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Scandals in Sports Thread

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5 hours ago, NaBUru38 said:

The Finland player obviously clashes with the American goalkeeper, but the goal interference applies when the goalkeeper is inside the area. To judge that, I would need to know the rules properly.


IIHF statement about the situation..




Two IIHF Playing Rules were considered in this instance:
-According to IIHF Playing Rule 186 v. Goaltender and Goal/Goal Crease Disallowed: An attacking skater who makes contact other than incidental with a goaltender who is out of his goal crease during game action will be assessed a minor penalty for interference. If a goal is scored at this time, it will not count.
-According to IIHF Playing Rule 183 ii. Protection of a Goaltender: Incidental contact is allowed when the goaltender is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease, provided the attacking skater makes a reasonable effort to minimize or avoid such contact.
Taking these two rules into consideration, the IIHF Video Goal Judge Operations determined that the goal must be disallowed.



At first view I don´t see any interest of the FIN player to make a contact with the goalie, who had literally only a part of her foot in the crease...this is just too strict reading of the rules IMO, this would be a good goal in 1 of 100 other matches...


but well, sometimes the rules works for some and sometimes not...this reminds me of this, when suddenly there were no problem to allow the goal


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