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  1. Certainly the east of Wales. The west is probably more different than Scotland
  2. 2 11 year olds in the top three. I feel I am very
  3. Sorry - missed this earlier this week. I'd say if Brexit Scotland will be independent by 2030. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be united by 2040, Wales will take longer to leave.
  4. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1084238/saeid-mollaei-world-judo-championships "Former world champion Saeid Mollaei has revealed he is seeking asylum after confirming Iranian officials threatened to hurt him and his family if he did not withdraw or deliberately lose at the International Judo Federation (IJF) World Championships last week."
  5. Last three Olympics. Number of horses under the time limit: 2008 0 2012 5 2016 6
  6. Romania Cup day 2 278-4 (equals world record for highest score in international 20/20 cricket) beat 21 all out (lowest score ever recorded in international 20/20 cricket) by 257 runs (record victory in international 20/20 cricket)
  7. New Caledonia, who recieved those massive defeats, are not a member of the ICC so don't count towards records
  8. First day of the Romania Cup 20-20 tournament and 2 world records 226-6 beat 53 all out. A record 173 run victory then 28 all out lost to 29-2. 28 is the lowest score ever recorded in this form of international cricket
  9. When the men's world rankings are announced on Monday New Zealand will not #1 for the first time since November 2009.
  10. Correct. The women's rugby team suffered the same disppapointment for Rio.
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