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  1. Incredible performance from Miquel Travé! He is only 18, but it seems he is going to be the new Spanish star in canoe slalom. Hopefully we could see him in Tokyo, because we need somebody to replace Ander Elosegi in canoe (4th in Beijing and London and 8th in Rio), and having next year World Champs in La Seu is a great opportunity to qualify.
  2. Cobi

    Badminton BWF World Championships 2018

    Gold medal for Carolina Marín . Three times World Champion!
  3. Cobi

    Badminton BWF World Championships 2018

    Carolina wins! He Bingjiao played really well the 1st set, but the 2nd and, especially, the 3rd were dominated by Marín. It has been the toughest match this week for her, but she has shown a great physical shape. I hope tomorrow she can make history again.
  4. Cobi

    Badminton BWF World Championships 2018

    Carolina Marín 2-0 (21-6, 21-11) against Saina Nehwal and moves to the semifinals! Third World medal for Carolina, and consequently for Spanish badminton
  5. Cobi

    Badminton BWF World Championships 2018

    Carolina Marín wins 2-0 (21-7, 21-13) against Sayaka Sato and she advances to quarterfinals. Tomorrow she will try to achieve the 3rd medal for Spanish badminton!
  6. Cobi

    Women's Field Hockey FIH World Cup 2018

    Wow! Incredible victory over Germany! To be honest, Germany played better and probably they deserved to win, but Spain defended really well and I'm very happy for our girls. It's only the 2nd time that our women's team reaches semifinals after Madrid 2006! Furthermore, we will improve our ranking a lot, so we are closer to be in Tokyo. Now we should try to win against Ireland or India, because probably gold and bronze medal will be won by teams from the other side of the bracket.
  7. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's Finn Day 1 August 10th, 2018 Any Athlete from Australia Jorge Zarif X Milan Vujasinović Tapio Nirkko Jonathan Lobert X Giles Scott Ed Wright Ioannis Mitakis Zsombor Berecz Nicholas Heiner Peter-Jan Postma Josh Junior Andrew Maloney Max Salminen X Alican Kaynar Caleb Paine Any Other Athlete Men's 470 Day 1 August 10th, 2018 Mathew Belcher/William Ryan X David Bargehr/Lukas Mahr Zangjun Xu/Chao Wang Any Athletes from France Any Athletes from Germany Luke Patience/Chris Grube Panagiotis Mantis/Pavlos Kagialis Giacomo Ferrari/Giulio Calabro Any Athletes from Japan Paul Snow-Hansen/Daniel Willcox Anton Dahlberg/Fredrik Bergstrom X Denis Cinar/Ates Cinar Stuart McNay/David Hughes Any Other Athlete X Women's 470 Day 1 August 10th, 2018 Any Athlete from China Camille Lecointre/Aloise Retornaz Any Athlete from Germany Hannah Mills/Eilidh McIntyre X Amy Seabright/Anna Carpenter Gil Cohen/Noa Lasry Ai Kondo Yoshida/Miho Yoshioka Afrodite Zegers/Anneloes van Veen Agnieszka Skrzypulec/Irmina Mrozek-G. X Tina Mrak/Veronika Macarol Any Athlete from Spain X Linda Fahrni/Maja Siegenthaler Any Other Athlete Men's Laser Day 2 August 11th, 2018 Tim Burton X Mathew Wearn Tonči Stipanović X Pavlos Kontides Jean-Baptiste Bernaz Philipp Buhl Any Athlete from Great Britain X Juan Ignacio Maegli Any Athlete from Italy Sam Meech Thomas Saunders Stefano Peschiera Jesper Stalheim Christopher Barnard Any Other Athlete Women's Laser Radial Day 2 August 11th, 2018 Emma Plasschaert X Tatiana Drozdovskaya Brenda Bowskill Anne-Marie Rindom Any Athlete from Finland Any Athlete from France Any Athlete from Germany Alison Young Maria Erdi X Manami Doi Viktorija Andrulyte Marit Bouwmeester X Josefin Olsson Paige Railey Erika Reineke Dolores Moreira Any Other Athlete Men's 49er Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Any Athlete from Australia X Yago Lange/Klaus Lange Benjamin Bildstein/David Hussl Šime Fantela/Mihovil Fantela Any Athlete from Denmark Any Athlete from France Any Athlete from Germany Dylan Fletcher-Scott/Stuart Bithell X James Peters/Fynn Sterritt Logan Dunning Beck/Oscar Gunn Josh Porebski/Trent Rippey Any Athlete from Poland Jorge Lima/Jose Costa Any Athlete from Spain X Any Other Athlete Women's 49er FX Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Victoria Travascio/Maria Branz Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze X Ida M. Baad Nielsen/Marie T. Olsen Jena Mai Hansen/Katja S.