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Whose medal in Beijing 2022 would be the biggest fun & joy for you? Here you can choose only between athletes REPRESENTING YOUR NATION.


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Haha thank you :clap::bowdown:


For :SWE I would say Team Edin. He has won everything except GOLD in Olympics.


Van Der Poel would be a joy too and yes Ice hockey for men. But since the best aren’t participating this is not important. 


So Team Edin and Nils Van Der Poel. :clap:

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The whole life dream...


but I day, one day ... maybe distant day...but that one day I will see this at the Olympics...


and then the whole population of the country will die from drinking








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Irene Schouten in speedskating, because I like her a lot.


Sjinkie Knegt in shorttrack, because he still misses one medal and because he recovered from severe burns. Last weekend there was a documentary about Sjinkies fire accident with intense images on Dutch TV. I got even more respect for him. 

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The 2 athletes I was pulling hardest for 4 years ago were Jessie Diggins and John Shuster.  And that will be the case again this time around.  Fully plan on pulling an all-nighter to watch the individual sprints!

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