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  1. Rosie apparently tore 2 ligaments nine weeks prior to the Olympics according to the CBC's commentators, just disclosed this info now.
  2. See, I told you they had a chance! It almost happened lol
  3. Sara Douglas in 4th place heading into the medal race in the Laser Radial, with a legit shot at a medal.
  4. Great day for Douglas, puts her firmly in the medal race!
  5. Won't she have ~82 points after this? That would probably put her somewhere in the top 5 but not first, no?
  6. Rindom still will qualify for the medal race though, correct?
  7. Not a very diverse final for the 200 back: 2 Chinese, 2 Americans, 2 Australians and 2 Canadians
  8. Looked like a bad shoulder injury to me? Also hit his head right on the ground
  9. Lol, just 4 countries in the final of the women's 200 back
  10. Just taking the sport back to it's roots I guess
  11. Is Smulders not going to advance here? Such a shame, has to be so shaken up from that crash
  12. No no, not unless the miracle I just described happens
  13. So if my math is correct, we need the Kiwis to beat ROC by 34 points for the Canadian women's sevens team to advance..
  14. Absolutely, they are the most painful! Would love to see an analysis post-Games on which country had the most "close calls"
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