-Iversen X Any Athlete from Germany Charlotte Dobson/Saskia Tidey Odile van Aanholt/Marieke Jongens Annemiek Bekkering/Annette Duetz Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech X Ragna Agerup/Maia Agerup Helene Naess/Marie Rønningen Kimberly Lim/Cecilia Low Tamara Echegoyen/Paula Barcelo Any Athlete from Sweden Any Other Athlete Men's IKA Formula Kite Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Martin Dolenc Theo de Ramecourt Axel Mazella X Nicolas Parlier X Florian Gruber Guy Bridge Oliver Bridge X Maks Zakowski Denis Taradin Toni Vodišek Any Athlete from the United States Any Other Athlete Women's IKA Formula Kite Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Any Athlete from Australia Stine Jensen Leonie Meyer Steph Bridge Anais Mai Desjardin Alexia Fancelli X Megumi Hirata Elena Kalinina X Bibiana Magaji Daniela Moroz X Bilge Ozturk Any Other Athlete Men's RS:X Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Bing Ye X Mengfan Gao Louis Giard Thomas Goyard Pierre Le Coq X Kieran Holmes Martin Byron Kokkalanis Shahar Zubari X Mattia Camboni Kiran Badloe Dorian van Rijsselberghe Piotr Myszka Ivan Pastor Mateo Sanz Lanz Any Other Athlete Women's RS:X Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Peina Chen X Yunxiu Lu Ingrid Puusta Helene Noesmoen Charline Picon Any Athlete from Great Britain Hei Man Chan Noga Geller Flavia Tartaglini Lilian de Geus X Malgorzata Bialecka Zofia Noceti-Klepacka Stefania Elfutina X Marina Alabau Bianca Manchon Any Other Athlete Mixed Nacra 17 Day 3 August 12th, 2018 Santiago Lange/Cecilia Carranza Saroli Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin Thomas Zajac/Barbara Matz Lin Cenholt/Christian Lubeck Any Athlete from France Paul Kohlhoff/Alisa Stuhlemmer John Grimson/Anna Burnet Ben Saxton/Nicola Boniface X Vittorio Biassaro/Maelie Farscari Ruggero Tita/Caterina Banti X Gemma Jones/Jason Saunders Olivia Mackay/Micah Wilkinson Fernando Echevarri/Tara Pacheco Riley Gibbs/Louisa Chafee X Any Other Athlete [/hide]
  8. Archery: 2-6 (Probably women's team and 1 men, but both teams have options) Artistic Swimming: 8 Athletics: 40-50 Badminton: 2 (Carolina Marín and Pablo Abián in singles. We don't have pairs) Baseball: 0 Basketball: 27 (both 5x5 teams and 3x3 women) Beach Volleyball: 4-6 (Herrera/Gavira and Lili/Elsa for sure and maybe a 2nd women pair) Boxing: 2-3 men and no women Canoeing - Slalom: 3-4 Canoeing - Sprint: Around 10 Cycling - BMX: 0-1 (I know we have a girl in freestyle who has competed in World Cup, but it seems difficult to qualify) Cycling - Mountain Bike: 2-3 (2 men and maybe 1 woman) Cycling - Road: 7 (5 men and 2 women) Cycling - Track: 4-5 Diving: 1-2 Equestrian: 5-7 (Dressage team is almost sure and if we are lucky we can qualify our jumping team and Albert Hermoso in eventing) Fencing: 2-5 (Carlos Llavador and Yulen Pereira should be in and our women's sabre team will try to qualify, but I think we will not beat Hungary) Field Hockey: 32 Football: 20 (Men's team is good enough to qualify and women's team will depend on the draw for World Cup) Golf: 4 for sure Gymnastics - Artistic: 2-3 (2 men and 1 woman) Gymnastics - Rhythmic: 6 (group + 1 individual) Gymnastics - Trampoline: 0 Handball: 28 (both teams) Judo: 5-7 Karate: 2-4 (both Katas and maybe 1-2 spots in Kumite) Modern Pentathlon: 0 Rowing: 6 (M2-, M2x and W2-) Rugby Sevens: 0-12 (both teams can do it, especially women, but it's very dificult so I would be happy with one) Sailing: 14 (all but Finn) Shooting: 5-8 Skateboarding: 2-3 Softball: 0 Sport Climbing: 0-1 Surfing: 1-3 Swimming: 20-25 Table Tennis: 2-4 (Álvaro Robles and Galia Dvorak in singles and maybe women's team, but they are too young yet) Taekwondo: 3-4 Tennis: 8-10 Triathlon: 5 (3 men and 2 women if we qualify our relay team) Volleyball 0 Water Polo: 26 Weightlifting: 4-6 (we qualified 4 for Rio, so I think we will perform slightly better) Wrestling: 0-1 (Nowadays, Taimuraz Friev is the only one with a good level) Total Sports: 36-38 Optimistic Total Athletes: 390 Realistic Total Athletes: 315/325 Pessimistic Total Athletes: 270
  9. Cobi

    Fencing FIE World Championships 2018

    It seems World Champs will be streamed in this page: http://sports.cctv.com/live/waicai6/index.shtml and Finals in Olympic Channel. I hope it works well, because Chinese streams usually present issues. We will check this evening! Finally there won't be streaming for secondary colour pistes, so we couldn't see half matches of table of 64. For strong countries, it is not a big deal, but for Spanish fans is a pity we will not be able to watch majority of our fencers, because probably more than 50% of our team will lose in this round. Hopefully Llavador and Pereira can have a good day and reach at least T16 (I know Yulen would have to face Nikishin in T32, but he already defeated the Ukranian last year and he lost by one in Paris a few months ago).
  10. Cobi

    Archery at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

  12. TEAM SPAIN MEN´S Ion IZAGIRRE (Road Race, Time Trial) Jonathan CASTROVIEJO (Road Race, Time Trial) Alejandro VALVERDE (Road Race) Joaquim RODRÍGUEZ (Road Race) Imanol ERVITI (Road Race) WOMEN´S Ane SANTESTEBAN (Road Race)