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  1. Adding onto this, how nice of Qin Haiyang to get disqualified. Giving Murdoch a spot in the semis haha Any idea what he did to get disqualified, I noticed he was tied for first in his heat.
  2. Well I've finished school, so I'll be more than happy to compete for Australia in the open contest later this year!
  3. Haven't had a chance to listen to all the songs this year, but congratulations for Canada for their win. Long time no see btw haha
  4. School is still open in Australia. Wonder what other countries still have school.
  5. I've been busy with school, finally have time to vote. I'll be done in the next 6 hours
  6. I've been busy all weekend, haven't been able to listen to the songs. How much time do I have left?
  7. Definitely not active enough for that
  8. Australia has a fundraiser concert for the fires. Been going on for 7 hours already $6.5 Million raised!
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