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Badminton BWF TotalEnergies Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2022


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First Thomas Cup medal for us. 


The thing that impressed me the most yesterday was how close all 8 the teams are. On a given day, any of the 8 teams could defeat the others. I would put :INA as slight favourites but honestly anything is possible. 


Another interesting tidbit. We had same QF matchups :INA vs :CHN, :JPN vs :TPE and :KOR vs :DEN in both Thomas Cup and Uber Cup. In 4th QF, it was :IND vs :THA/:MAS. And except :JPN which defeated :TPE twice, rest all QFs were split giving us 7 different medallists. 

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45 minutes ago, Griff88 said:

:INA vs :IND  for Thomas Cup final.. Would you believe it if anyone says this before the start of Thomas Cup

Not sure about the finals but many experts had predicted India as the dark horse in the tournament with semi final potential. I think if the same tournament happens next week a we would see a different set of results, that's how close all teams are unlike uber cup. 


Considering we didn't make semis for a long time final felt too much to aim for suddenly . 


On last day of group stages I was hoping we don't face China or Denmark especially China. All 3 singles players have been troubled by that Chinese trio recently and Denmark looked very good on paper didn't know that Antonsen has been finding Bangkok so tough. When Malaysia beat Japan I was secretly hoping it would be India vs Malaysia in QF , or at worst India v Indonesia , the 2 teams I was most confident about ; not because of the BWF Preview that mentioned about India-Indonesia being a tie to watch out for if it happens but the fact that Minnions  as a pair weren't there. 


So we eked out in QF and SF with MS 2 &3 and MD1.  Would prefer to see Arjun/Dhruv for MD 2 on Sunday unless one of them is injured. Moreover if Sen doesn't win MS1 this should go down as rather disappointing tournament for him and by the looks of it I'm not sure if i should expect anything from him at all. 

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