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  1. Hello my colleagues Though it is an honour to present your votes as first one, I am sorry to say this is not going to happen. Since this is still sports forum, I can tell you that I am heading to a local running event, where I will do my best at 10 km. So, don't wait up for me, I wish you a lovely Saturday and will have to figure out, if we won, another time. 😁
  2. Wow, well done girls, this is probably the biggest success in history of women ice hockey in our country.
  3. Wow, I'm impressed, after loss against Spain, I thought this is going to be another fight for surviving in group, now there is a chance to promote, next match against PRK is most important one.
  4. @hckosice maybe we should swap also our presidents, I won't mind.
  5. It is really weird article, my guess is they could not have children on their own, but it does not say exactly.
  6. SLOVENIA Neomi is "urban music group", creating together for about 5 years. I discovered them a few years ago, when they released first, and for now only, album Poglej (Look). Their first major radio hits were sung in Slovene, but now they also perform in English, and just by pure coincidence I ran into song, called Moviestar, which will be one of their main products on newly come album. As they say, Neomi means "something sweet and pleasant". Some members met an Israeli lady by that name during trip in India, therefore, ladies and gentleman, I give you,... Neomi Neomi - Moviestar
  7. I will post it, if someone has a problem, have a backup song, but this one is better, I discovered only two days ago.
  8. It was posted on Soundcloud in December 2017, but on Youtube in January 2018.
  9. I have one question, before I post my song. If the song was published on YT at the beggining of 2018, but was probably recorded in previous year, is it still eligible to enter? I'm guessing it is all ok according to this rule: (i) A song released as a single no more than 6 months before the cut-off date may ONLY be chosen if that song was subsequently released on an album for the first time during the official period of eligibility. For example, a song which was released as a single on July 1st, 2017 may be chosen if that song was later included in an album released on January 1st, 2018 or thereafter.
  10. You are used to it, but this is huge shock for us (remember, we have won silver in 2012).
  11. Oh, Polona, now only with some magic we can finish in top 15.
  12. Wow, already a medal for Alex Cisar in junior level after succesful youth performances this winter. And also nice 6th place with Vindišar at Single Mixed.
  13. No chances for us, since there are no Poje and Fak in team. Top 10 or at least top 12 would be amazing result.
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