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  1. justony

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Not that I would know, this is why there was a lot of talk in our team, how to put both relays, when there are only two eligible ladies.
  2. justony

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    It is really weird that suddenly they allow double starts.
  3. justony

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Lea Einfalt got 124,43 points, therefore according to your decription, @Werloc, she will be on the start tomorrow in Pokljuka.
  4. justony

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    OK, thank you so much. According to her 1st shoot (3 misses), that is probably not gonna happen, but maybe our youngster (Tais Vozelj) will come through with total of 3 misses, though chances are very slim. So, it looks like tomorrow there will be no team at the start of Single Mixed Relay infront of home crowd, which is weird. EDIT: Hey, maybe it will work, Lea just fired all 5 in the stand, amazing
  5. justony

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Question for @heywoodu: If our former XC skier Lea Einfalt got 142,82 IBU points on Thursday in Idre, is that enough to put her in the team for World Cup in Pokljuka? Problem is, among women, there are currently only two eligible athletes to compete in World Cup (Urška Poje, Polona Klemenčič), therefore we need another one to be represented on both Sunday mixed races.
  6. justony

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    @hckosice We would definitely be happy for Fialkova sisters to come in our country. Another friendly cooperation Our women biathlon is near extinction. (on major level)
  7. Hello! I am going to my Saturday recreation, since this is still sports forum, we're gonna play some badminton and soccer. So dear @dezbee2008, I am putting my votes presentation into your own hands. Once again my song is not on top, but my expectations were not high. Thank you all for giving some points, and thanks to all users, who spread my world music knwowledge with every contest.
  8. My votes are in. Since there was not such panic missing my part, one thing is for sure, again will not win. Thank god for that.
  9. Dear friends, Sorry for not writing sooner, but if it all goes well, I will cast my votes in next couple of hours. Thank you and once again sorry for the incovenience, justony
  10. SLOVENIA Elvis Jackson - Street 45 This time I present song from Slovenian ska band Elvis Jackson, published in 2011. This song talks about real violence on common street , named Street 45 in New York. Elvis Jackson are one of rare musicians of this genre gaining huge popularity in our country, so hope you will enjoy one of their greatest hits, which was released on album Against the Gravity.
  11. Ok, no problem, so is also provisionaly in. Ta ne, Ta ne, ...
  12. justony

    Slovenia National Thread | Pot v Tokio 2020

    Our word for cloud is "oblak", like our goalkeeper Jan Oblak.
  13. justony

    Slovenia National Thread | Pot v Tokio 2020

    Sorry, I am a slow reader No, lately I am not that present. Mrak means "dark" in Slovenian, as the part of the day, when daylight comes to an end. So something similar, dark.
  14. justony

    Slovenia National Thread | Pot v Tokio 2020

    Road to Tokio is finally starting also for . Tina Mrak and Veronika Macarol should be first confirmed Olympian in Sailing (Women's 470) after qualifying for the final 10, and being top 7 counting only one boat per nation.
  15. RANKING Eurovision Style (12-10-8,...) 1 ITALY 147 2 UNITED STATES 131 3 NORWAY 130 4 GERMANY 111 5 BRAZIL 94 6 PORTUGAL 94 7 IRELAND 88 8 FRANCE 87 9 FINLAND 82 10 POLAND 80 11 NETHERLANDS 79 12 ARGENTINA 79 13 SLOVAKIA 76 14 TUNISIA 76 15 SWITZERLAND 74 16 RUSSIA 63 17 NEW ZEALAND 62 18 CROATIA 61 19 ALGERIA 60 20 ESTONIA 59 21 ROMANIA 53 22 GREAT BRITAIN 49 23 GREECE 47 24 SWEDEN 47 25 MOLDOVA 46 26 INDIA 44 27 AUSTRIA 43 28 MEXICO 43 29 DENMARK 40 30 LITHUANIA 37 31 SERBIA 34 32 KAZAKHSTAN 29 33 BULGARIA 26 34 MALTA 24 35 SLOVENIA 22 36 INDONESIA 21 37 CANADA 15 38 IRAN 9 39 COLOMBIA 9 40 AZERBAIJAN 5 41 VENEZUELA 2 Changes: - USA beats Norway for 2nd place - Portugal is now 6th, Ireland drops to 7th - Five countries swap: ARG from 8th down to 12th, FRA goes on 8th, POL on 9th, FIN drops to 12th, NED stays same - SVK and TUN one place up, SUI two down - Major differences between places 16-28: biggest "winner" NZE - up for 4 places, MEX down for 8 places - Few minor changes at the bottom: DEN-LTU, BUL-KAZ, IRI-COL