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  1. The only sensible and fair choice. I will be able to continue my consecutive visit streak, so in December my 24th and in March my 25th consecutive Planica festival 🥰😍
  2. OLYMPIC FOCUS I will try to go through all previous performances and to find out, what the future brings, if particular sport will have representatives in Tokio. PART 19 Field Hockey Field Hockey is one of those sports, in which Slovenia never came even close to qualify for Qlympics. In our country there are currently only three active teams, all from North Eastern part. Main cause is due to conditions, apart from Lipovci, Predanovci and Moravske Toplice other towns don't have artificial grass court. Interestingly enough, in our land there is still official name for this sport "Hokej na travi", which means "Grass Hockey", though it is very rarely played on grass. Slovenia National Team played last season in lowest tier of EuroHockey Challenge, where they finished last, that means 29th in Europe. In 2009, team competed in second tier, which was biggest success so far. Currently, there are 90 nations on FIH World Rankings, Slovenia is ranked 72nd. Women are on 48th place among 75 teams.
  3. There is very good discipline in Slovenia, as far as I know. So far, we have 584 cases and 9 deaths, but all among those elderly with other diseases as well. I am only going for a weekly run on 5k and maybe one walk in nature (luckily I don't live in city), other than that we are mostly all staying at home.
  4. Sportklub has bought TV rights for Belarussian football league, so at least something new is going on in our region.
  5. I thought it would be a bit more fair and also a bit more Eurovision - like. But this could also work, as long as you do not vote for your own country.
  6. So, to add to my proposition about Eurovision. In 1st semifinal there are 12 countries with users, who are participating at our TISC 2020. (missing , , , and ) In 2nd semifinal there are only 7 countries with users, who are participating at TISC 2020. (missing , , , , , , , , , and ) Those missing countries should be filled with users, coming from other non-competitive nations ( , , ,...), countries decided either by a draw, or each one takes one by his/her choice. Votes should be sent to certain user so, that not everyone would know the outcome of semis, but plan is to try and stay with current dates. (so 1st semi on 12th, 2nd semi on 14th and Final on 16th of May). BTW, sorry to mention this in time of our very own contest, this is just a suggestion to be considered afterwards. TISC_Eurovision2020.xlsx
  7. To post my idea also in here. After we are done with TISC, we could select Eurovision winner for 2020. We could at first vote for songs, which should be contesting in 1st semifinal on 12th May, then 2nd semifinal and later on Grand Final. Of course you can not vote for your own country, in semis there would only be revealed songs, qualified to final (without any points), and so on. What do you think, is it possible?
  8. Hey, I have an idea. Since Eurovision is officially cancelled, we could vote similar as with TISC. So, you can not vote for your own country, on Tuesday and Thursday in May there will be semifinals, where there would not be announced points distribution, and on Saturday big final. What do you think, is it possible?
  9. This is time to appreciate primary cause of contest. As I recall, it is still called Eurovision Song Contest, so now should be real chance to get back to its main priority. I agree it would be horrible, having no show, but songs have to be important. So, is our TISC also in danger? 😁
  10. I had just finished my preparations for snooker broadcast of Coral Tour Championship 2020 on our local TV. (I would commentate live first session at 2pm CET) And then, this came half hours ago...
  11. Overall: Wierer 793 Eckhoff 786 Herrmann 745 Oeberg 741 FIS count: Eckhoff 1066 Wierer 1016 Herrmann 892 Oeberg 872
  12. After shooting 4: Wierer leading by 10 points, amazing.
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