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  1. Because they are criminals? This is just typical IOC
  2. How did the US delegation, with it's abundance of music to choose from, end up with with a Charlie Puth song
  3. Yeah true, his vote may be meaningless, but it’s the millions of Sanders supporters in swing states with the exact same attitude that will lead to four more years of Trump
  4. Unfortunately that’s not how US politics works.
  5. I would just ask you to consider how exactly 4 more years of Trump and unchecked conservative government moves you any closer to your goals?
  6. You Bernie Bros will just never get it will you. Enjoy four more years of Trump.
  7. Not to mention NBC may carry more weight than most. I know you're well versed in the subject and likely have some thoughts on what they're going through atm.
  8. And Canada is the first domino to fall. I expect others will follow suit in the coming days, and the IOC will have no choice to postpone. Silver lining is that the IOC is yet again being exposed as the cowardly, corrupt bastards that they are.
  9. Ok, this is the post. You're definitely trolling.
  10. This is funny since Donald Trump is the most easily triggered man in America. He freaked out just a week ago because a Canadian television channel cut his cameo from their broadcast of Home Alone 2.
  11. You can think that. But remember, 50 years from now, no one will care what level the stock market was at under Trump. All he will ever be remembered for is that he was impeached.
  12. @Maxim Fastovsky This is the type of man you choose to worship. I'm sure you're a wonderful guy though.
  13. What a historic moment. Even though he will likely be acquitted in the senate, finally this serial criminal and despicable man is facing the consequences of a lifetime of breaking the law and putting himself before others. I only hope that Americans will be smart enough to remove this monster from office in November. No matter how you try and spin it, Trump's legacy will forever be tarnished as he becomes one of just 3 presidents to ever be impeached. A very fitting legacy.
  14. For the record, I obviously don't dislike him either. I just don't think Trump supporters are worth discussing politics with, as they're too far gone of the deep end. That's why sports exist for friendlier debate instead
  15. Yeah, the truth being that he doesn't actually give a shit about Israel - it's purely for votes, as you mentioned. Look no further than his casual bigoted remarks a few days ago in front of the Israeli American Council that many saw as bigoted.
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