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  1. And this is the winner for Slovenia. 35 years old singer Ana Soklič, who competed already in two previous national selections as Diona Dim.
  2. Crazy women relay, hoping for similar men's, maybe our guys get in the mix, for atleast top 6
  3. Another boring stage of this Ski Tour. with very original name.
  4. I agree this discipline should stay in programme. Even our team could be a medal contender in the future. Today I am really satisfied with performances of our young talents. 19th place is very respectible, and Alex Cisar shot 20 shots without needing any spare rounds.
  5. Having not missed first two days, brunamoura would be already in 2nd, amazing.
  6. Wow, Maruša Mišmaš outsprinted Yavi, amazing win.
  7. Wow, this is going to be tough to choose so fast, but I am delighted will continue its 100 % participation. We 're back, baby.
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