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Rowing FISA World Championships 2022


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I think you can rule out much of what has happened so far this season as an indicator. :IRL for example tried a few different combinations in W2- and W4- and broke up the LW2x team too this year. Even the European champs was seen as a warm up for this WC.


Plenty of Olympic crews from a variety of nations took some time off and are only now getting back together, so this is definitely the first step towards Paris for many

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20 hours ago, Nickyc707 said:

You've clearly never tried rowing through sand! 😊


Apparently its about 500m plus the running to and from the boat.


Sounds like something I saw during a lifeguard competition on "Baywatch" 25 years ago :mumble:

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10 hours ago, Werloc said:

Not even a single final for team Lithuania, this has to be the most disastrous championship performance for us in decades :(


The only saving grace I guess is that only the men's quadruple sculls and men's single sculls were only boats with hefty experience.


Karalienė and Rimkutė, 4th in the European Championships double sculls formed a new quadruple sculls boat and this was their very first race.


Stankūnas brothers, 4th in the European Championships as well, underperformed here, but came here from a recent world junior championship win, so perhaps they didn't peak here.


First competitive season for the men's four and the first competitive season for the newly formed men's double sculls, but I expected more after they took bronze in ECH.


Feels like all of this setup is for the Olympic qualification, but it's still rather depressing to go out this way with like 4-5 B finals. 

Do you mean U23? Because junior = U19


And yeah, I'd like to think Fragkou/Natsioula not peaking here is part of that as well. Natsioula won gold at the European U19s, World U19s and European U23s all this year. Missed the European seniors due to covid, and Fragkou won gold in the World U23s and European U23s but in the pair instead of the double, so I'll blame it all on that :d

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Finalists in Olympic class events (14 max)


11 :GBR

10 :NED







China and Austria have no men's qualifiers. Italy, Czechia, Estonia, Moldova, Norway, Poland and Serbia have no women's qualifiers. Figures includes the women 8 where there were no qualification races


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