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  1. Rosie apparently tore 2 ligaments nine weeks prior to the Olympics according to the CBC's commentators, just disclosed this info now.
  2. See, I told you they had a chance! It almost happened lol
  3. Sara Douglas in 4th place heading into the medal race in the Laser Radial, with a legit shot at a medal.
  4. Great day for Douglas, puts her firmly in the medal race!
  5. So is there like no wind right now?
  6. Won't she have ~82 points after this? That would probably put her somewhere in the top 5 but not first, no?
  7. Rindom still will qualify for the medal race though, correct?
  8. Not a very diverse final for the 200 back: 2 Chinese, 2 Americans, 2 Australians and 2 Canadians
  9. Looked like a bad shoulder injury to me? Also hit his head right on the ground
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