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Rowing FISA World Championships 2022


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On 9/23/2022 at 9:19 AM, dodge said:

Finalists in Olympic class events (14 max)


11 :GBR

10 :NED







China and Austria have no men's qualifiers. Italy, Czechia, Estonia, Moldova, Norway, Poland and Serbia have no women's qualifiers. Figures includes the women 8 where there were no qualification races


This is the best we've done in a while, I can't remember the last time we had 3 Olympic boats in A Finals, maybe 2011 (but I'm too lazy to search if we've done it since then). And that is without Bourmpou and the Kyridou sisters, with a combination of the two of them in the women's pair I'm sure that would've been another final.


21 hours ago, phelps said:

funding (or, better, federation's politics to show they're winning medals and therefore they deserve more consideration/funding) is one reason, but we also have a problem to find big men and women to be really competitive in the senior boats.


we still have a lot of guys practicing the sport (but also a high rate of early retirements, compared to other sports, because rowing is truly an amateur discipline, there's no chance to make even reasonable money with it, even if you win the Olympic gold), but our population is basically average sized, so we have a lot of good rowers in the lightweight classes, but we lack people in the senior ranks (and often we use lightweights also in the senior boats).


moreover, the current coaches are obsessed with the Eights and are destroying the pairs and fours to put our best rowers on the main boat (but normally they don't have the same approach and results when they go on the Eight, there's no chemistry among those used to be good in the shorter boats when they are together on the longer one), wasting chances to shine in the other events.

All of this applies to Greece as well, so you can imagine how disappointing it was that Sofia Asoumanaki who is 193cm (very rare for Greek women) hasn't competed for the national team since age 21, after getting silver in W2X at the World Championships as an 18yo and 4th at the Rio Olympics as a 19 yo.


Ntouskos was going to retire after Tokyo but the gold medal changed his life with some sponsors. Otherwise, we rarely have rowers past the age of 22/23 in our national teams...

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Papakonstantinou winning silver in LM1X was disappointing, really expected him to win gold. He hadn't lost a race all season, and beat Soares multiple times but couldn't do it yesterday.


Fitsiou 5th in LW1X is also a decent result. I figured it would be hard for her to win a medal here.


Anastasiadou/Kontou 6th in LW2X is a very good result. Kontou couldn't compete at the Europeans because she tested positive for Covid, so this was a good indication of where they are at. Kontou now should celebrate her 17th birthday and prepare for the 2023 season, which can be huge for her with European U19s, World U19s, European U23s, World U23s (hopefully with gold medals at all) and World Championships where I hope she can qualify for the Olympics.


Let's see what happens tomorrow, I hope Ntouskos can win a medal :fingers:

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3 hours ago, OlympicIRL said:

Hopefully Zoe and Sanita can squeeze onto the podium tomorrow in the women’s double but it will be tough. Disappointed by the women’s four with no medal here. I think the changing of the line-up so late in the season didn’t help at all. Hopefully they will have a more settled line-up next year and can get back up there with the best.


Otherwise it’s been a fantastic championships for us with new combinations coming into the mix and young crews showing potential for the future.

The men’s four in particular have impressed me. We haven’t had representation in this class in the last Olympic cycle and now we have a young crew of average age of 21 making it to the B final and finishing second, 8th overall. Hopefully they can push on strongly in the next couple of years. 

Ireland definitely beginning to build up a little bit strength in depth now. Maybe the New Zealand of the 2020s.

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26 minutes ago, Nickyc707 said:

Ireland definitely beginning to build up a little bit strength in depth now. Maybe the New Zealand of the 2020s.

That would be a nice mantle to inherit. Hopefully we can keep progressing and developing more youngsters.

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