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  1. In fairness US Anti-Doping did catch him before he revealed his cheating. The cycling federation would have preferred if they had never caught him.
  2. He's a liar. One thing he would change is not to be caught cheating.
  3. Slovakia missed the quarter-finals in ice hockey so lots of people want to cheer up hckosice. More seriously it's always fun when a country with no history in a sport suddenly finds somebody who can compete at the highest level. I'm looking forward to handball stars from Togo, world class marathon runners from Iceland and a superstar of German cricket.
  4. This is absolute Boris - from a charity football match
  5. Algeria were champions of the 2nd level of African rugby last year and will play in the top level of the 2019 African Championship in July
  6. A journalist friend of mine is trying to find details of the Montenegro team, Has a list of the team been published anywhere?
  7. According to ARD tv in Germany "the biological passports of 11 biathletes, including 6 Russians, strongly point to doping having taken place". This is from the investigation into the IBU staff receiving bribes to cover up the story.
  8. What we know. Boxing will take place in Tokyo 2020. AIBA will not run the tournament or the qualifiers. The qualifying will run between next January and may. There will be 8 weight categories for men, 5 for women. What we don't know. Who will run the tournament or the qualifiers. What are the weight categories. What and where will be the qualifying events. Whether professional boxers will compete. Where the referees and judges will come from.
  9. Some people on other forums are calling for the British athletes to be banned too. Just want to make it clear there were no British runners in this case. The journalist invented a training group from the UK to trap Rotich.
  10. Thomas Bach is giving a press conference in 10 minutes time. Edit - 40 minutes time. It;s been delayed
  11. The IOC decision on AIBA and boxing at Tokyo 2020 will be announced withing an hour.
  12. Some random songs that the rest of the world will not be familiar with
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