four best runners-up), remain 7 spots for the 3rd round.

The top teams in each of the eight groups will progress, alongside the four best second-placed teams. 

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I predict Syria, UAE, Iraq and North Korea will advance to next round as 2nd placed teams. I don't see Jordan not losing in Australia and I think China won't beat Qatar (I'm assuming Qatar will play with their best team...). Iraq will beat Vietnam and I think North Korea may drop points in Philippines, but will still advance.

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Easy for :AUS  5-1 ;)  


Jordan finish 2nd but now the goal difference is +2 , with 10 pts (points against teams ranked first to fourth in the group) is very difficult stay in TOP 4 of best runner-up.

Syria with 12pts is qualified as one of best RU (HT losing 1-0 with Japan)

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