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  1. My mistake I don't know why I exchanged the names, but my point is the same
  2. Well, I don't think it's a miracle. It's true that Croatia was the favorite today, but I have seen a few games and I don't see a huge difference of level between SVK-CRO-SRB... So, if I have to bet I would do it for Serbia, but if you play as today (I only saw the 2nd half) I'm sure you could qualify.
  3. Congratulations! 1st victory of Slovakia in European or World Championships and you may have some options to advance to QFs against Croatia, which will be a huge surprise and an incredible result for your team.
  4. So both Spanish players (Pablo González and Eva Aizpuria) have won gold medals in ice hockey. I guess they have not been the most important players of their teams (even though Pablo scored a goal in the final), but it is fun to see some Spanish ahletes doing well in Winter sports.
  5. Silver medal for Ot Ferrer, just after Rocco Baldini! 3rd medal for Spain, which is quite impressive considering we didn't win a single one in 2012 and 2016. Edit: Finally, bronze. The other Italian guy has finished 2nd.
  6. Last year there were 200 players in Spain, but I don't know how many of them were of the right age to participate here. Probably, no more than 10.
  7. It seems these guys are not very good, but yesterday they won against Estonia and they played decently against Poland (6-3 up after the 5th in), so probably they are not the worst team of the competition.
  8. Thanks for the explanation! I don't have a specific song. I asked because yesterday I was listening to a recap of the most popular songs of Spanish artists this year and I realized that there were a lot of collabs with Latin-American singers/bands, so I was just curious about TISC eligibility. In case I select one of these songs, I will ask you before.
  9. These days I have been reading the rules and I have a doubt about the elegibility of a song. In case the song is a collab between a singer of Country A (main singer) and a duet (or band) of Country B, would that song be elegible for Country A? Would it be different if the collab is with only a singer of Country B instead of a duet/band? Section 2 (Artist chocie and eligibility) only mentions the case of bands, but I'm not sure if a collab should also be included here.
  10. I had almost forgotten that game! I thought you were going to select 2014 World Cup QF, which was an impressive victory for France. Spain-France (basketball) has been the rivalry I have enjoyed the most this decade, just after Nadal-Federer-Djokovic. There have been really good games for both teams!
  11. Personally, the best moment of this decade has been the 2015 Eurobasket semifnal Spain vs France with 40 points of Pau Gasol: If we consider also 2010, the football World Cup final against the Netherlands was another incredible moment.
  12. In Spain I have no doubt with Rafael Nadal (tennis). The top6 will be completed with: Pau Gasol (basketball): Silver at London 2012, bronze at Rio 2016. He defeated France at 2015 Eurobasket in one the best moment of Spanish sport of the decade + NBA career. Mireia Belmonte (swimming): The best Spanish swimmer ever with 4 Olympic medals (1xGold, 2xSilver, 1xBronze). Carolina Marín (badminton): Olympic champion and first woman with 3 World titles in a row. Javier Gómez Noya (triathlon): Silver at London 2012 and 5 times World Champion. Saúl Craviotto (canoeing): In Tokyo he could become the Spaniard with more Olympic medals. In non-olympic sports, the best would be Marc Márquez (Moto GP). The best team would be the men's national basketball team, followed by women's waterpolo and women's basketball.
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